Wikipedia link to my logo designer article

I was checking my stats earlier and saw visitors arriving from Wikipedia. One of my posts is listed on the Wikipedia page for logo (in the external links section). A nice surprise for the day!

The post on Wikipedia is The world’s best logo designers? and given the fact that there are only five other external links from Wikipedia’s logo page I’d like to thank whoever added me.

It would’ve been an even better surprise if Wikipedia were to remove rel=”nofollow” from links. It’s for that reason, that whenever I link to a Wikipedia page I add rel=”nofollow” in the codes. That probably sounds petty, but it’s worth a few minutes reading what others have to say on the matter.

Andy Beard has discussed how Wikipedia added nofollow to external links, saying:

“I would guess that a good half of the inbound links Wikipedia has are from bloggers, and yet that link juice love is not returned. Why link to Wikipedia with a followable link? They don’t share the link equity back out.”

Andy Beal is another talking about Wikipedia nofollow.

In fact, there’s even a Wikipedia nofollow plugin available that changes all of your external links to Wikipedia to nofollow links. Personally I think this is somewhat over the top however.

What do you think?

Now that I’ve written about the listing, Sod’s Law says it’ll be removed before you read this.

Regardless, thanks again to whoever placed me on there in the first place.

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  1. I have read that article and it’s informative. Those logo are simple in design but has an everlasting impressions.

  2. The nofollow plugin is probably a good idea. If Wikipedia do remove nofollow (as if) you can too, just deactivate the plugin. Otherwise, if you wanted to send the link love back their way you’d have to go back and edit all those links.

    Now, that you’ve got a Wikipedia link you just need some .gov and .edu links! :)

  3. Rammel,

    Absolutley, it’s the simple logos that are most memorable / effective.

    Valid point, Ian.

    I guess as my site is relatively new it’s not really an issue for me.

  4. That has really sparked my interest in logo design. Now,I just have to get the talent.

    “The world’s best logo designer?” and the logo sketch series, are great reads.

    Did you change your site design around a bit?

  5. There have been a few minor tweaks here and there. I still need to visually separate the homepage articles more though. Johno at Redsil rightly pointed out that they flow from one to the other without much of an obvious break.

  6. Although no link juice coming from it, the traffics should be well worth it because it can convert into sales or more links by your visitors.

    It is great getting linked from Wikipedia. Congratulation!

  7. Gee, can I have you autograph now? ;) Seriously, congrats on getting Wiki’d. Gee, that sounds kind of kinky, sorry.

  8. IdeBagus,

    Very true. The Wiki traffic is appreciated and the main point of my article is by way of thanks.


    Haha, never apologise for sounding kinky.

  9. Cool!! Congrats. Now all you need is a link from the Times Online ;)

    Speaking of logos, I was disappointed that you didn’t enter the Wisdump logo contest. Looking at the entries, I don’t think it would have been too difficult to win.

  10. Hi, I have given design & portfolio management courses in several Design schools like: Art Center (Vevey,CH) IED Barcelona and Turin, IAAD in Turin, University of Art and Design Cluj (Romania)…..My experience is that if a design school teaches the basics with practical excersise it works! Students understand a lot of stuff they could not know..they can work on their personality and try to improuve…so their portfolio quality will match their personality and way of presenting themeself.

    Ciao! Luciano Bove

  11. Armen,

    It’d make my year if the Times Online linked to one of my articles! Much respect.

    Logo competitions are a pet peeve of mine. I saw the entries and didn’t think much at all, but unless it’s for a good cause working for free isn’t really my thing. Had you considered entering?

  12. Congrats on getting mentioned in Wiki.

    I agree with you on the No Follow attribute. I also add “no follow’s” to links pointing at Wiki or any other large source that does not have “no follow” removed. Why give away our hard earned PR to Google, Digg or other place if they’re not returning the love?


  13. Isn’t there a prize? The thought did cross my mind about entering, but I just didn’t have the time, having been away in Tasmania, etc. Looking at the entries, you probably could have whipped up something better in an hour!

  14. Don, cheers for commenting. You’re right not to give away your PR to those huge companies who don’t reciprocate.

    Armen, if there was a prize for the contest I must’ve missed it. How was Tazmania? I’ve been to Australia once, but stayed in the west.

  15. It was cool. It’s a lot different than the other states, more like N.I. in some ways actually. If you stayed on the west, then you’ll have to return. Everything is in the east, as I’m sure you’re probably aware.

  16. I have some friends in the East and am considering a future move. Perth is great, but I’d love to see more of the East coast.

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