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The Face Behind The Blog Collection

Face Behind The Blog

“A picture is worth 10,000 words.”

Putting a face to the name of someone you haven’t met helps recognition and adds a more personal feel to your conversations. Blogging gives you a worldwide audience, but the chances of actually meeting the people behind your favourite blogs are slim, so I’m trying out The Face Behind The Blog meme.

What photo shows you in a light we don’t often see?

Create a short blog post that includes a photograph (or a series of snaps) showing the face behind your blog. If you already show a photo somewhere on your site — in your about page, for instance — choose a photo that’s not online.

Include links to others who have displayed a photo, or include their photos in your post, adding a reference. You’ll find everyone who has participated so far listed below.

Without further ado, here are my entries:

David Airey in Edinburgh
Overlooking Edinburgh one Sunday afternoon.

David Airey in Bangor, Northern Ireland
At my folks’ home with my girlfriend, Catherine.

David Airey in Mongolia
Enjoying a drink on the Trans-Mongolian Railway, somewhere in the Gobi Desert.


Lisa Sabin-Wilson at Just A Girl In The World (broken link removed, 2014)

Dave Olson at Live the GREAT life that you desire (broken link removed)

Steve at Ramblings from the Marginalized

Donovan at Blog That Outside (broken link removed)

Bob at BobMeetsWorld.com (broken link removed, 2014)

Chase at Queer Chef
Hanne at Lucid Unreality
Jill at Gelb9
Tish at The Kat House
Jessica at Life is RANTastic!

Logtar at Logtar’s Blog
Julie at TeacherJulie.com
Wilson at Get it Funk (broken link removed)
Sue at Life in the Urban Zoo
Isabelle at Tricotine

Alternati at Sarcasm Aside
Mousey at Sasha Says
Diana at Nazarene Family Services (broken link removed, 2014)
Jen at Expat Travels
Meeyauw at meeyauw

Tammi at Drawing on Words
Jams at The Poor Mouth
Mar at maremagnum
Karen Delaney at A Strange Life
Lynnette at The Fun Times Guide

Trish at Incoherent-ish (broken link removed)
Lisa at Lisa C Writes
Becky at Becky’s Nook
Dora at Peppylady
Renny at RennyBA’s Terella

Autumn at Autumn’s Meadow
Jen at Jen’s Horde
Sandy Carlson at Writing in Faith
Captain Lifecruiser at Sea Lifecruiser (broken link removed)
Trinity at Rooms of My Heart

Where’s the face behind your blog?

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87 comments about “The Face Behind The Blog Collection”

  1. Thanks David – I’ll have to go digging through photos tomorrow and see what is suitable for posting.

    I love the train picture – what an adventure!

  2. Wow, what great pictures! I have to say, you are definitely right about being able to see blogger’s pictures. It makes it more of a personal experience plus then you don’t feel like you are just reading something written on a computer (you have a connection to the writer).

  3. Oh.. I hate having my photo taken, I usually disappear when a camera comes out. I’ll see if I can find a picture of Angelina Jolie or something, my blog will probably get more hits then.

  4. Char, great you’ll join in! I’ve often wondered what you look like. The train trip from London to Beijing was absolutely superb!

    Nicole, thanks for stopping by and for the compliment.

    Tara, that’s not fair. Besides, Angelina is too skinny.

  5. Great idea. I’m always rather disappointed when seeing people’s About pages. They’re usually hiding behind the comfort that the net provides, which makes it harder to relate and connect.

    I bet the rodeo picture is a killer when looking for new clients :-D

  6. Asgeir, funny you should mention that. I’m in discussions with the WBRA as a result of this (wild boar rodeo association).

  7. I’ve been up that very same hill on the edge of Edinburgh. Nice view.

    Nice idea for a meme – although being the most unphotogenic person in the world, I’m keeping my head down.

  8. Great idea! I love seeing photos of my favorite bloggers a little more out of their element. It does offer a more personal feel.

    One of my absolute dearest friends, I’ve known online for nearly 5 years now and we’ve never met in person. We share family photos ALL the time. It’s as if we know each other and families so well.

    Another of my dear friends I met online and only saw once or twice a year was actually my Matron of Honor in my wedding. She flew here from England just to be with me on my special day.

