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I love new york logo

I write regular blog posts about logo design, but the focus of this site is broader than that, also covering , , , and other designer-related topics. Therefore, I’ve decided to launch a website focused entirely on logo design, and want to involve you in the process.

I think the main focus of this new site is going to be my logo design portfolio, and logo design critiques, but I want to include a blog, perhaps in a sub-directory (not sure), in order to share information, involve the reader, and keep the site fresh. Once or twice a week I’ll publish a new article about logo design, similar to those in my category.

So here’s where I am at present, and where you come in:

Choosing a name

The first step in the process is choosing a domain name, which is never easy, but as I want to include the text ‘logo design’ within the web address, it helps narrow down the choices available. In saying that, if you have any domain name suggestions using ‘logo’ or ‘logos’ that are available, I’d love to know.

Two possible options have already been registered ( and .com for both), and I’ve created sample logos to give a sense of how they might appear.

I do logo design

The first is The thinking here is that when someone asks what I do, I can say, “I do logo design. My site is I do logo design dot com.” It could also target others who create logos, thinking of possible subscribers (kind of like John’s website).

One issue that comes to mind, however, is people reading my web address with the word ‘idol’, then ‘ogo’, then ‘design’. Although perhaps having ‘logodesign’ in there is strong enough to differentiate?

logo design love

The second idea is I’d thought of ‘I love logos’, but that’s taken already. What I really wanted, was ‘’, but the asking price was US$100,000 (not very likely!). This idea places the text ‘logodesign’ right at the beginning of the web address, making it blatantly obvious what the site is about.

Having ‘love’ also exudes passion for the topic, and I created this quick logo draft with the famous ‘I love New York’ logo in mind, shown above, and on an old blog post about .

There’s also inspiration on my previous post for the ‘I do logo design’ logo, with the reason being that I want people to recognise the ideas, almost in testament to what has gone before. Perhaps that’s not the way to go, and I’d be better putting much more thought into the logo design? Still, these are very early stages, so your input can make important changes.

Have your say

What would you call a website dedicated to logo design? Bear in mind that I don’t have thousands and thousands to spend on a domain name.

Do either of my current choices appeal to you? Your thoughts on how to approach the design of a ‘logo design’ logo are also very welcome.

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  1. Frankly I think these ideas are pretty rubbish — and the suggestions in the last post are even worse.

    Why don’t you just go for something simple like aireylogodesign? It’ll be cheap as chips, and its even got your name in it.

    Is the idea here just to rip off the ideas of Landor and Glaser, or are you going to come up with something original?

    Have you considered using the logo for this blog, and using it in the ‘og’ of the word logo? Then you’ve got some continuity between your brands.

  2. I really like that first logo, but I did see IDOL when I first looked at it. I sent you an e-mail with some other domain names I found (so no one would steal them ;) )
    Logodesignlove is pretty cool too. You could always do a subdomain on like Looking forward to your new site whatever you end up with!

  3. Didik, thanks for the suggestions but I don’t want to use numbers, and prefer what’s currently on the table.

    Mookster, these were off the top of my head as I haven’t yet chosen anything. I want the URL to be easily spelled, and everytime I introduce myself I have to spell my name — so that idea is out.

  4. Hey David, whenever I am working on coming up with a new domain name (which is quite often, I’m addicted) I will use which allows me to enter words that I would like to use in a domain name and it goes through all those words looking for 2 or 3 word combinations from the words I enter.

    There are a lot of other features on it, like adding hyphens or making a Flickr style name that I don’t use much but may interest you. Hopefully this will help you out with finding a decent name to use.

  5. I like both names, but I also read ‘idol’ in the first domain name until I saw the logo. Based on that, I’d go with

    I think the site is a great idea though, and I wish you luck with it. And thanks Dustin for the link to the domain generator… I’ve been looking for something like that!

