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Arwey notebook
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Arwey notebook
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Arwey notebook

The product videos are a nice touch.

View the full range on the Arwey website.

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July 13, 2011


Hi Dave,

I misread that post initially and thought it said “Airey Notebooks”. I was about to congratulate you for branching out!

Very nice looking notepads anyway!


I almost read it as “Airey Notebooks” as well! Haha. :)

I just visited Arwey notebooks online store and I love the colors! The quality looks great and I think the prices are more than reasonable.

I like Moleskin notebooks, but have stopped buying them as they don’t say if the paper is FSC or from sustainable sources or recycled. PLus the fact that they are shipped half way across the world as they are now made in China.

These are FSC (why don’t they say this in the video?) which is great. massive bonus. I like squared paper but the website makes it very difficult to find out which ones have which paper without looking at every single product.

I may give these a try.

There’s a thought, Claire.

Jessica, covers feel great, too.

The FSC certification is good to see, Lee. I got a Lanvin book as it’s blank pages. There’s a little square template card at the back that you can place behind each page. Nice addition.

Do you think you’ll use the one with blank pages for logo concepts, or are you content with using sheets of paper — like in your logo process posts?

Personally, I like to use notebooks, as I can keep all my ideas collated.

It’s ideal for sketching. I’ve been using this lately — a nice hardback gift from Blair Thomson — although it’s a bit bulky for carrying around (10inches x 10inches). The Lanvin measures 6in x 8.5in, roughly.

The individual notebooks are nice but I love the sets…they look so sleek and fancy. Unfortunately, Set#5 is sold out. I’ll add it to my Christmas list and hopefully they’ll have more in stock by then.

Just got my first book; The Ando.

I love the pen and feel of the cover.

However, there is one major flaw I was disappointed to find and that is the pads are not replaceable.

So one I use all the paper (tear away) I’ll just be left with a cover and pen. If I want a refill, I’d have to purchase another Ando at $14.00.

I would give this product an A+ but that one oversight is a but of a let down. Perhaps Arwey will make an updated version in which the pads can be replaced.

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