T-shirts for graphic designers

A quick selection of recent graphic tees and clothing I thought you might like.


blanka tshirt

From Blanka (via Swiss Legacy).

Le Sucre

le sucre tshirt for men

le sucre tshirt for women

From Le Sucre clothing (via AisleOne).

Kern fleece

kern fleece

From Veer.

SackWear T-Shirts

you can do it tshirt

From SackWear.


neubauism tshirt

From Neubauism ( via AisleOne).

Sans Serif

sans serif tshirt

From Turn Nocturnal.

CMYK t-shirt

cmyk tshirt

From Up North (on Rumplo, via swissmiss).

Swiss typography t-shirt

swiss typography tshirt

From Veer.

Use Helvetica

use helvetica tshirt

From Lamosca.


Lowman tshirt

From Lowman Productions (via FormFiftyFive).

While on the subject of t-shirts, this Justice music vid is most definitely worth a mention.

Seen any good graphic tees lately?

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  1. I love the Huge Type Looks Sweet shirt from turnnocturnal. I think I might buy one soon!


  2. Wonderful collection to pick from.

    Thanks David for the shopping!

  3. Great topic! I really like hand-drawn imagery on t-shirts, though I suppose true graphic designers are all about exact lines and precise font type ;)

    This shirt with French text by Cubist Literature is a wonderful example of an artsy/edgier design. One of my most recent faves… http://www.flickr.com/photos/cubistliterature/2450747898/

  4. There was actually just a post on YTWWN about the Justice video clip being copied… well the idea. What do you think?
    I loved that KERN jumper when I first saw it especially with the zip undone. I also really like the CMYK one – pity it is USD$68 :)

  5. The sans-serif t-shirt looks tempting – thanks for sharing, David!

  6. I like quite a few of those actually!

    A couple are bordering on just plain geeky though ;)

  7. The Kern zip sweater is awesome. Now where can I scrap up $69.00?

  8. Love that Kern sweater. Thanks for sharing, David.

  9. Chris, Azusa, thanks for the extra links.

    Sherif, Richard, Dickson, Alec, no worries. Glad you saw one or two you liked.

    Shaun, not all for me either. My favourites are Blanka and Kern.

    Jacob, interesting. It’s obvious where the inspiration came from. As for the CMYK, $58 is steep.

  10. Great bunch of t-shirts. Did you also notice the “Comma Sutra” t-shirt on the Sackwear site?

  11. Great list David. I particulary like the “Sans Serif” Tshirt. I bought a tshirt from this site: http://www.merchline.com/iso50/ recently, the ‘1977’ in grey, he also has some good prints as well, worth a look I feel.

  12. David,
    Good collection…

  13. Hi there David,

    Thanks for the spotlight !!!
    Keep up the good work !!!


  14. Great post David. I’ll have to get my kids to look at it. They have their own little “for fun” t-shirt shop on Zazzle. They sure could use a little more inspiration with their designs. :-)

    BTW: Long time since I’ve visited and left a comment. The site looks fantastic. You really have effectively turned the blog into a showcase for your design work. Good job.

  15. Tracey,

    I’ll have to go back and find the ‘comma sutra’ t-shirt. Nice twist.


    Great to read how you like my site design. I’ve been wondering what to change recently in order to give it some freshness, but perhaps it’s okay for now. Cheers for stopping in again.


    Thanks for the ISO50 link. Some great designs featured there.


    You’re very welcome! Great work on the design.

    Niyaz, Raymondo,

    Glad you like.

  16. I’ve just started producing some shirts with a friend of mine as a break from the usual web and logo design; it has been fun printing them ourselves. we’ve only done three so far but if you’re interested David please check them out at http://www.garbs.yeahok.co.uk

  17. Steve O

    Some good choices there David. I’m usually on the lookout for well designed tees, but lately I’ve been trying to wear more shirts – smarten up a little :)

    Here’s some links that might be well received…

    Political typo tees

    Tees for typographers

    Web geek tees

  18. great compilation dude… actually im looking for some affordable tshirt printing companies.. i found zazzle and am planning to try theirs

  19. Andreas

    very nice shirts,
    but only 100 pieces of the helvetica? last collection? no more?
    is there a picture of the complete text? its such a cool shirt,
    i would reprint it for own use

  20. Andreas, I’m not sure they would appreciate you “reprint for own use” , its their artwork!

  21. Rich,

    Good luck with your new clothing design venture. I hope it works out for you.

    Steve O,

    Those links are very well received, thanks a lot for posting!


    I’m glad you like some of these.


    I’m with Gareth (Dot Design). Best you don’t reprint one of these designs for your own use. Copyright infringement should be avoided.

  22. Thanks for the article, David. Good stuff.

    It prompted me to order another Time Code T shirt from Blanka. I’m a big fan of Michael C. Place.

    Just snapped up their last Helvetica medium 65 shirt too, so I’m well chuffed.

  23. I really like the CMYK one. It is way too much money though. T-shirt prices have been going through the roof. They don’t make them out of gasoline do they???

  24. Well, not gasoline per se, but there is the cost of goods to be shipped in the form of supplies to the manufacturer or printer, or ultimately shipping the finished item to the buyer. And printing inks can contain solvents that are petroleum-based… ;)

  25. Love Le Sucre!!

  26. Hi there,

    I was hoping I might see our Helvetica Neue Descending a t-shirt on this list:

    We’ve sold these to some of the best known practitioners on the planet. Many more to come soon.

  27. Hi Patrick,

    That’s an excellent t-shirt, for sure, and I know I’ve seen it before. If I’d remembered, your design would’ve been included with the others. Good of you to drop in, and thanks for everyone else for your thoughts.

  28. jake wood

    im an extreme artist and have found a field for custom t-shirts that has neve been touched. i already have all the artwork done. but i have no experience in screneprinting. so my question is would your buisness be intrested in splitting the profit after all printing and cost of shirts of your buisness are paid then split the profit you can please call me at 402-210-3528 anytime with a response either way. hope to hear from you soon thanks jake

  29. Pete Versus Toby is also a good Tshirt designer. 3 boys from Byron Bay and they sell at Glebe and Bondi Markets you should check them out.
    They’re awesome :D

  30. Hey David.

    The site is fantastic! Great collection of design/typography tees! I’ve spent a while searching for some shirts exactly like this, and it’s good to know that there are designers and shirts out there that don’t cater to overly-ironic, or just plain dumb, humour to get their point across.

    Shame, though, that most of the companies are European! The Blanka shirts are fantastic, but 25 Pounds is a little steep to show my love for Kraftwerk or The Smiths.

    Keep up the great work!
    (And more tee shirts as you find them, please!)

    :: ira

  31. rabia, Ira,

    Thanks for the comments, suggestions and compliment. I can appreciate that 25 pounds is pretty steep for a tee. I’ll keep a lookout for others.

  32. This is interesting stuff, we have not been asked to print anything in the typography genre yet, I love sans serif. It is also interesting to see a reaction to the £25 Tee. Cheers David.

  33. I really like the use Helvetica T-Shirt in red but its all sold out! Will just have to go back to my old wardrobe collection :(

  34. i am starting up my own t shirt label. i have all the designs ready and done but i am having trouble finding a supplier / manufacturer of the t shirts i am after.
    i really like the fabric / cut of the shirts the guys at ‘pete vs toby’ use, but i cannot find their supplier / manufacturer anyway.
    any suggestions?
    i am in sydney

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