Free fonts are generally crude and lack attention to detail, but from time to time I’ll see a few that are worth a closer look, and some of these fit the bill.

One of them — The Kabel — has a few lovely application shots, like this…

The Kabel font

Not that I’m religious, or having a bad day. Nice Photoshop skills though.

Not to be confused with Rudolph Koch’s Kabel type family from the 1920s, the one above was digitised by Mathias Nösel who was inspired by the superb typographic work of Buenos Aires-born designer Pablo Alfieri.

You can see what other free fonts are available on the Fontfabric site.

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April 9, 2013


Exceptional photoshop skills. Fontfabric has interesting releases, and are quite generous in their free licenses, which are more extensive than most.

I was *just* looking at this same font, doing some “free font” research. You generally get what you pay for :)

In doing some research for my next book (no ETA beyond “I hope 2013”), I wanted to dig up quality free fonts that had a basic gamut of usable weights that were free. These might be helpful – I made some articles recently from what I’m collecting:

In the free sans-serif post above , Casper, from FontFabric, happened to make the list:

So yes, it’s been independently verified, that FontFabric has some good free goodies :)

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