30 inspiring Flickr groups on typography

Inspiring typographical Flickr collections, for designers and type nuts. The following groups contain more than 50,000 images showcasing typography. Just about enough to quench your type desires.

1. Typography and lettering (33,000+ images)

typography design
Full size image

2. Found type (12,300+ images)

liberty type
Full size image

3. Typophile — for the typography obsessed (4,900+ images)

Full size image

4. Urban typography (3,250+ images)

chic fleurs
Full size image

5. Typography of the world (2,800+ images)

brick lane
Full size image

6. Typography * (2,300+ images)

Full size image

7. Chinese typography (1,950+ images)

chinese typography
Full size image

8. Signage and typography (1,700+ images)

fish chips sign
Full size image

9. Vintage type (1,500+ images)

raffles hotel
Full size image

10. Experimental typography (1,400+ images)

letter a
Full size image

11. Hand drawn type (1,400+ images)

Full size image

12. Type specimen (1,260+ images)

no touching
Full size image

13. Your typography (1,250+ images)

your type
Full size image

14. Arabic typography (1,000+ images)

arabic typography
Full size image

15. Pictograms and public space typography (950+ images)

toilet sign
Full size image

16. Japanese typography (900+ images)

japanese type
Full size image

17. Historical type and lettering (890+ images)

old type
Full size image

18. Folk typography (500+ images)

giant camera
Full size image

19. Wood type (480+ images)

wood type
Full size image

20. Bad type (450+ images)

two way books
Full size image

21. Fonts & typography (320+ images)

slab serif
Full size image

22. VCUQ typography one 2008 (290+ images)

painted numbers
Full size image

23. Typography Friday (270+ images)

bold round font
Full size image

24. The center for vernacular typography (260+ images)

twin reverb script
Full size image

25. Typography abuse (200+ images)

type abuse
Full size image

26. Crimes against typography (150+ images)

bad type sign
Full size image

27. Italian typography design (140+ images)

italian typography
Full size image

28. Hannover type and lettering (90+ images)

kubus type
Full size image

29. Czech typography archives (45+ images)

Full size image

30. Typography of the 50s (45+ images)

continental car type
Full size image

More Flickr inspiration on this blog post:

99 Flickr Groups for Design Inspiration

You’ll also find more type references in my typography archive.

38 responses

  1. Is it a bad/worrying sign that all this type is getting me excited?!

    Seriously, good set of collections, thanks for compiling the links.

  2. One of my favorite all time lists. As a member of several of the groups on flickr, I hadn’t realized there were so many more. Thanks for putting it together!
    aka cityflickr :)

  3. I’m a big fan of creative typography, and these guys look to be real hardcore typophiles. I look forward to browsing through all of these resources!!

  4. Hi David,

    Can’t wait to go through this collection. Thanks for putting it together. These sites like Flickr, Deviant Art and Behance are just an unfailing source of inspiration.

  5. You’re all very welcome. Thanks for commenting.


    It’s not bad at all, and just shows you’re passionate — like me — about type.


    Deviant Art and Behance are both fantastic too, I agree. Lately, when searching for a specific image, I’ve been visiting Flickr more often than Google’s image search. The quality is often much better.


    I had to change my draft headline when Steven published that. :)

  6. I’ve only just started to search flikr for images to use under the Creative Commons license. I’m a great fan of blog posts showcasing quality links. I’ve discovered some blogs recently I never knew about due to ‘List posts’ … Great resource David,

  7. WOW!! Great list David.. I’ve been waiting for this kind of post. Now you make my day become very busy with the list..

  8. Oh very cool! I love flickr groups and I’ve featured them before on my blog, too. There is just so much good inspiration out there! Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming…

    Not seen most of these before. I really like the vintage and hand-drawn ones.

    Definitely Stumbled and saved to delicious!

  9. hehe… forgot to mention the typographic abuse and crimes groups. That’s funny! I remember Johno featured a website of these guys that go around correcting misused type on posters/signs around the US. I don’t even remotely remember where to find it though.

    And yay for the wood type! I hope to get a chance to print some broadsides on the Vandercook some day. Just gotta figure out what to print!

    I didn’t see iLT’s type group on this list: http://flickr.com/groups/ilovetypography/

    (is Ajax Edit Comments fixed yet??)

  10. Gareth, Steve, Andrew, Charliend, eshark,

    You’re all very welcome. Here’s hoping you have a great weekend.


    Oddly, I missed John’s iLT group, very nice. If you do get a chance to try wood printing on the Vandercook, I hope you’ll share the results with us. I’ve really enjoyed your letterpress features on Creative Curio.

    As for the Ajax Edit Comments, I’ll check to see if there’s an update. No idea why the plugin caused errors, and although they didn’t seem to disrupt the front-end, I’d prefer not to have incorrect code where possible. Don’t be shy about leaving typos however. They make the rest of us feel better. ;)

  11. No worries about me leaving tons of typos; spelling was always my worst subject. I’m so glad FF has a spell checking tool!

    I will most definitely share all my printing results on my blog! I know I love seeing that stuff and readers have expressed the same sentiments :)

  12. Thanks David for the outstanding resources that you bring usually right here!

    I believe that Typography makes the most of any design. That is actually a great reference I have been always looking for.

  13. its interesting, the group ‘Crimes against typography ‘ is full of photos almost from one city….

    i walk past almost all of them most days….how depressing.

  14. Great post, this is definately going into my favourites. I love it when you group links together, saves me having to do it! Hope things are well.


  15. what a nice job you’ve done! you know i learn arabic and i found lots of new ideas for developping my calligrafy! thanx a lot! this is an unusual topic i mean fonts and scripts, but still very very useful for many of us!

  16. Hi David, I am a graphic design student. I enjoy your informational articles as they help me to keep abreast of a myraid of design branches / topics. Thank you for posting this article with inspiring typography links. I’m fascinated with Type, and appreciate artwork by type lovers. After looking at some wonderful talent, do you have any advice for a student who’s keen on absorbing as much as possible on Typography and the art of making shapes (images) composed of typefaces? I’m very interested in learning how designers produce this kind of work http://typeinspire.com/freedom/ Any insight on how this is done, or if there are any tutorials? I’m anxious to develop this level of talent ~ many thanks in advance. :)

  17. You’re very welcome, Joanne. I’m pretty sure I came across an online tool that converted standard images into something similar to those through your link, but I can’t remember where. If it comes back to me I’ll leave another comment. Good luck.

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