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  1. VSOP Cognac is a bit special isn’t it? Love it. Love the Koala wine too for cuteness – so staggeringly simple. Worth nothing that the brand in the last project is Bruichladdich (pronounced brookladdy). And you’re showing your Irishness there David with that sneaky ‘e’ in Whisky ;-)

  2. Wow… That is some serious beautiful packaging… I could see that stuff killing me at the liquor store to get the “cool” bottles haha. Nice stuff, thank you David.

  3. Thanks for the addition, Martin, and the typo catch — the ‘e’ must be an Irish thing. You’re right about the VSOP. Love that labelling.

    The Seriously Pink is another favourite, Richard. It, and the cognac, are the two strongest, but the idea for The Cost Vineyard looks particularly smart when you see all 12 bottles together.

  4. very handsome designs! *le sigh- I would love to be that good someday. But for right now- these fellows have the floor and have once more inspired me! I’m particularly fond of the Mamont- Loving that bottle shape

  5. Hi Ian,
    The entry in Wikipedia is incorrect. In older Scottish legal documents you will find whiskey spelled with an e. In at least one case, both spellings are used on the same page in the same document. The story that the Irish adopted the e to distinguish themselves from the Scottish is not true across the board. Right into the 1970’s some Irish distillers continued to use the no e spelling on their labels. The e spelling was adopted only after all the distilleries but two went out of business and those two were merged to form a viable enterprise. Since there was only one distiller, they defaulted to a single spelling.
    Here is an article I wrote a couple of years ago on the pointlessness of trying to argue that there is only one correct spelling for whiskey from any country.

  6. The VSOP Cognac labelling is really, really good. The concept behind the Seriously Pink labelling is also quite eyecatching.

    I must admit though, a little bit of lighting and touching up in Photoshop can make anything look half-decent. I suspect on a shelf in the local Morrisons most of these bottles won’t look anywhere impressive. The Absolut concept will just look naff.

  7. No worries, Chad, Akash.

    Davin, thanks for pitching in. I’ve learned a thing or two about whiskey since compiling this post, even if I don’t like the drink.

    Not as sweet on shelves, Abbas, but the Photoshop work helps get them there.

  8. Awesome packaging examples. I really like the spiral label as well as the screened wine label. Another wine, Root:1, was actually the inspiration for my Branding class winery label. Naturally I am redoing it now to put in my child… er I mean portfolio (they really are like having a kid, aren’t they?)

    @Kiren: I definitely agree. It is an awesome concept and even without the typical Absolut screen printing, I immediately could tell it was an Absolut product.

  9. I love the Cognac packaging, very effective in presenting a clean packaging in a different approach to convey elegance. I also quite like the second, howling monkey. Very eye catching and original which I believe will do well in the market.

  10. WOW I came to this site after seeing a photo of the Mad Fish label and love the VSOP one too! I wonder how much extra it costs to get that label wrapped around the bottle instead of just smacked on the front? Very cool and inspiring. Did you partake in designing any?

  11. Wasn’t overly fussed on the mamont, it reminds me too much of hair products (shampoo and conditioner).
    The last picture of the single malt looks very small?
    Anyone know the size of it? is it just deceptive or is it a rather small, possibly sample bottle?

    I did like the absolut but I’ve always been a fan of simple design.

    Favourite was the pink, but the splatters look a little too fake. i think id prefer it if the splatters had more variation and werent all so ‘perfect circle’.
    Im like that with most splatter-esque designs though.

  12. Should point out, that without the perfect circles the grapes might not be as obvious, so I guess theres a reason behind it.

    And forgot to mention the koala, I think it would look quite cheap and not nearly as nice on shelf, but I looove the simple design of it
    and how the white space works with the brandmark.

  13. Wow. I really enjoy the Cognac VSOP design. Most cognac bottles tend to be very dull and boring. This would bring the famous digestif to the new century and could ensure that younger people pay more attention to cognac than they do now… so will anyone out there adopt this design and produce a real cognac with it?

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