The value of trustworthy subcontractors

many hands

“Many hands make light work.”
— JOHN HEYWOOD (1497–1580)

What do you do when a potential client asks for a service you can’t provide? Do you apologise and send them on their way, or do you refer them to a trustworthy contact who can help?

I often receive work requests that I either don’t have the skills for, or am too busy to work to the set deadline. That’s when I call on one of the talented designers/programmers/marketers/copywriters I’ve come to know.

However, what happens when these people are also too busy, or the project is outwith their own skillset?

That’s when a larger pool of sub-contractors comes into play. A pool you can trust with your reputation. For example, if I’m approached with a blog design request, a number of designers spring to mind. Brian Gardner is up there with the best, although I believe he isn’t currently accepting new clients. Derek Punsalan is another leader in the field, and his Grid Focus theme was customised for use on Logo Design Love.

I want to know what service you offer, and whether you’d like me to send new business your way.

You don’t need to be a designer. If you’re offering a service, let me know about it.

Copy and paste the following into the comment box, adding your details:

Price range:

The price range could be your hourly rate, or a range of project costs for your speciality. Pricing isn’t necessary, as I know how much this can differ depending on a number of factors, but it would help when screening potential clients before sending them your way.


The pros and cons of using a subcontractor

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  1. Thanks for this opportunity David.

    Skills: Web & Graphic design, Illustration

    Speciality: Web design, Blog design, Flash design & animation, Cartoon/comic-style illustration

    Pricing range: my projects can range between $300 and several thousand, depending on the scale and complexity of the work to be done. A e-commerce website running to several pages and incorporating a CMS will be at the upper end of the scale; a business card or flier at the lower end.It’s very important to talk to each prospective client and gain a very good understanding of the design brief before setting a figure: that way you’re doing the best thing by both parties.

  2. Would love to have some more work.

    Skills: Web & Graphic Design

    Speciality: Web design, Blog design, Identity design.

    Pricing range: Depends on the project. Sometimes I charge out a flat rate, others I charge $30/hour.

  3. Very kind of you, David – thanks :)

    Skills: Web, graphic, and logo design.
    Speciality: Logo design and illustration.
    Pricing range: Dependent on job requirements.

    More can be learned about me and my work at

    Are you taking on new projects? Yes.

  4. Thanks so much David, for the mention, I appreciate it. I am also finding an increasing need for good resources to send clients to. I have a good circle of blog designer friends, but beyond that my lists are pretty short, so I’ll watch the comments in your post with interest.

  5. Great article. Very relevant!

    Skills: PHP/WordPress design
    Speciality: WordPress plugin development and customizations
    Pricing range: Vary by the project. Quick jobs: $35/hour. For a new plugin: $300 on up (had a few for several thousand).

    Check out for more info.

    This almost feels like I’m trying to spam your comment box. But hey, you asked for it, right? ;)

  6. You make a good point, as I am myself currently looking for a web designer for a contact of mine! Being a perfectionist, and especially with certain contacts wanting something polished, it’s not always easy to find the right people you trust to do a good job.

    What they produce reflects on yourself, onwards to your contacts, so trusting a subcontractor is vitally important for your own future prospects from those contracts.

    But anyway, I digress, my current –

    Skills: Frontend and backend coding – PHP/SQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript
    Speciality: CMS/CRM systems and design implementor
    Pricing range: variable, between £30 – £40 per productive hour, depending on project size.

    New projects? yes, when my schedule is open.

  7. WOW! Wicked awesome idea David! Here’s mine:

    Skills: Graphic design, photography, photo editing
    Speciality: Photo editing/retouching, print design, web design, photography… everything? :)
    Pricing range: Depends really. Usually about $40/hour for design stuff. $100/hour for photo editing and retouching. It will depends on the clients needs for photography.

    Taking on new projects? Oh yeah! :D

  8. Fantastic idea, and very generous to your readers!

    Skills: Web design, SEO, PHP, WordPress customization

    Speciality: People creating their first website

    Pricing Range: A small, simple website design free when hosting is purchased. Otherwise prices based on US$40 per hour.

  9. One more reason to keep your blog in my daily feeds.

    Skills: Server Side & Client Side Web Programming
    Specialty: PHP & MySQL, HTML/CSS/JS
    Pricing range: Price’s vary depending on the clients needs, timeline, etc., but I charge $50/hour for a good base number.

  10. Skills: Web design (includes HTML, CSS, basic PHP, SEO, graphic design; also WordPress and other CMS experience)

    Speciality: Small startup websites (3-10 pages) and almost any size website re-designs.

