A decent proposal

It was grey and overcast, but I persuaded Catherine to join me for a walk. We drove 20 minutes toward Scrabo country park, but before we arrived it started to rain, and Catherine wasn’t having any of it, so we went food shopping.

An hour in Tesco and the sky had cleared so I drove us to the Scrabo hills.

Killynether Wood Northern IrelandKillynether Wood, photo by S Muir

Walking through Killynether Wood we came to a clearing where there was an old wooden bench. We sat overlooking the fields.

Killynether Wood Northern IrelandView from Scrabo Country Park, photo by S Muir

I asked if she liked the notes I’d been leaving her all week (saying things I love about her). She did, and she asked if there’d be any more. “Actually, there’s one here”, and I pulled another from my pocket. Written on a card with a silk ribbon, “Is it true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend?”

While she was reading I went on one knee, took the box from my pocket and opened it. “Catherine, will you marry me?” She blushed and didn’t know what to say, so I put the ring on her finger and she said yes!

We stayed there for 15 minutes until Catherine said the frozen chips would be defrosting.

Back at home we celebrated by the fire with some bubbly. I’m a fiancé!

Update: June 2010
A few photos from the wedding.

Wedding invite design inspiration

First stop, the wedding category on Beast Pieces — the letterpress blog of Studio On Fire.

wedding invitation design
Woodgrain & Crest Letterpress Wedding (above) by Nick Brue.

wedding invitation design
Something Old & New: Wedding Type (above) by Ryan Floss, groom.

wedding invitation design
Black Tie & Black Paper: Wedding In Edinburgh (above) by Field.

wedding invitation design
A Hamptons Wedding Invitation (above) by Stacey Averbuch, bride.

wedding invitation design
Mix Tape Letterpress Wedding Invitations (above) by Adam Ramerth.

wedding invitation design
Tuscany Semi Formal Wedding Invitation (above) by Aya Ikegaya.

wedding invitation design
Look Mom, No Script Fonts: A Wedding Invite (above) by SEVNTHSIN.

Plenty more pics through each invite link.

More wedding invitation designs

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  1. Congrats David!

    Your proposal quite romantic :) I’m not getting married anytime soon so no wedding invitation design for me, but If i come across anytime unique designs, I will be sure to share it with you.

  2. What lovely news, David. Congratulations!

    I designed my own invitations on a budget. I would have LOVED letterpress, but it wasn’t in the budget. Mine was a multi-piece extravaganza which I embossed with a monogram of mine and my fiance’s initials, a paper folder with complementary papers on the outside & inside & invitation, reply card & directions all hand cut and assembled.

    I went way, way overboard. Hope you’re more sensible than I was!

  3. Yay!! Another big congrats, David! This is an exciting time for you and Catherine!

    I had my wedding invites done on a letterpress. Now that I’ve printed, I can truly appreciate how much trouble goes into letterpress printed invites. Mine had some printing on vellum, too! I should post some pictures. They were printed by one of my favorite design professors and proprietor of The Backyard Press, Carl Heinz.

    If you two ever have any wedding-related questions, you know my email address :)

  4. Congratulations David!

    Letterpress will look great! Enjoy designing the cards!

    How is your book project going?


  5. Congrats David! I am so happy for you! Such a romantic as well! :)

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your wedding invitations. (I’m sure you will share them) Letterpress is so timeless and beautiful, and from all of the inspirational pieces you have posted it seems like you are considering going down the road of letterpress for your own invitations?

    Once again congratulations!

  6. Congrats!

    Thanks for the link too my friend was searching for some wedding invite inspiration. I’ve always heard a more conservative invitation is reasonable, maybe it’s to scare people from doing stupid invites on one of their most important days.

  7. Aahh, you are such a romantic at heart! What a lovely way to propose and what a beautiful story you weave :-)

    Congratulations to you and Catherine! May you find even more love and wonder in the beautiful sanctimony of marriage :-)

    And your wedding invite will be gorgeous too .. just now it!

  8. David,

    That was beautiful! *dabs at eyes*

    What wonderful news! A very hearty congratulations to you both!

    (I’m *still* waiting for the question to be popped! Maybe I should forward this… )

    Best wishes,


  9. Oops – i forgot to comment on the invites!

    I very much like the “No Script” example, as well as the Black Tie & Black Paper.


