Bob The Builder ad
Client: Bob Smith
Company: Student

eBay ad
Anything and Everything
Client: eBay
Company: fuse8

labrador for sale ad
Fucking Bitch
Client: Pedigree Labrador
Company: GDA Creative Marketing

Persil ad
Experienced Cleaner
Client: Persil
Company: fuse8

psychic ad
Psychic Wanted
Client: Hudson Fuggle
Company: Hudson Fuggle

piano tuition ad
Piano Tuition
Client: Salford Piano Tuition
Company: Air Creative

The 2010 results will be announced at this year’s awards ceremony (09 June 2010, London). Tickets for the event are on sale now. Visit the Chip Shop Awards website for more info, and to view the other awards categories on offer.

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May 2, 2010


LOL I love the ‘One lonely but appreciated comment’. Wonder what it would say once mine is added.

I love the collection, especially Bob the Builder!

Some of those are hysterical. I feel so dirty laughing at some of them but I can’t help it.

No probs at all, Sean.

There were a few entries, Jon, that I thought were too over-the-top, but on the whole, the standard was excellent. What I found a shame was the lack of decent entries in the “corporate identity” category.

I love it. And I learn fast from award winning design:

Best use of a comment box:

[ Hot Fresh Mad Dezine Skilz – BonFX ]
[ Hot Fresh Mad Dezine Skilz – BonFX ]
[ Hot Fresh Mad Dezine Skilz – BonFX ]
[ Hot Fresh Mad Dezine Skilz – BonFX ]
[ Hot Fresh Mad Dezine Skilz – BonFX ]


Now am I right in thinking these ads aren’t at all official? Was initially shocked at the BNP effort, one thing I always thought we had over racist organisations was that they don’t have good designers.

Ps. David for some reason the images in this post don’t load in Chrome for Mac. Or, they load and quickly disappear.

Quite a lot of racist/sexist ones on the actual site :/

But your picks were funny :) good choice

Ruby, the Blu-Tack one is good. I agree.

Valentino, you are right. Here’s a relevant quote from the Chip Shop site:

“The Chips is all about ideas. Your work does not have to have been broadcast, printed or mailed. The Clients doesn’t have to be yours. You just need a great idea.”

The piano one is class! People are so creative nowadays, I’m sure in 10 years time there will be hundreds of new ways to advertise in the shop windows and streets, of course if technology and digital magic is not going to take over. I could imagine loads of special spaces [squares like billboards] that will have a pen and paper attached or you can send a message with your iphone to the billboard and it will be displayed there for a week. :D

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