I’m sorry. I thought you were a spammer.


Moderating blog comments is a funny old game.

Spammers will know by now that their link-filled messages are insta-deleted.

Which is why it’s always a nice change to receive comments without the any links in the URL field or comment text. You know, pleasing little notes like this:

“Amazing logo redesigns. They all looked modern and new, while still maintaining the old concept. I had my logo redefined by Logo Design Creation lately. They offer the creativity I was looking for at a price that I could afford. The designer was very responsive and creative! I had been “nickeled and dimed” by other logo services before, so I was a little skeptical at first. But even after I received my initial design concepts, I quickly realized that I had come to the right place.”

See? No links.

Here’s another:

“I have not tried any logo contest or crowd sourcing before. But reading this article and seeing the comments made by other people, I don’t think I would give it a try anytime soon. I would highly recommend trying out logo design companies online that design logos professionally though. I found Logo Design Creation on Wired Magazine and decided to give it a try because of their good review. And wow they do impress me. Bravo Logo Design Creation!”

I’ll tell you what, these Logo Design Creation chaps must be very good, because during the past month I’ve received similar comments (three more just today) on quite a variety of different blog posts.

At first, my skeptical conscience raised its ugly head and I thought the comments were all written by the same person — they’re from the same IP address, after all (“a unique number assigned to each computer on the internet”) — but each message is accompanied by a different name.

There’s Bob Kish, Mark Sierra, and Michael Krivich, too.

Clearly different.

I guess these commentators just happened to use the same public computer.

So hats-off to Logo Design Creation. Well done.

Image from Thinkstock.

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  1. You are a more patient man than I, David.

    Stuff like that smells of spam just by how it’s worded, and you’re right, they are getting more and more crafty. Don’t they have anything better to do like FAX marketing?

  2. Been following your blog for a while and am a big fan.

    Another thing to keep in mind when looking at IP addresses, sometimes companies or institutions will have one IP per company, with each user having a unique internal IP.

    So, sometimes comments from the same IP address are written by different people on different computers, just sent through the same router that attaches its IP address.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Ummm yeah, pretty sure no one is going there for their logos. Just checked out the site, and they are terrible. It was really hard to stay on that site for more than a few minutes. Anyways, I agree with the fellow above me. I think that they are just getting better at being crafty.

  4. You have to give it to them, they do try hard. On their (appallingly designed) site Wired mag is listed as a client but when you follow the link it’s just Wired’s article on testing cheap logo companies. Wall Street Journal article? Best value, but still crap. Heh.

  5. You know I read this article and it got me thinking – if only there was a way to delete spam posts from articles automatically.
    And then I suddenly thought, BUT WAIT! There IS! Indeed, hey presto, I just visited online Make My Spam Comments Be Gone and my life was changed forever.
    Now I’m a multi billionaire leisure enthusiast with a family of 28 cats!
    But wait! There’s more! They tell me that if you order before January 2009 you get a free carving knife, AND carving knife sharpener too.
    Goodness me! Make My Spam Comments Be Gone, you ARE impressive.

  6. Yes it’s a proper pain in the *rse. I’m seeing a massive rise in “complimentary spam”.

    I must be one of the few seo who don’t spam blog comments any more… well, apart from yours ;p ) probably because I run a blog myself.

    A lot of this spam is probably automated, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Shame.

    And you could spend your whole life outing human spammers like this.

    Being a human blog comment spammer must be one of the most soul destroying jobs in the world ( as well as being pointless, and potentially damaging to your brand too if a blogger outs you!)

  7. Fax-marketing would be infinitely more effective, Leighton. Perhaps I should suggest it.

    Good point, G. Maybe I’m just seeing a raft of visitors from the same company, and each of whom used the design services in question. Thanks for following, by the way.

    Touché, Snick.

    There’s another type of spam comment I’m having to be careful about. It’s where older posts are targetted — ones with a fair number of previous comments — and the spammer simply lifts someone else’s comment and pastes it as their own, with their own URL. So like Jaina says, the text is relevant to the content of the entry.

    I can understand why some blogs disable comments.

  8. I would call this Spamimonials. They are testimonials with the obvious intention of increasing the visibility of said firm on your blog. We are noticing a lot of traffic comes in from no-follow comments on blogs. People read these things! And it follows that even if there are no links, if people see glowing praise written as well at this, they might Google the company. Clever.

  9. I do like your approach to the matter, David. Some things are just so annoying that they are humorous. You can’t help but stand back and laugh.

  10. Those guys again with their cluttered website… the fact we’re even discussing it gives them more publicity.

    Regardless of any positive testimonials they may have there, is anyone else hearing warning bells ring as you read their standardised forms of number of concepts and prices?

  11. Hey! I know that Bob Kish guy. I think I designed a logo for him once. I guess I “nickeled and dimed” him too much because he moved on without explanation. Now I know where he ended up.