  10. Dude,
    Congratulations! The best ideas come when you put your heart in your design. And that being the case with your everyday clients, geez, I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  11. Congrats on your engagement David! It’s a big step and a very exciting—albeit trying—time. My wife and I designed our wedding invitations by hand and posted on the process: http://tinyurl.com/mcffas.

    I hope this gives you some inspiration and helps you find the right style for your wedding. We branded our wedding and created everything from the favors to the programs ourselves. Here is more inspiration: http://tinyurl.com/laywx6.


  12. Congratulations. I definitely am a fan of the no-script one because it is way different and I think script is over-used in anything wedding related. The mix tape one interests me because it is something I have never seen before which is always good. But I think I like the Hamptons one best. It’s clean, classy, and looks really well done. I wonder if they catered from the Barefoot Contessa.

    I hope you share your invitations as a design process post.

    Jin: I loved that invite. Inspirational in both concept and content. It sounds like relationship of two of my best friends that was Washington DC and Ottawa/Toronto long distance relationship.

    Cathrine: The Irish are always romantic. :)

  13. When I asked my fiancee’s hand in marriage, she got all red and gone “Naaaaaawwww…”. I was truly scared that it meant “No”, but it meant that she was totally not seen this coming, but “Yes, of course”. Sheesh. Scary moment.

  14. Congratulations!

    Unfortunately I haven’t any remnant of my wedding invites (ten years from now even you will have lost the last one of yours). I am a supporter of the no script too. And I’d suggest you to use recicled paper. The worn look is romantic and it’s environmental conscious….

  15. Congrats David!

    Being a designer in these situations always comes in handy ;). Though we usually tend to be our own worst clients :P
    But I’m confident you’ll come up with something beautiful.

  16. Congratulations and what a great selection of invitations – loving the No Script and Mix Tape ones. I designed our own ones a couple of years ago (along with coasters, menu, place cards etc) but nothing so fancy as letterpress – do you know of any decent UK based letterpress printers as I’d love to find out more!

    At least doing your invitations will give you something to get excited about when Catherine’s enthusing about dresses and shoes! Having helped my sister out at bridal exhibitions (she designs vintage inspired bridal shoes – http://www.rachelsimpsonshoes.co.uk ), I know how excited the ladies get about their shoes!!

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your stationery…

  17. Congratulations!
    I proposed back in February with an impromptu picnic in Hyde Park, so this has been in my thoughts over the last few months. Luckily we’ve decided on quite a long engagement, which is handy because we have decided to create as much as we can for the whole day. However I’ve already discovered that having my fiance as a client is going to be pretty challenging!

  18. David, your photos are beautiful. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us!

    And the rolling landscape looks just like Devon. I love Devon…

  19. Congratulations to you both! What a beautiful setting to get engaged (and also to live) in! Looking forward to seeing your invitations; I have no doubt they will become an inspiration on their own.

  20. Thanks for everyone’s comments! To those who left the first 20 or so, I’ve since updated the post with a couple of photos from where I proposed. Gotta love it here.

    Leslie, I probably won’t end up using letterpress, because we’re keeping the wedding small (close family only). We’d actually not mind just taking off abroad for an even quieter one, but I reckon our folks would be disappointed. Maybe there’s a printer out there who’ll do me a good deal for a little online exposure. ;)

    Lauren, please do post some pics. That’d be good, and thanks again!

    Pavel, book’s coming along rightly, cheers. I’ve about a quarter of it in draft.

    That’s a good one, David, Jin. I’ve added it to a “further ideas” section in the post.

    Antonea, Sneh, I wanted to give Catherine a story she could remember. One she could tell herself. So the planning was well worth it. :)

    Deirdre, as long as I don’t cause any friction!

    Daniel, that looks like a pain-staking process you went through there! Good thing there were only 31 guests, eh? Great link buddy. I’ll add it to the post.

    Mariusz, that’s funny. Glad it wasn’t a “no”.

    Andy, I had to move fast, because it’s really just the ring she wants me for. ;)

    Matt, not too sure about UK printers, as most of my clients outsource their own work. I’ll maybe give a shout to Splash Print (the same company who printed my business cards).

    Lee, I try. :) Cheers mate.

