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Tunelinks is a website that offers music streaming and downloading.

Tunelinks identity

Tunelinks identity

Tunelinks mind-map

Tunelinks pen

Tunelinks logo design

Tunelinks logo design

Tunelinks design

Tunelinks vinyl

Tunelinks MP3 player

“I needed an identity that was simple and catchy. I thought David was the best person for this based on his portfolio and love for logo design. In the end, he came up with exactly what I wanted — a simple, great design. Thank you, David.”

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Other identity projects:

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LeFLOW, a high-end fashion label in Paris
Virtulos, an all-in-one solution for instant messaging, cloud storage, and micro-payments
CampusIT, provides student information management solutions in the UK and Ireland
Asian Development Bank, dedicated to improving poverty in Asia and the Pacific
Feru, a Moscow-based fashion boutique
Digital Luxury Group, a Geneva-based online marketing agency
Berthier, a Tokyo-based interior design company
Profinity, a Pittsburgh-based asset management firm
Vissumo, a provider of next generation touchscreen technologies
TalkTo, a Massachusetts-based “text any business” startup

All featured projects here: design portfolio.