How and why to add feed-specific content using WordPress

One of the WordPress plugins I use is Douglas Karr’s PostPost. It makes it possible to add feed-specific content (images and/or text) to the posts I publish — content that’s only shown to those who read via RSS and email subscriptions, so not on my actual website.

This is useful for a number of reasons. At the time of writing, I signpost one of my other websites, because some subscribers don’t know I author more than one blog or they subscribe to one but not the other.

Here’s what you’ll see (between the arrows) at the foot of each post if you’re an email or RSS subscriber.

PostPost plugin

Subscribers to Logo Design Love will see that I use the plugin to advertise my book.

PostPost plugin

In the screenshots you’ll see a section for “related posts worth a look.” It’s automatically pulled by the Related Posts plugin, and inserts sometimes-relevant links both on my website and in the feed. But I can’t track the click-throughs, so I might ditch it to leave PostPost as the only feed addition.

There are plenty of other ideas for using the plugin:

  • Signposting a “hot topic” blog post
  • Selling the space to a relevant advertiser
  • Offering a password to download an ebook or enter a competition
  • Linking to a Twitter profile
  • Selling a specific product or service
  • Giving a simple thank you or a free download for subscribers

If you have a WordPress blog, I recommend giving PostPost a go.

Here’s a list of all plugins used on

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  1. There is no doubt that WordPress is an excellent blog platform especially as it is so expandable. But I always found it a bit complex to use, so ended up using Blogger. Maybe it’s time to change?

  2. Sounds like a neat plugin. Not sure I have much use for it yet, but I do sport WordPress as my blogging platform. No doubt, WP has tons of useful plugins. Thanks for sharing!

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