Urban interactions: StreetPong

The StreetPong project is a social design idea for urban pedestrians, imagined by two students at HAWK Hildesheim for their urban interactions class.

StreetPong data collection

The idea is that while pedestrians wait for the “walk” signal at traffic lights they can play a quick game against another person waiting to cross from the other side of the street.

StreetPong digitisation

Adobe After Effects was used to apply visuals to a green screen, resulting in the demonstration video embedded below.

StreetPong green screen

StreetPong. Via Autoblog.

10/10 for creativity.

2 responses

  1. That is amazing. I love how the game after caused the two to interact with each other. Having a game to play while waiting for the light to change is a great thing. I just wonder how it would be in regards to safety for the people playing it.

  2. I love this idea! I can picture it in my mind: playing while the light is red and high-fiving as we cross paths in the street. What a great way to create social interaction between strangers.

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