    Pricing range: Startup site projects generally start at $1000, re-designs are quoted on a per project basis with a basic rate of $50/hour.

    Need to update my portfolio — most recent re-design was for (May 2008).

  11. Skills: Linux servers and development (both web / desktop applications)
    Speciallity: C#, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JS,
    Pricing range: Usually charging around $30/hour. But this price is negotiable depending upon the project/work engagement.
    Taking on new projects: Yes

  12. Thanks for this opportunity David. As you know I recently started freelancing full time, so always look for more projects to work on.

    Skills: Graphic & Web Design, Information Architecture, Database Design & Development, XHTML & CSS, Programming (JavaScript, PHP, MySQL)

    Speciality: Web site design & programming; logo design & branding; custom WordPress theme design/development, front- and back-end programming, CMS solutions, e-commerce sites

    Pricing range: depends on a project, of course. Ranging anywhere from $1500 to tens of thousand dollars (US or Can :)

    Taking on new projects: Yes

  13. Wow David! What an amazing opportunity! Thanks so much!

    Skills: Graphic Design, Illustration
    Speciality: Brochures/Corporate Collaterals, Posters and Visual Graphics
    Pricing range: Depending on the project, either flat rate or $30/hour.

  14. Hi David,

    I’ve been reading your blog regularly since I discovered it a few weeks ago and have to say it’s one of the best sources of design inspiration and information I’ve found – congratulations and thanks!

    I too occasionally need help from freelancers with skills I don’t possess, eg photo-retouching, copywriting, programming etc. Anyone with those skills is welcome to contact me through my website.

    Skills: Graphic and website design – see my folio at

    Speciality: Logo development and brochure design. Front-end web design, standards compliant hand-written (x)html

    Pricing range: Happy to give a project price, otherwise approx £40 per hour, depending on what’s required.

    Taking on new projects – yes

  15. Great idea David. Here’s me then:

    I am partners in a new design/photography company. Specifically, if you need any commercial photography then my (business) partner Matt is the man you want.

    Skills: Commercial photograhy (
    Speciality: Aerial, industrial, advertising, construction, PR … you name it, he can shoot it.
    Pricing range: £65/hr; half day from £245; full day from £395 (+VAT & travel)

    Thanks, great blog you have going here. I’ve just set up and I’m finding your articles invaluable

  16. Hi David,
    Thanks for the opportunity to list our skills.
    Here are my details:

    Skills: Photography and print based graphic design
    Speciality: Commercial photography and magazine/brochure design and layout.
    Pricing range: around £20-25 per hour for design work
    roughly £50+ per hour for photography depending largely on time required

    More info at

  17. Hi David

    I’m a web developer based in Leeds UK. I work with small to medium sized companies to design and develop web sites that properly reflect their businesses.

    I’m keen to develop sites to technical standards and am skilled in (X)HTML and CSS in particular and also have a good basic knowledge of Javascript and PHP. My other main technical skill is Search Engine Optimisation.

    I’m happy to build static sites, blogs or sites that use a Content Management System.

    To be fair, my skills are more in the technical arena than in design and I would be happy to work with a designer, especially if they were local.

    Pricing: depends on the project. For small pieces of work I would charge around £35/hour but larger projects will have a lower cost/hour.

    And, yes, happy to take on new projects.

    Thanks for giving me this opportunity to promote my business !

  18. Hey David… long time reader, first time (i think) commenter.

    I’m a freelance designer across the pond in Indiana. I have over 6 years experience, but am looking to kick my freelance design business into the next gear. I’m in the middle of my second book design project for a self publisher. I’d say print design (brand identity, collateral, posters, tshirts, and all types of layout) is my specialty, although I also maintain and design websites for my full-time avocation. I have a high-functioning skill set with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I also know some HTML and CSS and have buku experience with WordPress and Drupal.

    Any work you could send my way would be excellent. I’ve designed several logos for church youth-related events. My prices range from $100 – $750, depending upon several factors.

    Thanks for this. You’re swell and I enjoy reading your blog.

  19. Hi David, would love to be able to work with you :)

    Skills: XHTML/CSS and design
    Speciality: most of my works are customized wordpress themes for (but not limited to) blogs
    Pricing range: I’m more of a per project person but if it’s per hour, it’ll be $20 per hour :)

  20. Skills: Graphic and Web Design
    Speciality: Editorial, Branding, HTML, CSS
    Pricing range: depends on the kind of work.

    I will show Portfolio on request.

  21. just as a side note:
    don’t only build relations to other designers / programmers / guys working in IT.