  21. I saw on Twitter, but I just wanted to say congrats and that was such a beautiful story! Still some guys getting it right eh?

  22. Forget the invites, I need more inspiration on methods to propose!

    Congratulations D, a friend of mine has too recently been engaged and I’ll be designing the invites – I’m trying to source some good prices for something other than the usual run of the mill glossy card you see saturating the market these days so I’ll keep you posted with any interesting discoveries.

    Where do you think the service will be held? Keeping it local?

  23. Congratulations! What a beautiful proposal, it brought a little tear to my eye :P

    This is the coolest invite I’ve seen in a while:

    For cool little wedding favours:

    These are some blogs I’m subscribed to that might provide some wedding inspiration!


  24. Congratulations David!

    I proposed to my girlfriend on Christmas Eve while ice skating in London, I’ve never been so nervous! We’re getting married in Australia in December, I did start writing a blog (wwwwesandsamantha.co.uk), although haven’t updated it recently.

    Did you think for a moment you might have to get down on one knee in the frozen food section? ;o)

    I sent out some provisional invites (for people to book flights) and just starting to work on the main ones.

  25. Congrats, David! That is awesome news and great “delivery” as well.

    Looks like Catherine and you both have found someone rather special. ;)

  26. Wow David…
    Congrats to both you and Catherine.

    Thanks for sharing such a private moment but mostly thank you for sharing the beautiful letterpress invitation samples.

    Good luck to you both and as Rob mentioned above…you both have found someone very special.


  27. Congratulations, David!

    I designed my own wedding invitations as well (a salt water / dock / pier theme since we were married near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, United States). Of course being a typical designer, I see so many improvements I would like to make to it now (as that was close to five years ago).

    Looking forward to a future post revealing what you come up with!

  28. Congratulations! I think the setting for proposal was perfect. And thank you for the inspiration photos and links – some very good stuff.

  29. David, once again, sincerest congratulations to both you and Catherine. Look forward to seeing your wedding invites.

    P.S. I wonder how many other designers will start popping a “will you marry me” question after you and blogging about that? ;) sorry, just couldn’t resist it.

  30. Congratulations to you and Catherine, David,

    And for sharing your day with us.

    I like all of the invites but I’m a bit of a traditionalist so the Hamptons one looks great.

    Best wishes

  31. Congratulations David. Looking forward to seeing your own invites when you create them. I did my own invites, too…the many benefits of being a designer.

    When I proposed to my [then] girlfriend (now wife), I craftily placed the ring inside a Kinder Surprise, and used Adobe Illustrator to design a set of instructions on how to place the ring on her finger, lol. I managed to open the chocolate egg with a scalpel, and wrap it back up. Needless to say, she loved it. The memories ;)

  32. Congratulations David and Catharine! Can’t wait to see the design, from your caliber of work, they’ll be timeless. No pressure here ;)

  33. Congrats, David. You are the romantic!!! Best wishes for a happy and rewarding marriage.

    I designed my morning seaside wedding invite – the message printed in black on white vellum and secured to a creamy fern-encrusted handmade paper with ivory organza ribbon. As I scrolled through your romantic country side pics I am reminded of my big day … thanks for the inspiration.

  34. Congratulations. I have just, this very night, finished the last step in the design process of my 100 or so wedding invites, on a budget. A local printer was kind enough to print mine for free, and I hand made over 100 envelopes as I couldn’t find the style I wanted. Some went wrong and in the bin, but the text messages are flooding in about how delightful they are which makes it all worth it.

    Would have loved to have had something letterpressed. But due to the cost I stuck to print only. Came up with a small crest-type logo with our initials to follow through the whole design and will feature on just about everything. Will post it to my website when I get a chance.

    I hope your experience is as stress free as it can be and the best of wishes for your wedding.

  35. Your proposal story took me by surprise so goodness knows how your fiancee felt :-) I love the fact that you planned it and left the little notes around beforehand.

    Best wishes to you both.

  36. ender, that poster idea is one I’ve not seen before. Nice.

    Paul, probably will keep it local. Bangor, maybe Belfast castle. A small family do.

    Wes, in the frozen food section? What do you take me for? Everyone knows the bakery is more romantic.

    Andrew, now that’s class. :) Love it.

