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There’s a smartphone-based app called Peek that can perform a series of tests to determine how well someone can see, helping to combat blindness in developing countries. Brilliant. Chandy Nath talks to the team behind the app in this Vimeo clip. “Approximately 80% of all blindness is either preventable or curable.” Via Creative Review.

“How long it takes to become aware of the fact that we know nothing.”

Steven Heller in conversation with Milton Glaser. An interesting listen. Here’s the video.

Some free code in this collection of patterns and modules for responsive emails. Via @khoi.

Copying as flattery? A good read from Michael Johnson on originality in design.

Great insight into working as a partner at Pentagram: The Pentagram Papers.

A musician speaks out against the refusal to pay artists. On The Guardian, via @iancu.

“Would you walk into someone’s home, eat from their bowl, and walk out smiling, saying, “So sorry, I’ve no budget for food”? Of course you would not. Because, culturally, we classify that as theft.”

Another interview, this time with the late Wally Olins on the eve of his book launch this month.

Brand New, by Wally Olins

Clients often say, ‘We’re strong and doing well, so why do we have to evolve the brand’s identity?’ That question answered well on The Crossed Cow.

British Pathé has uploaded it’s archive of 85,000 videos to YouTube. Via Kottke.

And this via @NickClement:

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the real costs of bad design.”

Dr Speth was quoting someone else (I couldn’t make out the name) at the beginning of this 15 minute talk at the Design Summit in 2011.

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  1. David, Ralf Speth was quoting Lord (Michael) Bichard, former Chair of the UK Design Council. Several other people have made variations on this theme, and before Bichard. I use one as an email sig, which is credited to Red Adair, the oil well firefighter: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

  2. I didn’t watch the entire video but I agree with him about creativity and advertising. There are indeed many companies that are more interested in money and fame than about sharing something of significant worth through beauty etc. This was actually one of the many reasons why I left my last job. Thanks for the post!

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