    I am working as self employed financial consultant and got some great clients that were recommendations from other business clients working in absolutely different jobs (IT, craftsmen, …) and if I hear that a client is looking for someone I also recommend one of my clients if I know that they deliver good work.

    Cooperations should always be build in different business sectors.
    just my 2 cents

  22. Thanks David,

    Skills: Web Design & Development (X(HTML) – CSS – PHP & MySQL) – Graphic Design (Photoshop & Illustrator)

    Speciality: PHP & MySQL

  23. Cool idea David. Thanks again for the client you sent my way previously. That was quite the complement! :D

    Skills: Web design
    Speciality: Blog design (WordPress in particular)
    Pricing range: $800

  24. Thank you so much David for thinking of us.

    Skills: Web Design and Development, Logo Design and Branding, Print and Layout design

    Specialty: Web Design, with an emphasis on web standards and usability. We take pride in a well designed site architecture and user experience as well as spot on graphics.(I know, a lot of buzzwords in there, but hey, it’s the truth. :) )

    Pricing range: As you mentioned, that can depend, but our base rate for a 5-page website with a comment form is $1500USD and our logo designs are $400USD.

    Again thanks for opening up this opportunity for us. The prices and company are for the one I’m currently working part time with during the summer.


  25. That’s a good idea !

    Skills : Web Design and Development , Web Audit and CMS customization (essentially WordPress), Print and Logo design, Publishing and Translation …

    Speciality : Building functional, appealing and customized online & offline marketing solutions.
    We essentially do Web Development (Php/MySQL) and Web design (using w3c standards)

    Pricing range : 20€ to 50€ per hour .. but it really depends on projects and other factors :)
    And here’s the website, if you want to learn more :

    Thank you David !

  26. Thanks very much for the response! Definitely a few more possible sub-contractors to add to my list.


    I completely agree about talking to your potential client before setting a figure.


    No worries about everything being in German. There are plenty of images in your portfolio which I can view.


    Here’s hoping you find some new contacts from the responses, and you’re very welcome for the mention.

    Kyle, John L., Doug,

    Thanks for responding guys. Much appreciated.

    John K.,

    That’s funny you feel like you’re spamming my comments. I’m happy you commented though. Do you have a portfolio online? I couldn’t find one on your website.


    Do you have a portfolio showing your front-end skills? I realise that coding work (back-end) isn’t very easy to show to prospective customers.

    Sean, Ben,

    Thanks for the info.


    Do you have a website I can keep a record of? Glad to have you as a subscriber, and to know you find some useful info here.

    Teddi, Meraj,

    Good of you to list your details.


    You’re very welcome. I was going to mention you in my article, but I then realised how many other web designers I haven’t mentioned. It’d be a pleasure to send potential design projects your way.


    Don’t mention it. Thanks for your time (and info).


    That’s very kind of you to say, and I’m glad to welcome you as a new reader. Quite a diverse portfolio you have there. Great job.


    The few photos I saw on your site are superb. Will you be expanding your portfolio anytime soon?


    Thanks for the info.


    You’re very welcome. I like how you list some very important questions on your site before entering into cost discussion. That’s important.


    I think that is your first comment, which is great. I’m interested to see your logo design work. Do you have an online portfolio?

    Mae, Sherif, Zach,

    Thanks for offering your details, which I’ll certainly consider.


    Please do show your portfolio.


    I agree with your $0.02. You never know what jobs people might ask you to work on, so a wide skillset amongst your contacts can prove invaluable.


    You put a lot of thought into your blog design(s), so it was a ‘no-brainer’ approaching you about WordPress design. No need to mention it.


    The Synergie Media site seems like a new one to me (even though I’ve visited your blog a few times). Thanks very much for commenting.

  27. Skills: Graphic Design / Web Design , Illustration, Photography, Typography
    Speciality: Graphic Design For Print.
    Pricing range: £35 per hour.

  28. Hey David,

    Skills: Print and Motion Graphics (not for web) includes corporate identities, corporate videos, layout design etc… please refer to my website for more detail around my motion design work.

    Speciality: Adapting international corporate identities into Arabic, e.g. making an Arabic version of a Latin Logo Original.

    Pricing range: $30 an hour

    Are you taking on new projects? Yes

    Thanks Dave

  29. Hi again David, thanks for the kind words.

    Funny you should mention that, I’m just in the process of sorting a more in-depth photographic portfolio to show the various types of photography we offer.

    I’ll let you know once it’s up and running.

    Thanks again

  30. I agree, David. A good, reliable, skilled provider makes life a lot easier. And that’s exactly what we try to be.

    Skills: Website content, blog posts and copywriting that kicks ass. We also create some rockin’ WP custom themes and slick banners, too. We make people look good AND read well. Doesn’t get any better than that.