    Vivien, it’s the new design trend don’t you know? ;)

    Valentino, like you, I’ll probably not go for letterpress, given the small scale of the wedding.

    Thanks very much, again, everyone! Great to read your comments.

  37. David – North Down men aren’t usually famed for their romantic tendencies – you’re clearly an outlier (that said, the Mrs and I first broached the subject of the M word in Cairn Wood – so maybe there’s something in the water!) Anyroad, congratulations to you and Catherine. Been to a few wedding dos in the Crawfordsburn Inn over the years – always a good bash.

    Be prepared for the fear that weddings create – was in my tame printers last week to inspect a proof and there was a guy in a military jumpsuit ahead of me, in pieces, ’cause the document he’d brought in (a Word doc if you please) wasn’t printing properly in colour on cream laid stock and he couldn’t wait any longer to check it. The wedding was two days away and this was some greetings/menu thing to go in the house where I guess the guests were staying and the wedding was to take place. The fella (officer type from the accent) had probably seen some serious combat and could have killed me with his bare hands, but was in a complete mess over why the yellow in the champagne glasses on his Word doc wasn’t showing up.

    Shouldn’t be a problem for you tho’ – you’re hardly likely to be messing about with Word or Publisher a couple of days before the big day!

    Congratulations and best wishes to you and Catherine.

    PS the printer fixed the document for him, it printed fine and it all ended happily ever after.

  38. Oooo! Congrats! What a lovely story you wove for us.

    Didn’t you do a good job of it as well! You romantic you.

    I got a couple of mumbles on the bus with regards to whether I would entertain marrying him or not.

    He was too poor for any sort of engagement ring (only 20yrs old and from poor background) – 16yrs later I still don’t have one, lol. It feels pointless now, we share our money so it would feel like buying myself one.

    We’ve been married 13yrs in a week, I hope you enjoy as long and as happy a marriage yourselves :)

    Frozen chips – made me laugh :-)))

  39. Congrats David!

    If you are going to go for a big wedding (anything more than you, her, the officiant, and any necessary witnesses is big) might as well do it up right!

    My husband and I had a graphic artist of mine create a monogram which we in turn used for the save-the-dates, newsletter/guest questionnaire, wedding webpage, etc.

    We then used it for the wedding invites and a whole host of things at the wedding itself. We went a bit overboard on the invites and I doubt the pictures do it justice, but here you go: share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0AZMXDFo3YsmLDXA

    Hope that inspires you!
    Sheri Rubin
    Design, Direct, Deliver

  40. Big congratulations David and Catherine, Its one of the best experiences getting Married. I made my own Wedding stationary and David its great fun doing it for yourself, we got the whole family involved folding and cutting and using craft tools to get some special details into them all.

    Well I hope you have a great day

    Best wishes

  41. congrats, David! My wife and I just celebrated our first anniversary. Nice one on the proposal as well. I had proposed to my wife in the jardin des tuileries of the Louvre in Paris when we were on our 2 week Europe trip 2 years ago. Definitely a great day that day. Anyway, I designed our invitations and rehearsal dinner menus myself. Even printed them on our own printer (did a pretty darn good job if I do say so). It was my wife’s idea to use the transparent paper over top the silver cardstock. Turned out pretty good. I also designed a stamp we had made and stamped our own napkins. Here’s a shot of it too. Don’t mean to sound cheap, but we saved a ton of money on those things, doing them ourselves. Good luck with the wedding plans! I just uploaded a couple of photos of the menu and napkins on flickr for you to see. Would love to know what you think, David.


    Its really nice and wonderful moments which you share with us.
    very very romantic style of your proposal……….I dont know how will my partner propose me but i hope that will be my beautiful moments of life so pray for me :)
    Many many congrats and good wishes for you and your fiance catherine.

  43. Oh, what a beautiful story…Thanks for sharing it with us. Congratulations and many wishes to you and your fiance!!!

  44. congratulations david.
    beautiful place to propose to your fiance.
    i really like the movie poster idea. it’s very original & new.

  45. David….

    thanks for sharing! Such a beautiful way to bring back the moment my husband proposed… nothing as romantic as your proposal at all, so far!…but definitively unforgettable. Cannot wait to see the brilliant idea for your wedding invitations!
    Best wishes for you two from Mexico!! :)

  46. Si,

    Crawfordsburn Inn’s a nice spot, no doubt. Cairn Wood eh? Whereabouts are you now? Thanks a lot for the congrats.


