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"I stay away from anything I don't fully understand (and can't see if they're beneficial). Financial products are a good example."
Richard Baird

"Cigarette branding for obvious ethical implications."
Ben Powell

"Extremist religious/movement groups, family."
Phil Stringfellow

"Gambling. Their business model should not be dependant on the illness of addiction."

"Online gambling and classified sites/businesses that include an adult services section (i.e. Village Voice Media)."
Amara Poolswasdi

"Tobacco and religious organisations."
Mark Bradford

"Oil/petrochemical, tobacco, companies with shady practices such as Monsanto."
Abbas Arezoo

"Anything even remotely to do with the adult entertainment industry."
Tim Phelan

"Tobacco and gambling are the two I would never touch."
Guy Moorhouse

"Any type of business taking advantage of slave labour in third world countries."
Lejla Kuric

"Our ethical policy excludes companies with poor human rights/exploitation or environmental records. Nestle, BP, etc."
Dave McCourt

"If you work in the quasi-public sector (as I do) the only business' you can refuse to work with are those operating illegally or those which can probably 'bring [your] institution into disrepute'."
Gabriel M. Clarke

"I've just refused to do pics for an abbatoir training resource *vegetarian shudder* for obvious reasons."
Leanne J

"Trophy hunting."
— Josephine Jost

That last comment reminded me of one company I won’t work with.

Has your ethical stance ever ruled out (or won you) a client?

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