    Speciality: Canadian friendliness, handholding and removing all fears and worries so you know you’re working with a team that you can trust. (Hey, if we’re good enough for Copyblogger…) Oh, and did I mention we’re affordable?

    Pricing range: Per project basis. Contact us at for a quote.

  31. We do quite a bit of networking, but the service we probably refer most to is for IT services – surprising how many people assume that, because we’re great with websites, we’re also great with their home PC or printer!

    Skills: Web design, web development
    Speciality: Ecommerce, content management and web consulting – advising clients for their mid/long-term future on the web, CSS/HTML optimisation.
    Pricing range: from £350ish.

    We’re currently taking on clients – especially in the North East – as we’ll have a part-timer joining us for the summer soon!

  32. @David Airey: I’m still working on getting my online portfolio going. It should be up in the next few days. I’ve got some previous client’s comments and examples I’m compiling as we speak!

  33. Wow, I don’t think you’ve had this many responses to an article so quickly before David. An opportunity for outright self promotion works well eh? Heh.

    Here we go…

    Skills: Graphic design ( Logos and branding esp.), website design, web usability, HTML and CSS coding, research, image manipulation.

    Speciality: Branding, web design and an understanding nature.

    Pricing range: As many have said, it all depends on the project and client. I’ve done basic cost work for local funded groups at £50+ through to fully paid branding jobs that came in at £2000+.


    And, just for this, I’ve linked to my Coroflot folio until I sort a new site out.

    Thanks David.

  34. Cool! Portfolio on demande, just not online yet ;) I got a pdf version

    Skills: Graphic designer, inventor.
    Speciality: logo, packaging
    Pricing range: 40$ our flat rate depending on project

    sry for the english, Im a french canadian hehe, cheers!

  35. Great idea, David.
    I’m rather good at sweeping floors, and as a student I was a window cleaner.

    Seriously, though, it is nice to have numerous talents one can turn to when in need. I’m often apprehensive about recommending anyone, unless I know their work well, or have used them myself. If I do recommend someone else for a job and he or she is busy, I won’t usually then recommend someone else; I’ll simply respond that I don’t have any further recommendations, and feel not even the slightest twinge of guilt in doing so. Perhaps in future, I’ll simply direct them to this post, or write “ask David Airey.”

  36. Skills: Web design, Web development, graphic design

    Speciality: All Web design-related projects (anything from a basic five page site to a full-blown social networking portal); logo design; publication design (brochures, direct mail, advertisements and so on).

    Pricing range: $60 – $72 hour depending on the turn-around time

    David – It would be great to network with you and see what we could do to exchange clients whom are seeking work that one or the other can offer. A lot of our work is displayed on our Web site’s portfolio:

    Thank you for this invitation to network!

  37. Skills:
    I am able to meet strict deadlines and juggle projects as necessary. I am proficient in Mac OS X, Adobe CS3, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Office, art direction, drawing, photography, and painting.

    Graphic design for print. Which includes packaging, ads, catalogs, brochures, brand identity, etc. I also have experience creating retail graphics such as point-of-purchase signage and plan-o-gram concepts.

    Pricing range:
    $50-$75 (U.S.) per hour depending on the type of job, client, etc.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my services with you and your readers.

  38. Skills:
    Design for print. Illustration. All the usual software.

    As a design/illustration all-rounder and an excellent proof-reader, my real forté is producing brochures and magazines from start to finish. I currently produce several regular publications for corporate clients, but could do with a few more.

    Per job, but probably about £25/35 per hour.

  39. Skills: WordPress, psd to xhtml, css, php, xhtml
    Speciality: psd to xhtml, xhtml, css
    Pricing range: 40 to 50 p/h

    Great idea and I hope im not too late to add my details.

  40. Skills: Graphic design, ads, mags, posters, logos
    Speciality: From print to motion graphics
    Pricing range: from 65$ per hour

    Can do projects on short notice.

    Located in Norway

  41. Hey David. Reader since the top design blogs -post and first time commenter.

    Skills: Illustrations (vector + photoshop / camera), frontend design from psd to xhtml, html, css, flash (banners + animations), web usability and SEO, corporate identities
    Speciality: Design Illustrations, fashion illustrations, frontend webdesign
    Pricing range: Ranging between 40eur/h-60eur/h depending on job

    Working free since may from Finland, my goal is to expand towards the global scene – and all opportunities like this one are truly greatly appreciated. My pages are still under construction on the english side, but you will get the idea im sure. I do alot of subcontract work which you will find in the expanded portfolio (finnish only, from next week updated and also in english). Obtain the passwords trough the form if you want to take a peak.

