When I created my website in 2005 I purchased the domain name directly from my web host, ICDSoft. There it stayed until 2007 when it was stolen by some idiot and transferred to an account with GoDaddy. After a week or so of battling (and a ton of support from your good selves), I managed to get my stolen domain transferred to a GoDaddy account of my own that their staff asked me to create. There it stayed (along with domains purchased after the event for sites such as Logo Design Love and Identity Designed) until yesterday, when I watched a "vacation video" (shown below) that GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons uploaded to his blog.

The original video has since been removed from YouTube after Bob Parsons filed a copyright claim. The following news report shows a little of what was featured. (Watch on YouTube.)

Elephants are highly intelligent creatures, and I don't want to give my money to a man who glorifies their hunting and shooting, before standing triumphantly over his kill (not to mention having AC/DC's Hells Bells as the soundtrack, as well as the payment that was no doubt given to Robert Mugabe's regime). As such, all of my domains have been transferred to Namecheap.

Read The truth about killing 'problem' elephants.

elephant mother and calfPhoto via Thinkstock.

Appreciation to those of you who offered domain registrar recommendations via Twitter and Facebook.

In another vacation video hunting a leopard (since removed from YouTube), The African Safari Company is credited. Here are the Zimbabwe trophy fees that are charged for each species of kill.

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