Pavement chalk drawing

Artists make money in a variety of ways, and there aren’t many more interesting than these anamorphic pavement chalk drawings.

Anamorphosis is “a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image.”

Julian Beever, a.k.a the Pavement Picasso, is an English chalk artist who has been creating drawings on pavements since the mid-90s.

Pavement chalk drawing

The illusion (above) of the Politicians Meeting Their End was drawn outside The Bank of England and was commissioned by Channel 4’s Midnight Special for the night of the 1997 General Election (here in the UK).

Pavement chalk drawingBabyfood.

Pavement chalk drawingBabyfood seen from the wrong side.

Pavement chalk drawingSelf-Portrait Of The Artist With Liquid Refreshment.

The timelapse sequence shows Julian creating the Aveeno Fountain of Youth chalk drawing in Union Square, NYC in January 2007.

View more of his pavement drawings on his website.

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June 11, 2007


That video was insightful. It gave us a more in depth look into how he creates his art. Did you see all the tools he used? I saw a ruler and the… erm, I’m not sure what it’s called, a compass? The thing on the tripod. That’s probably how he is able to create the distorted view. Even if we can see how he does it and all the logic or science behind it, it’s still amazing!

The self-portrait one is just insane, I could look at that for hours. Great post.

I always loved the work of Friz Freleng (Warner Bros.) and Don Martin (MAD magazine).

Wow, I am even more amazed, if that’s possible. Thank you for that other video! I laughed to see him scooting along on his little chair deal. He must cry every time he has to take that tent down and let people walk all over his art and let the rain wash it away :( He should start a museum where he can permanently draw his masterpieces. I would pay to see them!

i find these amazing. Some look very convincing in photos. It is also the first time I have seen one from the wrong angle.

I notice that they have been doing this on football fields for a few years for advertising.

wow..that’s so cool..I had noticed this picture before.One of my friend pass it up to a few years ago..:)

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thanks for the cool picture..

I love chalk art, David. It’s been enjoying a surge in interest here in Australia over the last couple of years. The “Chalk the Walk” festivals in Sydney and Melbourne ( have produced some great works. I’ve been trying to get something going in my local area through my day-job but so far logistics aren’t on my side.
Thanks for the great article.

Wow, I’m just amazed by those drawings. Not only is the result fabulous, I can’t imagine the creative conception needed to create something like this. I am continually in awe of people with such artistic ability!


I’ll have to check those other names out again. Thanks for mentioning them.


If you search YouTube for Julian Beever you’ll find a few more movie clips that you might like.


Football fields, rugby, and many other sports. It’s quite popular. Cheers for stopping by.


The mention was my pleasure. Good of you to post an article about Julian in the first place.


At the Abbeycentre eh? I haven’t been to that place in many many years. Who’d have thought?


Do you think that bathroom floor shot is real? It’s the kind of thing that makes me think otherwise, but it’d definitely make for an interesting floor (perhaps not when you’ve had a couple of drinks though).


Thanks for the link to the painting.


I wasn’t aware of the Chalk the Walk festivals. I’d love to head along for one!


Julian has an amazing talent. It’s important to remember that drawing is something that’s learnt and that practice makes better. Set your mind to it and you can be just as amazing.

Thanks for commenting.

I’ve just noticed @ the Des Moines Arts Festival

‘A mural created by pavement artist Gary Palmer, who has painted streets at festivals throughout the United States, Europe and Australia, and has community projects with kids in Uganda and his native Northern Ireland.’

Some more Googling for me.

Gary Palmer is quite extraordinary in his artwork that he creates. I really enjoyed how unique his drawings are. His mural on the pavement was spectacular. I find it very incredible that he is able to create such eye-catching works of art. I would definetly reccomend Gary Palmer to come back and be apart of the Des Moines Art Festival in the future.

Wow, I’ve never heard of this type of artwork before. I would love to see some of this in person. I especially liked the one with the baby and the lobster. It reminds of of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series where they run into giant lobsters-type creatures who try to eat them. Very Creepy.

This kind of artwork is so cool. I just love the way the ‘drawings’ are playing with your eye, it’s so amazing :d

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