    Great post by the way, I hope it helps you to find the right people. So nice to see this kind of initiative.


  42. Skills: Web/Graphic design, Corporate identity, Print, HTML, Flash, CSS
    Speciality: Print Works
    Pricing range: £25 – £40 – but allways depends on project.

    Currently working permanent for Bond Media in London, but always free to work as a freelancer too. there is never enough ot work :)

    Still hungry for new experience and things to learn :) .

    btw. this blog is really cool man. Im checking your site every day, and still finding some new and very usefull things.SO – THANK YOU D.

  43. Skills: PHP, MySQL, Other Programming Languages
    Speciality: Plugin Creation and Database Design
    Pricing range: $25-30 / hour. Depends on the project though.

    This is a great idea though. Cheers David.

  44. Hi David,

    Wow this page is going to be the longest page of your web blog! If you were to put me on the line for the web and graphic design service, how about a percentage range of 40 to 60% of the total project.

    Availability: Yes

  45. Great post David, I was a little bashful about joining the group but here it is.

    Skills: WordPress Customization, Web Design and Development

    Specialty: Most definitely working with WordPress, I enjoy taking on projects that take WordPress and make it do things it normally does not do.

    Pricing: I normally like to take a look at the project on a per case basis and provide a fair and honest quote based on my ability to make it happen.

    My portfolio has grown a bit stale but as I just recently left my employer to begin freelancing full time, I have some exciting new projects ready to be added soon. Of course there will be some WP but I have recently had the chance to expand my horizons a bit and take on some work outside of my comfort zone. Looking forward to sharing.

  46. Thanks for this opportunity!

    Skills: web design, XHTML/CSS, PHP, (some js)
    Speciality: WordPress, coding, custom CMS(simple ones)
    Pricing:$35 per hour, but a per-task price is usually also available.

  47. Hey David, many thanks for the mention and link through. I won’t post my details because you know all about me. Bit of news though: I’ve decided to take the plunge and go full time freelance as of 1st July, and you paid a pretty big part in that.

    Big thanks :)

  48. Skills: Illustration
    Speciality: Humorous or whimsical
    Pricing range: $40/hour, but I always quote a flat fee, based on my hourly rate, plus as much information as I can determine about the client’s budget and what the value of the project really is for them.

  49. Mike,

    I like the simplicity of your portfolio, and there’s some very nice photography there too. Keep it up!


    You’re very welcome.


    Please do let me know when it’s up and running. I look forward to seeing your new work.

    James (Chartrand),

    It’s certainly no mean feat having your articles published on Copyblogger. Testament to your writing skills.


    That’s interesting that people expect you to help out with hardware too. I’m sure you can appreciate the value of trustworthy contacts, and thanks for adding your details.

    John (Kolbert),

    Good luck with the online portfolio launch.

    Steve O,

    The response has been fantastic, and not since my GMail security hack article has it been so fast. Thanks for linking to your Coroflot site.


    No worries about your English. It’s 100 times better than my French!


    I used to be a tyre fitter, so if you ever need a wheel alignment or puncture repaired, give me a shout. You’re just a short flight away. :)

    Aaron (Riddle),

    You’re very welcome! If you think there’s ever anything I can do to help, let me know.

    James (Kurtz III),

    I appreciate the insight into your skills. Thanks for taking the time.


    I know how much work and skill is needed for brochures and magazines. It’s a thankless task sometimes (at least in my experience). I hope things are going well.


    Not too late at all. Cheers for the info mate.


    I have a couple of clients in Norway, but have never been. I’d love to visit sometime though as it looks like a beautiful country.


    That’s great you left your first comment! Thanks for the introduction, and I enjoyed browsing your portfolio. Bye for now.

    Marko, Adam, Kathy, Zhuoshi,

    Good of you to enter your details. Much appreciated.


    Glad my blog is proving useful for you. Always nice to know.


    This post has some way to go before it matches the 500+ comments on my GMail security hack article, but it’s a great start.


    I hope the move to full-time freelancing works out brilliantly for you. If I can ever help in any way, don’t hesitate to ask.

    Aaron (Russell),

    1st July eh? Good luck! Though I don’t think you’ll need it. I hope something comes from the potential client I sent your way, but if not, I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last.

  50. David,

    Love your blog and work.

    Skills: Small creative agency in Orlando, FL – Branding, Web, Print, Media
    Speciality: Brand Development, Web Design / Development (standards, Flash, PHP/mySQL)
    Pricing range: $100 – $150/hr

    We help a lot of start-up companies, companies looking to re-brand, and we do a lot of work in the retail / restaurant franchising industry. We have the staff and skills to meet just about any creative need, and we’re always looking for new partnerships and projects.