    The internet is so much more then just black words on a white background and too many media outlets focus on the bad — not enough on the good.

    Thanks for starting this meme. I’ll be sure to join in. :)

  9. I kind of like the anonymity to be honest, but there’s a random pic of me (or my daughter) top left of every page, so technically I’m in!

  10. Aaron, it’s peaceful up there. I’ll probably head up this weekend. That’s cool that you’d rather not, but I think your avatar shows you in a good light.

    Gayla, it’s amazing how connections are made. Looking forward to your post.

    Pinksy, no worries at all. There are others I know who prefer to remain anonymous, too.

  11. Hey David

    I will participate. Just under a mountain of work and leaving for SOBCon on Friday. So it may not be until next week.

    If I don’t get in early next week, feel free to tickle me by email.

  12. Great idea, David! Count me in! I’ve added a blog post with one of my favorite recent photos of Dede & me.

  13. Awesome idea! I’ve got to search for some pictures of myself now lol.

  14. I love the boar pick…

  15. My problem is that I’m the one behind the camera 99% of the time!

  16. OK. I’ve done it. I’m embarrassed, but I’ve done it. ;)

  17. David – this is an absolutely brilliant meme. It’s hard to keep up with all of them – even harder to read them all because they seem to get redundant at times. But I want to RUN out and see every single one of the participants who get tagged with this one!

    Leave it to the creative artist-type to come up with such a wonderfully visual meme! ;)

  18. The Trans-Mongolian railway looks fun. I would love to go out there.

  19. I’ve updated the post above to include links to your face behind the blog articles. Thanks for joining in Char, Gayla, Paul and Rob.

    Sean, Dawud, Wendy, that’s great that you’ll participate! Let me know when and I’ll add you to the list.

    Dave, the Trans-Mongolian was an amazing trip. I caught a train in London and ended up in Beijing about a week later. It costs roughly the same amount as a flight but you see so much more.

  20. David ~ That’s great that you met your girlfriend online. My mom met my stepdad online 8 years ago. They’re a perfect match!

    Not many know this about me either — but if it had not been for the internet, my husband and I would have never reconnected.

  21. Hey man

    It’s an aside

    But I’m going to Mongolia next month! Can’t believe you’re going to that part of the world too!

  22. David – OK my submission has been published.
    Somewhat. :cool:

  23. That was fun, David – thanks for starting it. I finally got mine done today :)

  24. Gayla,

    Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? I’m happy for you.


    Do let me know how you get on in Mongolia. What will you do?

    Paper Bull, Lisa,

    That’s fantastic. Your names have been added above. Really enjoyed your posts!

  25. It was really fun participating in this one – thanks for starting it!

    BTW – there is a chance I might be in Ireland later this year. If so, I’d love to hook up and meet in person! :)

  26. What a great idea. Count me in. I’ve already written the post too ;)

  27. Wendy,

    If you’re in Ireland I hope I will be too! It’d be excellent to meet up and show you some local highlights.

    My family are all based in Ireland, although I live in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, with my girlfriend. Keep me updated.


    Great post! I left a comment and will add you above. Thanks for joining in.

  28. Wow David, quite the cool set of pictures you’ve shared. Make sure to let us know how that sponsorship for the WBRA works out for you!

    This is a powerful meme that encourages us all to get out from behind the blog and show the real personality of who we are. I’m working on my article right now, and hope to have it done soon, thanks to the brilliance that is Dawud Miracle.

  29. Phil,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’ll keep you informed of my sponsorship dealings, and I’m looking forward to seeing your contribution, too.

    Dawud is a great person, no doubt. Ciao for now.

  30. What a cool idea! Was alerted on “Face Behind the Blog” when Dave Olson tagged me to contribute … …

  31. Hi David! What a neat blog you have. Love your pictures. Thanks to Wendy Piersall for introducing me to you. You can check out my Face Behind the Blog entry at http://www.neatliving.net/blog/2007/05/the_face_behind.html

  32. Vivienne,

    It’d be great to see your contribution. Dave did a super job with his and it shows how small the blogging world is that he tagged you.


    Thanks for the compliment. I commented on your blog and added you to the list.

