Aesop on hiring a professional

Although it’s unlikely that many of the 200 or so fables attributed to Aesop were created by him, his fame as a story-teller was so widespread that practically any fable heard gained his association.

Aesop the Greek

Last week I read a collection of his short stories, and as many of them relate to the business of design, I’ll share a few in a mini-series of posts. Here’s the first.

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The Widow and the Sheep

“Once there was a widow who owned just one sheep. Wishing to make the most of his wool, she sheared him so closely that she cut his skin as well as his fleece. Suffering from such painful treatment, the sheep cried out, ‘Why are you torturing me like this? What will my blood add to the weight of the wool? If you want my flesh, send for the butcher, who will put me out of my misery at once. But if you want my fleece, send for the shearer, who will clip my wool without drawing blood!'”

Cutting small costs can cause great wounds.

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Aesop’s Fables, published by Penguin Popular Classics. Good read. Bought it in Eason for two quid.


Aesop on the business of design:

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Aesop (circa 620 BC-560 BC). Photo via BookMarc Blogpants.

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  1. Thanks! Just yesterday I convinced a client to go with a local print house that cost only a little bit more but which produces high quality work and has superior service (for example, they went out of their way to courier deliver paper samples to us within a couple of hours of us calling and asking about papers). I was pulling out my hair convincing the client to choose this printer but they wanted to go with the cheapest one (which, by the way, has screwed up every job my client has ever sent to them) to save only a couple hundred bucks.

    I sent a link to this post to my client this morning and this is what he sent back:

    “Penny-wise 130 lb foolish! “

  2. I do like the breadth of your thinking here, not sure I would have thought have looking to the ‘Classics’ for design wisdom, but sound advice. The biggest mistake I have made working for myself is thinking it is all about costs/prices etc. Service and quality of work wins every time.

  3. David,
    You fill the vacuums in this world so effectively! Sharing wisdom, hints and tips, beauty, friendship, entrepreneaurial advice and collaboration, humor, your life and experience, hope and visual communication in a world that is so often afraid to share anything.

    You look at things a second time and see below the surface and share that view with us too. So many correlations in life, that are so vital to great design and great business.

    I feel priveledged to share the world of graphic design and life in general with you (even though we are thousands of miles apart and on such different levels professionaly.) Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful blogs and the time you put in to making them a home to come back to. Wishing you and your family all the best!

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