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The more people understand what you’re selling, the more likely they are to buy.” A good short read over on The Writer’s thingamablog.

Cooling Google data centres. A functional extension of the brand palette.

Google data center pipes

This is a bit of news from earlier in the year, but it’s still brilliant to see recent design graduate Melissa Preston flying the flag for Napier (my old university) by winning a D&AD pencil. Melissa’s packaging design for WLTM Whiskies is below, intended to connect with the female whisky drinker. She made a small mistake by spelling whisky wrong, adding the ‘e’ that’s only associated with Irish and American brands, but great packaging idea all the same.

WLTM Whiskies

What makes Subway the top-ranked brand in Siegel+Gale’s 2012 brand simplicity index?

Why do we behave so oddly in lifts? On the BBC website, via swissmiss.

“At one point I was wondering if this was going to become my tomb — if they were going to open the doors and there’s my corpse.”

Artist Vincent Kohler shows the different pieces of wood that are cut from a log. Via Kottke.

Vincent Kohler wood cuts

If I can’t Google you you’re not a real designer. Basically, if you’re going to charge people thousands of pounds, at least have a website. Not that I need to be telling you. Via @gray.

Two-toned edge colouring. Distinctive.

Two-toned edge colouring

It’s been quite a while since I watched anything so beautifully produced as this short on Vimeo.

If you have 15 minutes to spare, that’s how you tell a story. Much respect to Davina and her team.

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  1. Great Stuff, like #14 quite a lot. I was surprised (sort of) to see a company extend their branding to the hidden cooling pipes. It makes sense, of course, if you’re choosing a color for anything, and if you want to position your brand with your very valuable employees.

    Leaving this open to go through in better detail after my meeting.

    Have a great weekend David

  2. I love the whisky, very well done.

    But it’s the last video that is the star here. I implore everyone reading this to watch it. We need more beauty in the world, not such superficial veneer beauty, but real beauty with depth like the film and the story behind it.

    Wonderful. It made my week.

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