  33. Great meme! I usually don´t participate in things like this, but I think it is a great way to connect with your readers! Thanks.

    Here is my Face Behind the Blog post, along with a link back to you!


  34. Ok, here goes! This was a fun meme.

  35. Nice to meet you! Great pics! :) I think this meme will be a fun one. I’ll definitely participate. :)

  36. Thanks to the most recent participants!

    I’ve updated the list above with your entries.

  37. Hi David — I was tagged by Dawud Miracle, and I just got to it; you should have a trackback any second now…

  38. I published my post and sent an e-mail, but thought I would follow up. This was a fun idea! Thanks for starting the meme. The Face Behind the Hands

  39. Got tagged and as I had a pic on my blog anyway, I didn’t mind to put a few others there, soo …. :-)

  40. Listening to The Besnard Lakes, Disaster, and feeling ever-so-mellow as I sip my coffee and ready for the day. They sound like The Beach Boys, almost. Everybody seems to sound like somebody. I step off the scale, satisfied for the moment, and think what a pleasant surprise to awake to a link from David Airey and Creative Design. Thank you.

  41. Thanks for the linkback, David! Nice one! :mrgreen:

  42. I participated too, this was fun and I got to show the world my crappy pics :D

  43. David:
    I did this meme about a month ago and still keep stopping back to your blog to see all the new ones out there. It’s one of the most fun memes because you’re so right about photos showing the face being the blog. It really brings the person into focus. Thanks for starting it and for keeping it going!
    Chris Brown

  44. Hi…was just browsing and searching the creator of this meme and I got here at the end…I would just say thank you for this meme.

    I was tagged by a friend and wondering how its started as curious as me I found and stumble here in your site.

    Stay Cool….

  45. Chris, Haze,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the meme and thanks for taking the time out to comment. Much appreciated as always.

  46. It is cool to see the level of participation this meme has had. Every once in a while it seems to stop, and then it picks back up again.

    I have noticed quite a few new links, but I don’t see any updates to your master list.

    Will you be updating your list soon?

    Thanks again for starting such a cool meme.


  47. Hi Thomas,

    Where are they? I thought it was up-to-date, but guess not.

    Cheers for stopping in.

  48. Sent you an email with the links that are not on your master list. I am commenting on these blogs to remind people to send you an email to get on the master list.

    Somehow Step 4 got modified to people inserting their own email address and so the link to the creator of the meme was broken, so you didn’t receive updates.

  49. Hi David! Thomas left me a comment telling me to notify you that I’ve been tagged. Thanks for starting this meme David :)

    but I wasn’t really informed who started this and your link, that’s why there was no notification coming from me. Anyway I will instruct those I tagged.

    have a good day! :)

  50. Now i know the face behind the person who started this meme……great knowing you David!

  51. Thomas,

    Thanks for the email. I’d no idea the meme was still doing the rounds. I’ll visit those sites you mentioned. Great of you to let those people know yourself.


    You’re very welcome, and kind of you to let your own tags know.


    It’s my pleasure. I’ll visit your own blog now.

  52. I remember Thomas – Technical blogger mentioning this on his website. I think I’ll participate. Thanks for starting this.

  53. Hi, David. First time commentor here. I just found this meme quite by accident. It is a great idea. I have often wondered what sort of grotesque figures are behind some of my favorite sites. Thanks for setting this up!

    I’ll be adding my own nasty visage in the next few days.

    Great site, by the way.

    Takuin Minamoto
    Toyama, Japan

  54. Opal, Takuin,

    Thanks for commenting, and for thinking about joining in! I’m looking forward to seeing your entries and learning a little more about you both.

  55. I have no idea who started the meme when it was passed to me, now I know.:-)

  56. This was an excellent idea and am glad to have taken part in it. It’s neat to meet its creator. I will gladly edit my ‘face behind the blog’ meme post to include the link here since this is where it all started :o)

  57. Leah, Pen,

    Thanks for the great contributions!

  58. Thank you for starting this meme, David. :)

  59. This was a brilliant idea! Thank you.

  60. Hi David! I’ve made my contribution today. Thanks!

  61. Mika, Jill, Shenski, you’re all very welcome. Good of you to join in.

  62. Hi david,thanks again for this fantastic meme. Frankly,I enjoyed every bit of it! Loved that boar photo of you. Cute!

