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  1. Very humorous, well done. Humor is a powerful tool for advertising, and graphic design. There is a book called “Smile in the Mind” by Paul Rands, one of my favorite design books! Thanks for sharing David

  2. Very clever packaging…simple way to make your product stand out and get some chatter going about the brand. Not sure the packaging would make me want to tuck into a bar though!

  3. I’ve seen these for a while in Sainsburys. Caught my eye the first time I saw their Emergency Chocolate one.

  4. I’m not too sure about this. But that’s just my personal taste.

    This gives me a feel of a medicine package. Some how I look at this and get the impression it might taste like aspirin or some sort of diet supplement, and to me that is hardly “tasty”.

    It might be funny, but hardly desirable.

  5. As you if i stop to read more, i’ll probably buy it.
    Moreover if they tell me i can eat as many chocolate as i want…

  6. I liked “Girth Control” on the website. I love that they had various designs for the same product (same % cocoa). It would make shopping for one a much more fun experience than if the only design you really wanted was only available in dark, but you like milk, etc. I’d save the wrappers after I ate the chocolate and tape them up somewhere!

  7. I think this a great branding technique which is very humorous, and clever way to break the confectionery market which is already saturated, with a completely fresh approach. It would definitely catch my eye, i just hope the chocolate is good, to keep people coming back for more, the packaging is good as a novelty but the product needs to be quality.

  8. Can’t wait to see some in Canada. Or perhaps I’ll have to head to Ireland to find some! I love the site, their ideas and their vibe. I’d probably collect the wrappers too. Can’t really go wrong with a Swiss Chocolate bar.

  9. Hm, decent idea, i wonder how many people have bought this thinking it was serious without reading the fine print?

    I do like the humour in it, but I agree with the others that it’s not oevrly enticing and definately doesnt scream out “EAT ME”.

    It is intended to mimic medicinal packaging (I think)
    but I strongly disagree with using green.
    I think they could have still gotten the same effect with maybe a pink-purple range of colours, I’ve seen plenty of generic pills with similar design that use pinks and reds and i think it wouldnt throw me off eating it so much.

    Green is mostly useful for food when trying to sell fresh or organic food. But the colours theyve used look more like a putrid, rotting green with the yellows showing through.

    Good idea, But could be refined.
    I’d like to know how well it worked as far as sales go.

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