    That’s superb how you’ve stayed together so long. Key to raising a healthy child (so I hear).


    I’m sure that even the napkins will prove a nice memento for you. Good work. (Off-topic, Memento’s a great film.)

    Thanks again, everyone, for the warm wishes (and marriage warning). Jacob, no dairy kids as yet, but when it happens, the Milky Bars are on me!

  47. Congrats!

    I was married about two years ago on 07-07-07, and we are now expecting expecting a son, due August 19. It’s really great when you find that person to be there with you through everything and for always.

    All the best David!

  48. Matt:

    Was your wedding day intentionally 777? How very Crowley :). How is the design scene in GR? I’m over in Lansing but not sure about staying here once I get my AAA degree.

    Congrats on the upcoming birth of your son.

  49. David, bless you for marriage as soon as possible ~ ~ ~
    I come from in China, to see your blog is very pleased

  50. Jon,

    Yeah, it was intentional! :D Now, it will be very hard for me to forget my anniversary. ;)

    Thanks for the congrats. The design scene in GR is definitely growing. The city itself is one of the fastest growing in the US despite the state having the worst economy. I’m working in-house at a Surgical Products company right now and it’s ok. Currently, it seems there aren’t a lot of jobs available for young designers, but I do feel like there will be growing opportunity.

    Are you going to MSU? I’m a huge MSU fan! GO GREEN!

  51. Congratulations.
    I too really liked the last sans serif design by SEVNTHSIN as well as the blue and green by Ryan Floss. Very unique ideas for the usually bland wedding invite.

  52. Congratulations David! What a creative way to propose. Very best for the future. This is my first post on your blog though I have been following it for sometime. I really like your work. Keep it up! Expect me to comment regularly.

  53. Matt:

    It’s also the title of an Aleister Crowley book which is why I was curious.

    It is cool that GR is a viable option. Lansing has some stuff in Old Town but not sure about the rest of the city. I actually go to Lansing Comm College. I’m from EL originally (MSU is just down the street from my house and I used to be able to see the teargas clouds) but I defected to Ann Arbor for almost a decade and went to EMU.

  54. What a lovely story. I think my favourite part is about the chips defrosting in the car. Funny how the mundane details of life are sometimes the most precious.
    You may remember those chips for a very long time indeed!

  55. Congratulations David! I’m sure you will have creative romance for the rest of your days. Wish you both the very best.

    On another note, keep up the great work on your website – solid and very informative.


  56. Matt, all the very best with the impending fatherhood! That’s a little while off for me.

    Thanks a lot to everyone else for your congratulations. Kind of you to take the time.

  57. Congrats! That scenery looks amazing! Invitation designs is one of those things which people usually like to go the “traditional” route, serif typefaces, simple, printed on a high quality stock. Theres definately a lot of room to do something different and mix it up a bit!

  58. Great post David!

    I know you stressed the importance of writing good content in comment you made on my blog but this one actually illustrates what you mean. I love how you combined the story telling into your message!

    I got to review more of your post to see what I can learn from you to implement on my own blog!

  59. First off, congratulations!
    You have a great set of inspirations here. I was amazed to see the final one from SEVNTHSIN for the wedding in Roseau, MN. It is a town about an hour drive from here and in Northwest Minnesota we are in the middle of nowhere, and then to be featured on a blog from a bloke in Ireland was rather amazing.
    Good luck with the invite designs. I was partial to the Edinburgh invite (Black Tie & Black Paper), though I wish I could have seen more of it. I hope you do share yours when finished.

  60. David Congrats!!! gr8 news, and very creative way of linking your story with our design interests.

    I wish you would’ve proposed earlier, like a year ago when i was frantic over my wedding preparations!! :) All those links mentioned in your blog are a gr8 source of inspiration.

    The invitation cards were a headache to me. Ii wanted to make them personal but at the same time I was stuck with a tight budget. So i simply created a simple typographical motif, which has my husband’s & my name. You may not be able to read the writing because I’m Lebanese, and I linked between English & Arabic Typo. I hope you like it, and maybe give you an idea of what you may like to do.


