Imagine if making a font file was this easy.


That’s what Franz Hoffman aims to do with Fontself — software extensions for Photoshop and Illustrator. Franz is looking for backers on Kickstarter.

The project was a research proposal back in 2007 (mentioned in an interview on the AIGA blog), so maybe it’s been on the back burner, with work on the extensions only starting earlier this year. Let’s hope the Kickstarter campaign does the trick.

Via Quipsologies.


October 2, 2015


Thanks David for sharing this hope =)

FYI, Fontself has gone through several iterations, and today’s just a return to the first intention we had at the beginning of the Fontself saga: to allow creatives to be as expressive in the digital world as they are in real world.

A challenging goal for sure, but really the one that keeps me awake during the day, and dreamy at night.

So let’s keep dreaming.

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