  6. Hi Dustin, Randa emailed me that link. Nice tool — one I wasn’t aware of, so thanks. I want to stay away from Flickr type names, and hyphens too. The idea is to have a domain name that’s 14 characters or under in length, with no numbers or hyphens, and that doesn’t need spelled.

    Katie, thanks for your thoughts. Glad you found the bustaname tool of interest.

    Here’s something I’m curious about: if I have the domain as the main one, yet set a permanent redirect from the .com to it, will the redirect have a beneficial result on worldwide searches?

    At present I use .com for this site, yet have a redirect from the Htaccess is over my head, so I’m not sure.

  7. They are nice names, but not easy to remember. Also think about other people talking about the site, not many people will remember long names. The best idea is to keep domains as short and as easy to remember and spell as possible.

    A few shorter ones I thought of

  8. Well, just to go against the tide of opinion, I really like the first concept – and I didn’t read ‘idol’ in it until you mentioned it, probably because of the bold on the third word and the smile mark – which draws the eye away from the first three characters.

    Just my two shillings… ;)

  9. Also… It depends on how much of a hurry you are in to set up the site – but I have a large number of places from where you may be able to acquire other suitable domain names. Let me know if you need links! :)

  10. What stinks about designing a logo for a logo company its hard. If the logo doesn’t appeal to the person why buy into it. That it being a logo company makes it even hard because it is on the front line of your website and marketing materials.

    Web names are hard too. I had a conversation with my brother the other day for the company that he owns. We started talking about company names. He wasn’t to happy with it. Its a construction company dealing with mainly residential flooring installation. Such as hardwood, tile, marble, etc…… Every Idea he came up with had some title with the words “flooring”, “tile”, anything that had to do with flooring. My solution is to come up with something that doesn’t pertain to flooring what so ever. Come up with an object that doesn’t pertain to what you do. But the object has to have meaning behind it to justify you.

    For example the logo design you did while back for miskeeto or something of that manner. The company name left you inquiring about the company. The logo really left an impression as to what they “could” do.Its permission based marketing. You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date. No you would build up too it, hopefully.

    1. someone sees your logo on an advertisement (possible action)
    2. they come to the site connect the logo with your meaningful website name
    3. If they are still interested which most are just to see whats this company all about, they will read more into it.
    4. After that is when you have begun to build trust. They have seen your logo they have emotionally connected and related to it. Then they have come to your site connecting with the companies meaning with the logo and what you do.

    The good thing about this is they remember you now. Going back to my brother’s company name ideas, you have all of them not leaving you with any inquiry of what they are about. Sure you know they are in the flooring business but nothing to relate to. Nothing to build up to. No potential trust. Kinda Like proposing on the first date.

    Hope that rant helps lol

  11. I like Logodesignlove -when I saw the heart it didn’t translate into words for me – hence I wouldn’t have thought to type love – I may be slow – but i am honest!

    the heart is a little cheesy – but out of the three it is the best choice.

    Saw idol in the first design as well.

  12. The Idol thing wasn’t a problem for me, I didn’t see it. I think anyone looking for logo design will not notice it either. But I also equally like the Logo Design Love, and how it shows passion for the topic.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  13. I didn’t see “idol” and I think I prefer that one… I think it would be extremely difficult to find something that no one could relate to something else. Because you put the I heart NY at the top of the post, the logodesignlove looks like that… the smily face in the idologodesign looks like the LG logo to me, but I don’t know if they’re an international brand or if anyone else would think that.

    Good point about spelling your name – damn that can get frustrating, not heaps memorable. (I have one of those names too.)

    I think I like your two ideas a bit more than the rest of the suggestions.

  14. The Swiss_Mouse must be honest and hopes his comments do not appear offensive, after all he is an avid reader of your blog.
    The Swiss_Mouse cared for neither of the names nor the designs associated with them.
    The second name was too “cutsy” (did the Swiss_Mouse spell that right?). And the design with the heart….eh…. The Swiss_Mouse thinks this looks too much like something from “VH1’s I LOVE the 80’s”.

