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According to Absolut Vodka, it would take 94 quintillion bottles before two identical designs were produced by the company’s Absolut Unique range.

Absolut Unique

Top 10 sexy staircases. Via davidthedesigner.

Longchamp stairs
Image: Nikolas-Koenig

How to make a website: a tactical guide for marketers, by Seth Godin.

A Flickr set showing the miniature environments for the late Gerry Anderson’s TV programs and films. Via Ace Jet 170.

St Gallen Hospital

Paula Scher talks about designing the Windows 8 logo (video embedded below, skip to 2:28 for just the Windows segment). Via swissmiss.

Hire great writers, on The Writer’s thingamablog, because “writing is today’s currency for good ideas.”

Is five too soon to start school? An interesting article on the BBC website, questionning the age of children in UK-based primary schools.

“[In Finland] pupils start formal education at seven and then enjoy 11-week summer holidays — and they end up with the highest educational standards in Europe.”

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  1. There is no question the stairs you put on this page are the best of the best of the 10 best article from davidthedesigner. Going to New York just to see these would make the trip worthwhile! AMAZING concept. But… I think the banister idea detracts from the exquisite design of the stairs. Too bad they didn’t carry out the wave motion concept in the banister. Anyway. WOW!!

  2. About the Absolut-article; don’t you mean “94 quintillion bottles before two IDENTICAL designs were produced” ?

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