    I guess there are some advantages to having a blog like mine with only three or four readers (including my mom, who doesn’t know how to use the comment button). But as long as you are a popular and prolific design blogger, David, I guess it’s the price you have to pay.

    Great post.

  12. At least they are being creative, huh? I’ve been getting a lot of spammers that simply copy the text from a previous comment on the article, which of course on my blog was left years ago, so it looks totally legit and I don’t remember that it was something someone else said!

    Since you all comments coming from the same IP (a blessing in disguise!), you can blacklist it: Settings > Discussion and enter the IP in the Comment Blacklist box :D

    And I think Reed, above, nailed it perfectly.

  13. Nice work, Reed. I now rank number 1 in Google for “spamimonials,” although to be fair I’m still signed-into my Google account, which might sway results. That’s a decent description, but from a blog author point of view, I disagree with the “clever” part.

    Martin, here’s one of Andy Rutledge’s older blog posts describing why I don’t go down the “x number of concepts” route:

    Dog and Pony Show Design

    As for publicity, I reckon there is such a thing as “bad.”

    Mike, I don’t mind putting up with the spammers when it means I can receive the legitimate comments. I’ve had so much help over the past few years from those who take time-out here. Can’t knock that.

    Sadly, Jamie, Akismet can only do so much. Good luck with your new blog, though.

    Lauren, there’s been quite a few times when I found myself searching comment threads for dubious (repeated) comments. I’m sure we’re not alone. Thanks for the blacklist instructions. I wasn’t aware of that little tip.

  14. I found Logo Design Creation on a card in a phone box. I thought I would give them a try as the other cards in the phone box offered services that my wife wouldn’t approve of. They were so good. I got 15 concepts including one with flames. It would really stand out. But I decided to go for the simple version. I was really impressed. They did so much, gave me tons of typefaces to choose from and colours, all for the price of a skinny laté. Amazing. I’d definitely recommend them. Then I got my business cards printed for free with a free card holder in solid silver.

    R C MANN
    Brand Manager, Gap.

    P.S. Just off to Nigeria to claim $15 billion from some long lost Uncle of mine who has just died.

  15. I have had the same guys spamming my blog for the past few months. Very annoying, but have to give them a gold star for effort. They have been very persistent as well.

    @Lee Newham -> Thanks, that was hilarious.

  16. Thanks David,
    Spam will never be a great long term strategy for building a business. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for them, all that wasted time and effort.
    Wouldn’t it be much better to spend that time making useful and authentic connections.

    Lee, ever thought of writing a tongue in cheek marketing book?

  17. Thanks David, very funny.
    I just started a blog and have been bombarded by several different names from the same IP trying to pimp some genius scheme… alas I didn’t publish any of the comments. Interestingly enough they continued spamming, basically telling me my blog was lame, they were providing the only useful content and I should stop deleting their posts… now that’s good marketing! tell someone they suck to get what you want… well played.

  18. Thank you for existing.
    I am in a Digital Layout class right now and just showed my professor your work, he was amazed.

  19. I’ve definitely seen an increase in sophistication (if you can call it that) in spammers comments – and particularly on my design related sites (I have two) but I also noticed they were coming from the same myspace profile – and ip address too.

  20. I understand your frustration, although I don’t receive nearly as many comments as your blog, I still get people trying to post spam links on my page. I feel that there must be a better way to get traffic and backlinks to websites other than spamming. Come on people. haha

  21. Thank you for the good luck David.

    Vanessa, I know what you mean by the sophistication in spam comments. They will tell their life story and then their problem that a relative died with a billion $ will secured by some secret financial institution and only you can help them by sending your information. What doesn’t make sense is that we have no idea who those spammers even are so why would we fall for their junk advertising?

    I wonder if they’ll ever get the idea that nobody likes spammers or cares for that matter.

  22. I’ve also had a few “likes” on my freelance companies Facebook page recently, at which “Fred” is also so kind as to leave a link or two… wanna lose a gazillion pounds in like 1 week anyone? Nice.

  23. Brilliant! As touched upon by Lee above, how about hiring some Nigerians to spam the spammers? If only I had money to burn…. ;)

  24. Sorry David this is going to look like spam as it’s following another post in quick succession. I just read your comment guidelines – which appeared AFTER I posted my comment??

    It’s kosher not cosha. Cosha is somfink you it peeple wiv.

    Am I the first person to read your guidelines? Or is that a way of checking that people do actually read it? I can tell you’re very clever and that would be a very clever thing to do.

  25. Spammers are indeed a comedians and a great source of fun for me. Blogging would be so much more boring without them brightening up my day with their dose of drivel.

  26. My blog was only up for a few weeks when magically an “Attorney” selling a how to get rich with Ebay course, commented on how nicely designed my site was. Then a “Doc” noted how interesting my posts were and linked over to his muscle building product. They both had the same IP address so I guess they were roommates or something.

  27. At least they are getting creative. The boring, repetitive ones are both annoying and stupid. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to call up Logo Design Creation….