    The first, well, frankly the Swiss_Mouse had to read it several times then went “OH I see…” and the Swiss_Mouse hadn’t even been drinking!
    While the Logo design is great, the name is far to confusing for simple human minds.
    The Swiss_Mouse thinks people will get confused too easily.
    “Hey have you been to ‘i do logs and signs…'”
    “Hey I navigated to ‘idols on gods side…”

    Plus, the domain doesn’t HAVE to reflect the purpose does it?

  15. In regards to your logos with the URL you have made a good start in trying to separate the words with change of colour. One way is to use capitals for the start of each word ie: iLoveLogoDesign or iDoLogoDesign. This will get past the idol problem…

    I have written a bit about it over at my blog ( This is a problem that people need to think about when designing advertising and logos for their domains..

  16. If you do a Google Ad Sense campaign, and you ask Google for their recommendations for your ad text (through the Ad Sense interface), they will almost always advise you to capitalize the first letters of each word in your domain name. You’d be to them.

    It does make sense, legibility wise, but it’s counter intuitive to conventional wisdom regarding naming files for the web, which says lower case all of the time.

  17. From memory (this may be incorrect) domain names are not case sensitive. So if you want to write it out in capitals for visibility it’s fine, but people will still get there if they write in lower case. That’s not the case with subsequent directories, which do act like directories and are case sensitive.

  18. I didn’t see idol in the first design, only when you type it out. So for those who saw idol, make his nose bigger? :) That’s the design I prefer as I like your scenario of presenting your card. And honestly, if I were a client, I would think the first design is more creative than the plain type of the second design (even though it is growing on me with the punch of color which the first one lacks). It might be perceived as you put more effort in the design but then again, I don’t know anything about the process.

  19. In terms of colour hit that mariam is talking about, the first design could probably be done in different colours. I like th siplicity of the gray, but you could adapt that to different situations… e.g. different coloured business cards, different colours of the same design for different pages of website (perhaps that’s a bit confusing), it seems like a flexible design.

  20. getting a bit adventurous here..
    how about something like logodesig.IN .. somewhat ont he line of .. basically using the TLD to brand yourself.. I doubt if you would find this name though…

    secondly, i don’t know how qualified i am to say this, but posting that you are looking for a domain name publicly affects your chances of getting a good one.. domainers are always on the look out to grab names that they think someone would want to buy.. you could have perhaps restricted this post only to subscribers or something.. right?

  21. I think this new site should have some direct relation to your current brand of yourself, as it’ll be kinda confusing if it doesn’t. People will come to this site and see that you offer services that the other new logo site offers as well. But then they’ll see the different website logos and domain names and huh?? See where I’m getting at? Thus I think the new domain name and website logo should be some what a part of your current brand.

    An example of this confusion that I’ve come across is my hosting service. They have a website at IPOWER.COM and another at IPOWERWEB.COM. The sites look kind of the same but not. For a casual viewer, one might think IPOWERWEB.COM is some scam sight out of the two. Of course both sights are legit, but why two different sites for the same service? If you’re gonna do that at least make the layout of the websites the same.

  22. Thanks for the suggestions, Harry. As mentioned, I want to keep ‘airey’ out of the domain name, as it’s not easy to spell.

    Hi Carol, if you pay the $100,000, I’ll make the logo anything you want it to be.

    Paul, you’ve got me curious about your domain sources, I’d love more info.

    Brett, interesting story — gets me thinking how important it is for SEO to have your search terms in the domain. That’s why I want ‘logo design’, for SEO mainly. I’m no expert though, as proved with my Google mishaps.

    How long has your bro been in business? A change of name has a big impact when you’ve been trading. Thankfully, I wasn’t that far into my self-employment when I decided to go by my name.

    Kayla, that’s a good point, something I’d wondered about. Thanks for picking up on it.

