Test your trademark

How good is it legally? Patent lawyer Frederick Breitenfeld offered some help back in the 50s.

Test your trade-mark
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According to this, Frederick Breitenfeld was a member of the bar of the state of New York; associate member of the United States Trademark Association (now the International Trademark Association); and member of the sub-committee on trademark law revision of the New York Patent Law Association.

Remember my first naming attempt? Cheese aside, descriptive = poor.

The chart was found on the independent Reanimation Library in Brooklyn, housing “a collection of books that have fallen out of routine circulation and been acquired for their visual content.” Some nice book cover inspiration there.

Via Mrs Easton by way of Tina.

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  1. Very interesting, but a very big thank you for your link to your naming history, it made my day and it made me smile to myself.

  2. Interesting point that “No one can claim any exclusive right to color”.
    I suppose the times have changed!

  3. Hey thanks for this! I am currently thinking of a good brand name for a business and this might be able to help me decide, and do it strategically.

  4. Always glad to make people smile, Martin.

    Simon, good shout. Relevant details here on Design Week for those wanting to read a bit more.

  5. That’s a fantastic, detailed yet totally clear diagram. I’m always impressed when people come up with these.

  6. Frederick Breitenfeld was my grandfather. I’m quite floored to see this for the first time. Boy, would he have loved this new-fangled gadget, the “internet.”

  7. David, that is a cool grid. Pretty basic and to the point. I like it.


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