Forth Rail Bridge

The structure was designed by Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker, and built by Glasgow based company Sir William Arrol & Co between 1883 and 1890.

"The bridge was opened on 4 March 1890 by the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, who drove home the last rivet, which was gold plated and suitably inscribed.

"During its construction, over 450 workers were injured and 98 lost their lives.

"There is a scene on the bridge in Alfred Hitchcock's 1935 film The 39 Steps.

"The bridge was built in steel alone, the first bridge in Britain to use that material. It was the first major structure in Britain to be constructed of steel; Its contemporary, the Eiffel Tower was built of wrought iron."

Quoted from Wikipedia.

Here's a beauty of a shot from George Gastin.