  61. Nice story that David, Congratulations to you both!

    Be great to see your wedding invitations designs for the big day. I keep meaning to add some images of my own to my blog but time escapes me, but its coming up to our 1st anniversary so I really must post them before then!

    Love the examples you have posted some lovely work there, particulary the mix tape design and the katie and jamey designs, very inspiring!

  62. Maneet, there’s hope for us all!

    Chris, definitely puts things into perspective RE: how accessible we can all be nowadays. Cheers buddy.

    Lara, I’m pretty sure I’ll go for a simple option too. Especially as eloping with a select few guests is on the cards (although if that goes ahead we’d have a party “at home” afterwards). If you paste your image link we can have a look (must install that comment image plugin).

    Gareth, thanks very much. It’d be great to see what you came up with too.

  63. Congratulations David,
    To be very honest everytime I read your articles I wondered if you were married/ had kids/ eternal bachelor etc etc………good to get a little peak into your private life and I love the setting in which you proposed……the place is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats once again to both of you and have a gr8 married life!……..although I am a little sad that I lost my chance….;-) wink wink…….just kidding.

  64. I thought I’d be an eternal bachelor, Namrita, but you can never tell when that special woman is going to appear. :) Thanks very much for the congrats.

    Susanna, I know just how difficult it is designing for yourself, which is probably why I prefer to keep my personal designs as clean as possible (less elements to consider). I hope your wedding plans go well.

  65. Who wouldn’t fall in love with that place… very fitting for a romantic proposal. Congrats! I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness.
    And cool designs, btw. I love the last one too…

  66. What a wonderful proposal! I like the Tuscan invitation the best. Do keep us posted on what your invitation looks like.

  67. Congrats! I am getting married in January. My fiance wants me to design the invites, but I keep saying no. After this blog and seeing the inspiration I might give it a go. Who knows?!

    Best of luck to the two of you!!!

  68. This is fantastic news David !

    Hope you remember me. I have been reading the blog without really commenting for the past one year.

    Best of luck with your love life. Do share the design of the invitation card with us. (and invite us for the marriage too … ;) )

  69. Of course I remember you, Niyaz, and thanks for the luck. I think you changed your site colour scheme since my last visit. Was it blue before? Looks good.

  70. Congratulations David! All the best in married life!
    I think that the designs that you found for the wedding invitations online are amazing – It would be interesting to see what you do for a wedding invitation…

  71. CONGRATS!!!! *hugs*

    Although I do agree that we tend to be our own worst clients, I think you’ll find plenty of designers here willing to help you with crit and feedback. Just twitter away, my friend, and let the world show you some design love.

  72. Hi David.

    Congratulations! I got married almost 2 years ago now and it was incredible. My wife is from El Salvador in Central America who I met after doing some lectures and workshops over there. I proposed in the restaurant where we first met by writing the proposal on a napkin which she read when she got to bottom of her drink.

    We designed our own invites which were like an illustrated childrens book.

    I’m sure you will do something special David.



  73. Thanks a lot, Joe, Ash. Sounds like a great proposal there, Lee. Do you get to travel back much to visit your wife’s family? I’ve never been to Central America before. I was looking into Costa Rica for the wedding / honeymoon, but it’s not the cheapest place to holiday.

  74. Hi David,

    We went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon and stayed at the Finca Rosa Blanca (google it) which looks like something out of a bond movie. They have houses you can take for a ride (they dance too!). The food was incredible. We had dinner in an old monastery overlooking the city. Food in Costa Rica is very good and the scenery is beautiful. We flew on a tiny plane down to the coast to Tamarindo (nature air airlines) and stayed in an wonderful place right on the beach, saw turtles laying eggs late at night etc.

    Well worth it. Great place.

  75. Congratulations!

    I’m getting married in August and have been tasked with making invites, so I’m sure these links will come in useful – thanks.

  76. Congratulations David for your wedding! Romantic proposal!!
    In these times that there are few romantic men you are the light of the hope!! ;o)
    happiness for you two!!!

  77. Hi David, I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to let you know how talented I think you are! Good luck in your future endeavors, you will do VERY well! Thanks for sharing your story. :)

  78. What a romantic wedding proposal, I bet you were a bit frustrated when the weather wasn’t nice on your first attempt at a walk.

    Really love the wedding invitations.

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