  28. Not related to this post, but just wanted to let you know that today I found your post about the hassles you went through with your domain name in 2007. I suppose gmail is fixed now, but it was such an eye opener that even google is prone to problems. Thank you for that post, it will be something i never forget.

  29. I’ve had spam from these exact same people, and there I was thinking I was special…

    I disabled comments on storm from the east because of this. Unlike you, David, before I did so the site attracted spam way more than it attracted genuine comments, which wasn’t very nice when trying to highlight a designer’s work. Still, perhaps I should be flattered that the spammers think so highly of me!

  30. From the comments that they left it is pretty obvious that it was spam… did they really think that someone on here would read their comment then go to Logo Design Creation? Although in fairness they have now got mentioned a few times, which I guess is what they wanted. And maybe a few people have even checked out their website.

  31. Logo Design Creation got some pretty good “No press is bad press” coverage here…

    What is the difference between a spammer and a promoter besides being online? Promoters, as people are perfectly acceptable in person as they reach out to get everybody to attend their event. Spammers are they same way, but it’s somehow more annoying online? I dislike them both either way.

  32. After some email back-and-forth I’ve been asked to post the following comment on Logo Design Creation’s behalf (their attempt must’ve been caught by the Akismet spam plugin — there are false positives from time-to-time).

    David Airey: Thanks for dedicating this article to us. You have helped boost our web traffic, doubling it up! Thanks to you for that. Just so you know, we are not trying to SPAM your website! Those postings are REAL testimonials from our clients. We often use our clients’ feedback as a testimonial for our marketing purposes. We have gotten their permission before posting it. NOT SPAMMING or SPAMIMONIALS, whatever you wanna call it. Our clients suggested that they would like to leave reviews after our mention in the The Wall Street Journal article – if you have not heard of. That gave us the idea to start posting reviews on the web. As in REAL REVIEWS. I shall repeat again that all our the testimonials that we posted are GENUINE, NOT SPAM or FAKE in any way. The reason why all the postings came from the same IP address was because one of us from the team are in charge of all these clients’ postings – making it easy for our clients so they won’t need to post it themselves. Even though you may disagree with our marketing ways, it is still not considered a SPAM. Our clients will eventually post their testimonials on other blogs or articles. From now onwards, we will no longer post any testimonials or comments on your sites. We do not favor people who make a big deal out of such small matter. We will email you personally the emails of all these three clients you mentioned on your article. You’re welcome to write and confirm with them if you wish to.

    Charles @charlesriccardi : Hey Charles, do you know the exact definition of the word “terrible”? How terrible are we, anyway? You have NEVER used our services before, how do you even know we are terrible? This is very unprofessional of you. How can you criticize someone when you have never come in contact with them at all? Based on the so UNPROFESSIONAL comment made by you, that clearly reflects the type of designer you are. I guess potential clients reading this will never want to work with you either. We love being crafty by the way, that’s what we do since we’re in the creative business. Do let us know how we can improve since you claimed that we’re TERRIBLE. We love to hear from you.

    Steve O @stevedesigner : Crap on the Wall Street Journal? Are you also mocking the professor who reviewed us? If you haven’t already know, we have indeed worked with one of WIRED magazine employee – Jackson Lynch, WIRED photographer and writer. We did not just list WIRED as a client with no apparent reason. Your so unprofessional comment really reflects the type of designer you are. Criticizing a company you have never work with! What a shame.

    Mike Watters @mikewatterspdx : Bob Kish used to be your client? How can you insult your client this way? Unprofessional big time. I guess that’s why he is no longer your client.

    Lee Newham @goodpeopletweet : Wow! 15 logos! With flames and tons of typefaces as well as a free card holder?! Our price offered may be affordable indeed, but not to a price of a skinny latte! If you can offer that on our behalf to our clients, that would make many people very happy. And WE would be thrilled if you could do so! For your information, we’re NOT from Nigeria!

    Nobody @aol: I guess you are even more pathetic to take the time to judge without understanding the entire scenario! Hats off to you for being a coward for not revealing who you really are!



  33. ‘The reason why all the postings came from the same IP address was because one of us from the team are in charge of all these clients’

    Yeah OK, rise above it David, you are too good for them. The only reason their hits rose on their web site is so people could avoid them, a bit like a dentist!

    Best wishes

  34. Can I advertise on your sites for free? I’m not the one that is saying this, it’s my fingers and my IP number.

    Little Pinky

  35. Questionable marketing at best, but I would still call it spam.

    I’ve noticed that spammers seem to target a particular post. At least that’s what I’ve found on my blog, with about 90% of the spam attempting to comment on a post I did back in July.

  36. Great post, some interesting reading. I agree with Mike Mayfield I have one particular post on a surfing blog that gets bombarded daily with spam.

  37. You can tell they’re Indian tech-support types because of how wordy they are, with sentences that don’t go anywhere. Like a bunch of fluff.

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