    Kristarella, you’re the only person I’ve known with your name, so I can imagine you have to spell it a lot. Interesting that you think of the LG logo. Spot on. I was thinking of the PeoplePC logo with that one.

    The Swiss Mouse’s comments are not offensive at all. I find it odd that a mouse would turn to drink, but if a mouse can read and type, they’ll soon be on the moon.

    The domain doesn’t have to reflect the content, but I’m curious as to the effect it has on search rankings.

    Jermayn, I’d thought about the upper/lower case idea, and will head over and read your post shortly.

    Mariam, it’s that card presentation that drove the first idea. It’s something that can be used in any communication (emails, chat etc.). Your right about colour. Like I mentioned, both were quick ideas to add some visuals to the post.

    Maneesh, I wonder how many customers miss out on because of their odd domain. I imagine it’s a lot, and that some people have registered similar names purely for the mispelled traffic. Thanks for the idea, but it’s not a route I want to follow. As for being out in the open, there could well be people buying up extra domains, but I thought it’d make an interesting discussion. Do you know a way to create a post only for RSS readers?

    PG, great point. Relating the two in some respect would help with branding, as I want to have some form of continuation.

    Randa also had a similar idea, using a subdomain of this site. Perhaps I could show my current logo, alongside the new one, or use the same typeface to spell the name. Cheers.

  23. Svil… The only domain out of all of those that’s available is – and quite frankly that’s a bit pants! With 2.8 billion domains being registered worldwide daily basis, it requires serious work to find a good (and memorable) domain name that’s not already been taken!

  24. Is the new site about punting your services or about building a community of like minded logo designers? If the latter then I like the the second option – logodesignlove – loads. I think thats a wicked name for a community type site.

  25. svil,

    I appreciate the time you took to list those, but, like Paul said, it’s the available domains I’m looking for.

    Paul hit a good one for me,, which is very brandable (using my initials) and much shorter than the others. What do you reckon to dalogos?

    Cheers for the suggestions, Damien. What do you think of dalogos? Any better than the above ideas?


    I guess I want the site to be as interactive as possible, yet within my design capabilities, so a community of logo designers would be great, especially for getting feedback.

    Glad you like the second option.

  26. My brother has been in business for about 5 years now. Maybe 6 can’t remember off the top of my head. Where I live is one of the fastest growing residential areas in the US. I live in Middle Tennessee. Rutherford county to be exact. That won’t mean much to you but the construction here is unbelievable. Mortgage interest rates and cost of living here has been incredibly cheap for many years. Which leads to my brothers problem. There is so many other flooring companies established it makes it hard for the residential contractors or home owners to make a difference between the crowded market.

    His name is advantage tile & design. I actually created him a site oh so many years ago. Way before blogs and what not. It was actually my first website I have ever built. It has worked for many years. I have made alot of sales off of it.

    The problem he has faced for the past few years is the consumers can’t tell the difference between him and any other flooring companies. So usually the first question people ask is “What’s the price”

    Im sure you get frustrated when people ask you that.

    But I don’t know much about SEO so you got me on that. I was just ranting earlier hopefully connecting the two situations. But I do like the idologdesigns logo :)

    shoot me an email if you want to discuss it more! I have tons of ideas.

  27. Daviid,
    My first reaction was “i do logo design” , but you are right on your point that it looks like idol. Logo design love is a cute name too, but I feel like the I heart ny thing is sometimes over used here in the states for other logos. Another idea (i did not check it) is

    That being said, I’m really excited for your new site to launch. I look up to you in your logo design. This is an area I need to learn a lot in. I’m such a newbie and blog design is what I have picked up, Logos are more challanging for me and I look forward to growing in it through your site!


  28. Ahhh, dalogos could work well. It leaves the option open to have others too if you wanted, such as damerch (bad example, but you get the idea).

