The smallest business cards ever

Bookkeeping for small business card

“Designed by Calgary-based design studio Wax, these cards for a small business bookkeeper are quite possibly the smallest thing we’ve ever produced. Measuring out at a compact 1″ x .6″ the cards were so petit we were unable to trim these down using our paper cutter (there simply wasn’t anywhere to hold onto them) so a custom made 8up die was used. Printed on Crane Lettra Flo White 220c with one ink on both sides.”

Bookkeeping for small business card

Bookkeeping for small business card

Designed by Wax. Printed by Studio On Fire.

It’s one of those where the idea creates the promotion, regardless of how good Sandra’s bookkeeping skills are. Kind of like personal trainer Poul Nielsen’s card, and reminiscent of Wigan Little Theatre’s stationery set.

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  1. Yes, it’s a good PR approach and conceptually on the mark, but it’s not as ‘useable’ as the traditional size. This will get lost too easily in my opinion.

  2. That’s clever, but maybe it’s a bit too small…? I imagine if I were to get one of these, I’d save the number in my phone and toss the card. Another business card design that I’ve recently seen that’s simply genius is the card for Privacy International by This is Real Art.

  3. She’ll be getting A LOT of business thanks to that tiny card. Love it!

  4. Very, very cute!! It’s really nice, and tiny.

  5. Acrobat

    If you were to put the number in your phone and toss the card, then the card has done its job!
    I think the novelty factor is everything. It’s got us talking about it anyway!

  6. ridiculous concept. I’d throw it away.

  7. @Dan, just because you’d throw it away does not make it a ridiculous concept. MOST cards get thrown away, especially in small business circles, it tends to be the unique ones that stand out that escape that fate. At least in the immediacy. I’ve found that a clever business card is often shared with at least one other person in a “Hey, look at this” fashion. That means that little card just gained more milage than your standard, “safe”, run of the mill business card. Hell, even if it landed in someone’s hand who shared your outlook, Dan, it would probably still be shared, even if to say “This is stupid” . . . Well, maybe, the other party may not agree, and that card just reached the eyes of another potential client. I’d call that concept well executed.

  8. I’m all for creative business cards and agree that little extra touches can help businesses stand out but I’m a bit on the fence with this particular card. This card seems to be small just for the sake of being small. What exactly is the size of the card supposed to mean? She’s a bookkeeper that keeps small businesses small? On the other hand maybe the problem is that text “Bookkeeping for Small Business” doesn’t explain why the card is so small. Something along the lines of “Small Business Number Cruncher” might have been more fitting.

  9. Wow! That’s a small card. I agree that it might be just a bit too small, and might get easily misplaced – but certainly memorable!

  10. Who keep a business card because of the design?

    I update my computer with cards, this is memorable and relevant. Plus it raises a smile.

    I’d remember them.

    Size isn’t everything!

  11. Very nice (not very practical from a sales perspective) but very nice :)

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