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Bob Gill website

I enjoyed looking through Bob Gill’s website. Born in Brooklyn in 1931, the renowned graphic designer has a talent for turning project briefs into memorable, appropriate, witty outcomes.

Bob Gill illustration

Bob Gill illustration

Ecumenical (today’s new word) = general, universal.

I missed the release of his latest book, Bob Gill, so far, published by Laurence King in October last year, but there’s a copy in the post so I’ll share a few thoughts and spreads when it arrives.

Update: 07 August 2012
Here’s my post about the book.

Bob Gill logo

A couple of other logos (for AGM and Television Associates) are over on Logo Design Love.

More good work on his site.

From the archives:
Graphic Design as a Second Language
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  1. Malcom Swatridge introduced me to Bob Gill back in 1990. I’ve been a fan ever since. The way he redefined the brief to find the solution was genius.

    I got Bob, Alan Fletcher and Colin Forbes to sign my business card at a talk a few years ago just before Alan died.

    He’s one of my design hero’s along with Robert Brownjohn, Minale Tattersfield…

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