    Of course it does look like it says “da logos” instead of D.A. logos, and could come across to people as amateurish slang.

    “I make da logos now innit?”.

  29. Haha, when I first saw I thought “House o Flogos” – still do!

    Hehe, “pants” I only heard about that british term recently. I also didn’t know that it means underpants in England – here pants and trousers is interchangable.

    “innit” – always reminds me of the David Tennant/Catherine Tate sketch Cracks me up!

    Enough digression…

    Yes, I thought da logos was a slang thing. If you write DA Logos it’s different. The casual image is one that could be built upon, but David’s work seems more clean and sleek (from the few examples I know of). It reminds me of, which is very memorable, I always go there first for fonts because I remember the url.

  30. these were all available when I checked. Nothing great but some ideas:

  31. I think the separated logo site is a good idea.
    It wasn’t until I did the same (differentiating that for which I have the greatest passion), that I found a larger audience. Design is quite general; logo design is much more specific; I think yours could be a great resource. Not sure about a name, but something with love and logo might go down well.

    I think your comment was a little harsh. I don’t see any inkling of a “rip-off”.

  32. Brett,

    It’s just part and parcel of the design industry, people asking what the cost is before knowing anything else. I know it’s not ideal. Part of our job is to educate too, which is why, before giving a quote, I always ask questions that get the client thinking about exactly what they need.


    Thanks for the encouragement, and here’s hoping I can provide some content you enjoy.


    I know what you mean about dalogos, innit, but used with my current D and A logo symbol could tie in well?


    Thanks for the youtube link. I’ll have a watch later (on my way to play footy in a few minutes).


    I appreciate you giving me some suggestions.


    Your typography site has rightly gained an excellent subscriber base in its short time online. You can really tell you’re passionate about your writing.

    I’ve been thinking about a specific logo site for a while, but never put anything into practice. Now I’m registering a few domains and should get moving on it soon enough. Cheers.

  33. Either of which would be excellent – ignoring the fact that they’re both taken with pretty much every extension!

    While your on the logo-play-on-loco theme, what about ;)

  34. All the logos you designed are very nice!

    I personally think you should stick to
    It gives a very mystery feeling when the words stick together.. And your logo has the mystery feel to add on to it too…

    Since you already bought, this should become something else.. Maybe making it a repository of all the various design works inside from different designers in the world…

  35. I really like the second one a lot, with the heart! I like it because I think a name should have as few words as possible and the domain should be readble, the first one I read ido and then I don’t get it :-) And logos should be fun and easy to get, not mystic! ;-) but the smiley in the first one is a lot of fun. but then again you’re the expert, not me.

  36. I’m not very good at choosing domain names. I’d help if I could…
    But I do have one bit of advice. Make sure you don’t have to explain your domain name.
    For example.
    If you chose I Do Logo Design – you’d want your URL to be You would NOT want something like
    Why? If you’re talking to a friend (or anyone for that matter) and you say, “Hey, I just started a web site! It’s I Do Logo Design!” You then don’t want to have to say, “The URL is I ‘dash’ do ‘dash’ logo ‘dash’ design dot com.” People are a lot more likely to forget the URL.

    But at any rate.
    I like the idea! Keep us updated on that.
    I’ll be among your first subscribers!

  37. “Maneesh,

    I wonder how many customers miss out on because of their odd domain name. I can imagine it’s quite a lot, and that some people have registered similar names purely for the mispelled traffic it could generate. Thanks for the idea, but it’s not a route I want to follow. As for being out in the open about this, there could well be people buying up extra domains now, but I thought it’d make an interesting topic for generating discussion. Do you know a way to create a post only for RSS readers? I have an idea on how to do it, but it’s probably the long way round. Nice idea.”