    Thanks for the time and keep up the good work.

    Jason | Creative Director

  51. Hi David,
    now that I’ve just spent five minutes scrolling down the huge list of comments on this post, I thought I’d add my details ;)

    Skills: Print designer, utilizing Adobe CS 2 and above
    Speciality: Predominately CD Cover/sleeve design, but poster design and logo design as well.
    Pricing range: Between £15-£25 per hour, depending on client and job, etc.

    Great idea for a post by the way, keep up the good work…

  52. Hi David,

    Skills: Print, Web, Identity, Photography, Audio, & eLearning (Examples of all at my site above)
    Speciality: My niche is eLearning (Computer-Based Training Platforms)
    Pricing range: This depends on a lot, like you said, but lets say $50/hr.

    FYI – I’ve done eLearning platforms for Rubbermaid and Pelouze. We can build engaging affordable eLearning platforms from the ground up with no cost per learner. If you come across any eLearning jobs I’d appreciate any leads.

  53. Andrew,

    It’s been great to see the response to my request, and I appreciate you adding your details to the list.


    I’ll certainly let you know if I come across any eLearning projects. It’d be a pleasure passing work your way.

  54. Thanks for the great opportunity for some possible exposure.

    Skills: Web and graphic design, basic SEO
    Speciality: Handcoded CSS/XHTML, UI design, Shopify themes
    Pricing range: Pricing varies based on complexity of project. Hourly rate generally ranges between $52-$75.

  55. I have a small team of people I work with, we usually all work as a group, we have 2 companies we own and operate as. One company is just starting and in it’s infancy the other company is focused on Software and Web application development and we’re currently working on a couple of iPhone application contracts we hold both ADC and iPhone developer status.

    Me (Ian / Pixhell)
    Skills: Web design, Graphic design, 3D Modeling/Texture, Logo/Branding, UI design
    Specialty: UI design, software design/spec, graphic design, iPhone development, general software development, web application design.
    Pricing range: 33% of the project up front. $85 an hour for small jobs, $115 for very large or complex work.
    Background: 7 years of game design, UI, and art experience (Sony, Obsidian, Atari), and over 14 years of graphic design experience.

    Brighitte (business partner)
    Skills: Web design, Graphic design, Illustration, Logo/Branding, Animation
    Specialty: Graphic design, Illustration, Web design
    Pricing range: 33% of the project up front. $65 an hour for small jobs, $85 for very large or complex work.
    Background: BFA degree in Media Arts and Animation, and over 8 years of graphic design experience.

    Steve (business partner)
    Skills: Programming, Objective C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, ActionScript, Flex, etc.
    Specialty: Software development and design. Mac, iPhone and Windows development.
    Pricing range: 33% of the project up front. $100 an hour for small jobs, $150 for very large or complex work.
    Background: Former senior programmer at Apple, Inc. Over 16 years of programming experience.

    Alex (business partner)
    Skills: Web design, Graphic design, Illustration, Logo/Branding, Flash, ActionScript
    Specialty: Graphic design, Illustration, Web design, Flash Animation / Development, UI design.
    Pricing range: 33% of the project up front. $65 an hour for small jobs, $85 for very large or complex work.
    Background: Over 8 years of illustration and graphic design experience. 4 years in the gaming industry doing illustration and UI development (Obsidian, Rockstar).

    Groat Software, Inc.
    Skills: Web Application Development, Database / Data Integration, C#, C++, ASP, .net, Perl, PHP, Javascript, etc.
    Specialty: Web application development with back-end database integration.
    Pricing range: varies based on contract.
    Background: I’ve been friends with the owner of this company for over 15 years, he has a small team of programmers he works with. They are reliable and always deliver.

    ZeroOne Studios is the main company we’re running right now which is doing iPhone application development. We’re looking for any additional work right now. iPhone applications are our bread and butter at the moment. We have both ADC and iPhone developer status and can ship both Mac OS and iPhone applications (iPhone includes iPod touch as well).

    When our web development company launches I’ll give you a heads up, although we’re happy to take on web work as well before that company launches.

    Pricing Note: These are averages, and can vary based on any number of items. Also we typically work together so we often give an overall price for a project instead of billing out individually.

    Any leads you can shoot our way is appreciated! We’re happy to help out as subcontractors, collaborate on new projects, etc. Thanks David.

  56. Ryan,

    You’re very welcome. Your hourly rate sets you apart from the rest, if nothing else. :) Thanks buddy.


