Together with a small international team, designer Miles Newlyn has just launched the TextPref type foundry. The team will build a collection of typefaces that will be the fruit of 20 years experience creating the typographic face and voice of some of the world’s biggest businesses.

TP Rubrik typeface
TP Rubrik

There are currently just two typefaces available — TP Rubrik and TP Farm — but four more will be released later this year, some of which have been eight years in development.

Miles explained his approach:

“Other foundries talk of typographic solutions and ownable features. That’s irrelevant to the people you’re trying to engage. Their attention is valuable and isn’t gained with corporate approachability or tailored humanity. Macmillan needed a voice to speak about living with cancer, so I dipped a banana in a jar of iodine and opened up. For a government the tool would be different, but the approach the same.”

Working with Miles are Adam Katyi, Elena Schneider, Ben Mitchell, Ian Paget, and Riccardo Orlocco.

TextPref. One to watch.

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