    Missed the point of losing customers over there.. my mind was going about the whole branding aspect, which most designers choose ..mroe so to show of the creative and imaginative side .. i figure now that you are loking at targettign people who search for “logo design”..

    regarding post only for RSS, i had seen a plugin long back, which gives access only to registered subscribers.. not something i’ would recomend.. for it would mean your visitors needing a username and p/w.. didn’t find any other, though i have seen a few of bloggers doing it..

  38. Ed,

    Thanks for taking the time, but as Paul said, those two options are already pretty popular sites.


    I mentioned that one to my girlfriend, who thought the lyrics were, ‘going local down in Acapulco’. No knowledge of the classics. ;)


    Two sites is certainly an option, but then again, it’s double the work! I’m hoping I get one site launched for now, though I appreciate your thoughts.


    I like the simplicity of the 2nd idea too. I want it to be as simple as possible. Translating a heart shape as ‘love’ could be an issue though, as already mentioned. Thanks for your suggestion too, though I’m staying well clear of hypens / dashes, so the web address is easy to say.


    Thanks very much for the feedback, and I’m not considering any hypens at all.


    Targetting people who search for logo design is what I’m after with this idea, and I figure that having those two words in the web address will help the cause.


    Do you say that because many people drop the ‘s’ when typing the domain?

  39. Hey david,

    There is a lot more that goes into buying a domain name than you have listed here.

    1) Yes buy the “S” and with no “S” cos people will forget or just skip that name.

    2) Buy top level domains. ie .com only go if your business is only in that country. However I would even advice it as its more things to type and your world is your oyster. ie

    3) Keep the name as short as possible. I advice 11 letter or less.

    4) Use words from the dictionary, easy to remember and great for search engines.

    5) One word domain names are all probably sold out, go for then 2 word domain names. Try to avoid 3 or more.

    There are tons more, just do a search on google and you will find! Good Luck.

  40. Unfortunately dalogo is taken, but the three that I’ve purchased (listed above) were all bought with the .com primarily, and the as a secondary thought.

    I say secondary, but with the strength of the pound, it’s important not to rule out UK based searches.

    I agree with everything you say, especially with the word number, which is why I probably favour ‘logo design love’ over ‘I do logo design’.

  41. @Mookster
    You are way out of line. May I also suggest (kindly of course), that your response is “rubbish”. What are you talking about?

    Is the idea here just to rip off the ideas of Landor and Glaser, or are you going to come up with something original?

    I can’t speak for David, but I’m pretty sure that that is not his intention. When I started iLT many others like “you” attempted to dissuade me, saying that there were already lots of type sites and blogs.

    I think David’s idea is a sensible one: take what you’re best at and specialise. I do think, however, that the logo blog should be at the front, with any portfolio material sitting behind it. Blogs are by far the best way to provoke discussion/participation.

    I do hope that you’re not offended by my retort, but I’m guessing that as you are quite forthright in your opinions, then you won’t mind my opining in a similar fashion.

  42. ps: re “idol”, I saw it, but think it’s a great “play on words”. I idolise logo design / i do logo design–perfect.

    re Pauls’s suggestion: only Paul could come up with that ;)

  43. Cheers John,

    Interesting take on i do logo design, and unfortunately, I think it’s safe to say I’m not going with Paul’s idea (great as it is).

    The idea is certainly to put my portfolio in the background. Even moreso than it is on this blog. Generating discussion is what I’m aiming at, much like your success with iLT.

    I’ve had some time today to make a few tweaks to my blog. The idea with the new ‘author comments’ is to reinforce my brand, showing the logo beside each of my comments (kind of similar to my letterhead layout).

  44. Hi David,
    great post! I really enjoy reading about your design process and find your final work very clever and minimalist. I’m an award-wining editorial designer but completely clueless about logo design & web design and recently discovered your site (yay for Stumbleupon!) and I love it . Thank you for this amazing resource!

  45. Richard,

    Not that I can handle any new business at present, but what’s your best price? (Sorry for the delay – I was on holiday when you commented.)


    You’re very welcome! Glad you stumbled on by.

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