The Wallery

Sílvia Langa got in touch to tell me about The Wallery.

“Basically, we make unframed art. The Wallery is a place where a unique selection of international and emerging artists think outside the frame. We design art wallpaper murals and vinyls that make the frame obsolete.”

Designs are sold online with an application tool and installation instructions.

The Wallery
Noir (above) designed by freelance illustrator Iván Bravo.

The Wallery
Otoño (above) designed by Clara of María Diamantes.

The Wallery
Muses (above) designed by Barcelona-based freelance illustrator Conrad Roset.

The Wallery
Les Fleurs du Mal (above) designed by Basque illustrator and designer Amaia Arrazola.

The Wallery
Jungla (above) designed by Barcelona-based French illustrator Caroline Selmes.

The Wallery
Faces (above) designed by Guim Tió.

The Wallery
Bear Scout World (above) designed by Madrid-born Bandid8.

The Wallery
Next Door (above) designed by Home de Caramel, an animation studio based deep in the woods near Barcelona.

The paper is FSC® certified and comes from well-managed forests. You can see prices, sizing, and other designs on The Wallery website.

And if you want to become a “wallerist” to have your own illustrations applied to wallpapers or vinyls, add your portfolio details here.

Super project.

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  1. Nice find, I’m not usually a fan of wallpapers or decals but some of these look pretty good.

  2. Wow – if I was a kid, I’d love the paper with all the different faces on – what a brilliant bedroom! Generally, I’m not a fan of wallpaper, or at least wasn’t until I saw these…my default is to think of flowery, ill-aligned sub-William Morris tat…just shows what can be done when an old idea is cleverly refreshed. Very nice.

  3. This is amazing. I would’ve loved to have something like this decorate my walls when I was younger instead of plastering magazine clippings everywhere with masking tape. I know a lot of illustrators would love to have their work live in someone’s office/home and etc.

  4. Great idea, great works!

  5. I particularly like the top image (Noir I think it’s called) but I just don’t think I could bring myself to have them on my wall. They’re all lovely pieces of work, but I’d fear having sore eyes all the time. Very very busy.

  6. I really like these personally, it’s not something that I would normally go for but for some reason I’m drawn to those, particularly Next Door.

  7. Chwamiki Lamarr

    I love the work. To be honest I want to work for you guys someday, inspiring pieces.

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