    Could you do me a favor ? Pls.change ‘o’ to ‘a’ of pinoy. To our lingo, pinoy refer to male and fortunately ??(lol) I’m not.

    Thanks very much!

  63. Hi Cheh,

    Glad you enjoyed the meme, and sorry for my lack of cultural awareness! I’ve changed Pinoy to Pinay – and won’t make that mistake again.

    Bye for now.

  64. Hi David, thanks for the adds up. I had fun eventhough it was a bit confusing at the beginning. BTW, all the comments on this post looks a bit weird. I am using Safari and I noticed that maybe the html codes is broken somewhere in your post. As I write this, when I click my mouse, it directs me to this site: mybloglog.com/buzz/members/ilkeryoldas/pics/.

    Weird. Or maybe it is just me?

  65. I did this meme but I didnt follow most of the instructions though especially listing all the links coz it will make my post seems like a mile long which is usually tend to avoid. I hope that is okay though.

  66. Btw, I forgot to say that this meme is such a wonderful idea!

  67. K,

    Thanks for letting me know. There shouldn’t be an issue now.


    Good of you to participate, and glad you like the idea.

  68. I just posted! :) You should have gotten a pingback, but I don’t see it here.

  69. Hi David, I just posted my entry about this meme. I really had to look where this started so I was able to go to your site.

    I’m sorry I didn’t include the list you’ve got here and I just linked the two friends who sent me this meme. Anyway, I had your email on the 4th step intact so in case those I have tagged would like to be added to your list they may be able to do so. Thanks for starting this meme.

    Have a great week! :)

  70. Hi Tish, Julie,

    I’ve added you both to the list above, and Julie, no need at all to apologise for not including links to everyone.

  71. Hey David! A big thanks to you for adding me in the list… Hope to hear more tags from you again soon… Have a nice day!

  72. Thanks for adding me to your list!

    I have changed my photo. My computer crashed a while ago, and I didn’t have any more photos in my files… but I found one anyway… ;-)

    I hope it is fine…

  73. Hi David! Sorry for the late comment, I posted the tag already on my blog. Please add me in your list. Thanks a lot!

  74. Wilson, Isabelle, Mousey,

    Thanks to you all for joining in. It’s a pleasure to add you to the list above. Great posts.

  75. http://peppylady.blogspot.com/2007/09/photo-hunt-16.html

    Mine up but I’m not sure how to link to your list.
    That was fun

  76. What a lovely initiative David! As i call myself a network evangelist and love to meet and getting to know people all around in blogsphere, I’ve been tagged by severals and responded with my own post today.

    I really think it is great of you to follow up and keep us dated about the growth of this meme as it shows the power of how networking works in blogsphere!

  77. Thanks Dora, Renny!

    You’re both on the list.

  78. I love this idea, my photos are up and an email is on the way to you so you can add the link.

  79. Thanks for starting this neat meme. I’m glad to have the link back to you to see who else is participating.

    My post is here:


  80. I see I’m not in the list yet – I hope you don’t find my face too ugly…. *giggles*

    Any one that want to exchange Face-posts links with me is warmth welcome :-)

  81. Okey Dokey… I was challenged by Melissa McClone, and have put mine up today. Will take a tour around these other sites. Thanks!!

  82. Thanks Marianne, for continuing this meme, and thanks for everyone else who contributed.

    It’s been a pleasure seeing the face behind your blog!

  83. Nice idea David. Good to see so many people participating :)

  84. David, I happened upon Essential Keystrokes and Char mentioned this article of yours. I know it’s old, but I just wanted to say that you and Char have inspired me to put my own face on the Web. I am now in the process of plastering it everywhere my old one was. Going to take a while, lol.

  85. Good on you, Doug. It’s always nice to see the person behind blogs. I feel like I know you a little better now, having just stopped by to see your mugshot.

  86. Hey David, maybe it’s time to revive this topic… it was interesting to see the responses before and I’m sure it’d prompt a whole new set of fun photos.

  87. You could be right, Rob, although back when I started this there were a lot more “memes” in circulation. I wonder if they’ve died-out.

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