    I appreciate you going into so much detail.. Do let me know once your web development company site is up and running. I’d like to take a look.

  57. David, I hope it’s not too late to add my info to this list :) Thanks for the generous opportunity though, and I’ll be sure to let you know if anything comes out of this.

    What I can do for you: Art direction (ad work), graphic design (logos and posters), and web development (standards-compliant CSS/XHTML design)

    What makes me different: A background in fine arts and advertising allows me to deliver high-quality content that also meets your business goals. Whether you need an aesthetic revamp of your marketing strategy or a website that’s search engine-friendly, I’m your man. Check out my work at or email me directly at connect-at-jchromatic-dot-net

    What the value of my services are: I’m happy to negotiate a flat fee for a project, but I’m also available for an hourly fee of $40-80 USD, depending on the length and complexity of the project.

  58. Nice topic David

    Adobe Flash, Photoshop, illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, html, css, brand design, basic seo, basic php/mysql skills

    Specialty: Flash, web design

    Pricing range: $AUD 35-40

    Portfolio: Here

    While we are all self promoting, I’m currently(30 June 08) trying to move and work in Sydney Australia, if anyone has connections, feel free to pass on my details i would very much appreciate it :)

  59. Hi David,

    I am Edinburgh based so if you are interested or even if you just fancy caffeine perhaps we could meet for coffee. I’m more of a back-end techy rather than a web designer (but I do know HTML and CSS and the MODx CMS) and am certainly not a graphic designer. I also design and deliver technical training courses, clients have included banks and oil industry companies.

    Skills: Distributed systems, database design/redesign : implementation : tuning, Linux server setup / maintenance, training course design/delivery, php, ruby on rails, microsoft powershell, end-user support / training
    Speciality: Databases, LInux-based systems
    Pricing range: IRO £40-£50/hr depending on urgency/project length, also T&M or project pricing, introductory pricing for a “getting to know you” project by negotiation

    What’s different about me? I am hugely experienced with an extensive track record doing R&D for major blue-chip corporations

  60. This is so cool! I been trying to look for some freelance jobs. Thanks, David!

    Skills: Graphic Design and Photo retouching

    Speciality: Print Design, Stationary, Invitation, Collateral, Photo retouching

    Pricing range: My hourly rate is $25 to $35. But I like working with flat rate, the range start from $250…

    Thanks, again for the opportunity

  61. Hi David,

    Skills: Web and Graphic Design, Photography
    Speciality: Print Design (brochures, flyers, posters, magazines) Web (HTML, CSS)
    Pricing range: Hourly Rate ranges between £15 – £25 depending on the type of job. I am also happy to work with flat rate.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    All the best,

  62. Skills: Flash , Web design, SEO, PHP, Word Press customization CSS,Logo Design and Branding, Print and Layout design
    Specialty: Flash, Web Design
    Pricing range: variable, between $30 – $40 per productive hour, depending on project size.
    New projects? yes

  63. David, this is a wonderful win-win situation for everyone … I’m glad you thought out-of-the box and provided a platform for us to share. Appended is a short introduction how my company can help and support designers in Europe and USA in Asia:

    I run an advertising and design company in Singapore and we provide full marketing communications services to our clients in South East Asia, Europe and USA.

    If you have clients in Asia (in particular, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia), and need an Asian partner to better manage your projects, I have a team of award-winning designers and production specialists to support you.

    Alternatively, you might like to have your marcom materials print/edproduced here to take advantage of the currency exchange rate. On top of lowering your production cost, the finesse and quality of digital printing and off-set printing in Singapore are amongst the world best. Digital printing, that is almost 95% closest to off-set printing, is the rage now. Even small companies can afford to do small volume printing – even just a few copies.

    We also helped our clients in UK and USA to source and/or customize premiums and souvenirs.

    Skills: Full Marketing Communications Services
    Specialty: Full Project Management in South East Asia
    Price: Negotiable.

    Thank you, David, for the opportunity.

  64. Skills: Photoshop – Upgrading, enhancing, editing or salvage/restoration, photography, design
    Specialty: Photoshop; restoration, removal of unwanted data/marks/tattoos/smudges/people/friends/items and also addins of these same removals
    Pricing range:$50/hourly 1/4 hour minimum

  65. Gio,

    It’s not too late at all, and thanks very much for adding your details to the list.


    Best of luck with your move to Australia. The thought has crossed my mind on a few occasions.


    Thanks for the run-down. A coffee would be good sometime soon. I’m based in good ol’ Leith.


