You can try fonts for free, where they'll be active on your computer for an hour, or you can rent by the month for 10 percent of the retail price, using the fonts as you would any regular font.

Here's a quick demo (embedded below).

The three people behind the app are Peter Biľak, Andrej Krátky, and Ondrej Jób. Working with a team of three developers, they partnered with 21 foundries to offer hundreds of fonts.

Fontstand foundries

Peter shared a bit of background info.

“We first had a discussion about this project at the launch of magazine, so we remember the date, it was 14 february 2012. For about a year and a half, we worked on a proof of concept, and in spring of 2014, we started building the application and the server solution.

“We announced the project on the afternoon of Friday 22nd May. By the following Tuesday we had more than 30,000 site visitors, and more than 1,000 registered users, exceeding our expectations, and proving that people want a convenient font licensing solution.”

Fontstand is exclusively for desktop use, so you'll need to look elsewhere for web licenses. Vasilis compiled an overview of web font options from the individual foundries who've partnered with Fontstand. A Windows version of the app is set to be developed after feedback from the Mac app comes in.

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