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Swimming pool wish list

Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.”

Not sure I agree.

Jade Mountain Resort
Jade Mountain Resort, St Lucia, photo via mirkrasiv.ru.

Marina Bay pool
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, photo via Kirk Hille, more pics on the Mail Online.

Ubud Hanging Gardens Bali
Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali, photo via Hot Style Design.

Rangali Island Maldives
Rangali Island, Maldives, photo via Picasa.

The Cambrian pool
The Cambrian, Swiss Alps, photo via Live Travel Mountains.

Intercontinental Hong Kong pool
Intercontinental, Hong Kong, photo via ninemsn.

Amangiri Resort pool
Amangiri Resort, Canyon Point, Utah, photo via Kiwi Collection.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo pool
Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como, Italy.

Villa Amanzi pool
Villa Amanzi, Phuket, Thailand, photo via Architizer.

Blue Palace resort pool
Blue Palace Resort, Elounda, Greece, photo via Luxury Collection Hotels.

Blue Lagoon spa
Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland, photo via big-ashb.


Get back to work (except Tom, you carry on).

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6 comments about “Swimming pool wish list”

  1. Does the “Ubud Hanging Gardens” come with the bikini clad floating woman, or is that extra?

  2. Some great pools here David. I run a website called Adelto and we did an article awhile back with loads more: http://www.adelto.co.uk/luxury-swimming-infinity-pools-from-around-the-world/ (hope it gives you some more pool / infinity pool envy!)

    Have a great year also.


  3. For God’s sake WHY would you put this up for poor plebians like me to drool over? What chance do I have of ever having such breathtaking water elements around my house?? Really, each seems more awesome than the one before. So serene, so zen, so relaxing, so picture perfect! OMG I try so hard to be content with what I have… today you have destroyed all my efforts! I AM JEALOUS! A thousand times over! lol Thanks for such wonderful posts David… and Happy New Year!

  4. Sorry about that, Meredith. :) If it’s any consolation, I’m sure most are outside my price range. Although general entrance to the Blue Lagoon spa (last photo) is just €33.


    Richard, and to you, too.

  5. David, I’d like to read a travel blog of yours as you go around the world attempting to visit all of these swimming pools.

    Also, if you need a travel companion, just drop me an email, I’ll come along free of charge. No problem.

  6. Will do, Tony. Just bring a fat wallet.

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