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Smells like design sales. A short post on A List Apart about win/lose pitch ratios and designers selling themselves. Some decent comments in the thread, too.

I don’t know what a big thinker is, and Forbes isn’t exactly a regular read, but this was interesting: The world in 2033: big thinkers and futurists share their thoughts.

A bird ballet

A bird ballet. Beautiful.

“It’s not where you take things from — it’s where you take them to.”

Quoted from

As a healthier old age is supposed to await (most of) us, a professor argues that we should only work 25 hours a week.

“The way it is today, young people are slaving their way through work, looking forward to a long retirement. But why not move that retirement period around a bit so that young people get more valuable time off work?”

I wonder if he’s been listening to Sagmeister. Via @karj.

Thierry Cohen, stars at night

Clear night skies fascinate me, which is why I like this series of photo composites where French photographer Thierry Cohen matched darkened cityscapes with star-filled skies captured from remote locations. Via Kottke.

Our creativity is incredibly affected by the environment we work in.” Definitely.

Learn CSS Layout. Teaches the CSS fundamentals used in any website’s layout. Via @jasonsantamaria.

Branding’s cult-like culture. Danny Rogers, editor of advertising industry magazine Campaign, explained to the Today programme presenter John Humphrys that there is “an extreme version of living the brand.” Via @MatDolphin.

Here’s a great quote from an interview with Ricky Gervais. Via swissmiss.

“You should bring something into the world that wasn’t in the world before. It doesn’t matter what that is. It doesn’t matter if it’s a table or a film or gardening — everyone should create. You should do something, then sit back and say, ‘I did that.’”

A five minute video of Dieter Rams in conversation with Dejan Sudjic, via AisleOne.

If I wore a cap, I’d doff it to Spencer Watson and his amazing indoor kite artistry.

It’s awful reading about how women are treated in India, so it’s a step in the right direction to see The Times of India giving attention to the issue with this spread: What’s the definition of manhood? Seen over on Social Design Notes.

A few good thoughts about working for prestige over on Luke Jones’ blog.

LPTB logo

The logo that almost replaced the roundel. Thankfully, it didn’t.

Who made that Pantone chip? Via @hexanine.

Finally, this Google Street View Hyperlapse is awesome, courtesy of teehan+lax.

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  1. ‘Less But Better’

    Dieter Rams has been described as the designers designer. I think this to be very true.

    I was originally a furniture designer and am now a jewellery designer but all through my working life I have admired and aspired to be like Dieter Rams. His 10 commandments are the rules I work towards.

    Just found this blog and the first post I have looked at makes me want to read on…

  2. The article about the studio that we work in is very interesting. I work in two different studios and it’s my home studio, with views of surrounding woodland and open space, where I’m much more creative.

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