    That’s a great insight, thank you. I contacted you a month or so back, asking for a print quote. I’m guessing the email got lost or caught in a spam folder. Regardless, I’m interested in contacting you again.

    Thanks to everyone else who has added their info. I appreciate it.

  66. I sub-contract now, but don’t have nearly enough work!

    Skills: Flash segments, Web design, SEO, Word Press customization, X-Cart E-Commerce, Membership Softwares, PhPBB, HTML/XHTML
    Specialty: Web Design
    Pricing range: variable, between $30 – $40 per productive hour, depending on project size.
    New projects? yes

  67. You make a good point, as I am myself currently looking for a web designer for a contact of mine! Being a perfectionist, and especially with certain contacts wanting something polished, it’s not always easy to find the right people you trust to do a good job.

    What they produce reflects on yourself, onwards to your contacts, so trusting a subcontractor is vitally important for your own future prospects from those contracts.

    But anyway, I digress, my current –

    Skills: Frontend and backend coding – PHP/SQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript
    Specialit.: CMS/CRM systems and design implementor
    Pricing range: variable, between £30 – £40 per productive hour, depending on project size.

    New projects? yes, when my schedule is open.

  68. Hi David
    You know I’ll never miss replying your email. I don’t recall seeing your email and I check my junk mails before deleting. Contact me when there’s another opportunity. Take care.

  69. Judy, Gossard,

    Thanks for adding your details.


    I certainly shall contact you again if I need a print quote. Odd that you didn’t receive my previous email, but yes, I thought you’d be fast to respond if it got through okay. I hope you’re keeping well.

  70. Skills: web, identity, printworks, photography. Adobe CS3, QuarkXPress, HTML, CSS
    Speciality: web and interaction design, graphic design
    Pricing range: 50€ or flat rate depending on project

  71. Skills: Photoshop – Enhancing, editing, salvage and restoration, photography, design.

    Specialty: Photoshop; restoration, removal, adding of unwanted or wanted; data/marks/tattoos/smudges/people/friends/items

    Pricing range:$50/hourly 1/4 hour minimum

  72. Skills: print and web design, adobe creative suite, html and css
    Speciality: brand identities, websites, marketing and advertising
    Pricing range: usually $40/hr for design, $20/hr for meetings

  73. Just stumbled across your site – I’ll be visiting regularly from now on!!

    Skills: Valid (X)HTML/CSS, WCAG 1.0/2.0, RNIB See It Right, working with (X)HTML in XSLT, PHP, ASP, JSP, JAVA SERVLET, Javascript

    Speciality: Valid and accessible web sites/applications

    Pricing range: £30-40/hour

  74. Skills:
    Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, After Effect, Premiere Pro
    Macromedia: Freehand

    Identity design, environmental graphic design, print design

    Pricing range:
    $300 to several thousand, depending on the complexity of the work.

    I’m live in Indonesia, but I also helped client in Singapore to designed their e-brochure (PDF), course catalogue, identity (included logo) etc. So, that will be fun if I have new chance to collaborate in new project with you; David and also Vivienne :)

  75. Thanks for this!

    What I do:
    – logo, print and web design
    – CSS & XHTML
    – web site maintenance
    – SEO & web marketing consultation (one-time or ongoing)
    – copywriting and editing
    – illustration, flash animation, video editing
    – blog on creative living/entrepreneurship:

    How I work:
    – contract or hourly, depending on project and client preference
    – design/development/content creation rates begin at $75 hourly
    – site maintenance charged in 15-min increments
    – $400 three-step SEO consult package- goal/needs assessment, research, recommendations

    What I need:
    – I’d love to partner with savvy developers, CMS experts, and marketing pros in need of high-quality design and interested in mutual subcontracting

  76. Thank you, David!!! Your posts are always full of great resources, but this takes top prize!!!

    My name is Chris Nunn. I am a designer/artist in the east metro Atlanta, GA area. My two favorite topics of conversation are any and all types of design and business… seriously. I’m obsessed with both.

    Skills: Logo design, stationery design, ad design, photography, illustration, and web graphics (Photoshop & Illustrator mostly, but occasional use of InDesign also)

    Speciality: Brand identity design + print. I like to take traditional approaches to design and “dress them up a little” to create a very distinguishing look for my clients. Take a look at my portfolio at Its nowhere near complete as I have a couple of projects in works at the moment, and also since I’ll be soon changing most of the pieces into blog-style posts like the genius Mr. Airey does!

    Price range: depending on design complexity, company size, and usage of designs: logos start at $400; logo+letterhead+envelope+business card design starts at $650; In general, projects are given flat rate prices based upon a $65/hour rate.

    Accepting New Projects? Yes!

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