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some prints

www.someprints.com sells prints by the Manchester-based accident of various shapes and colours Graphic Nothing. Graphic Nothing is the pen/mouse name of Gary Andrew Clarke.

Mona Lisa poster

He was born and raised in a 1970s Leicester (middle of England, middle of nowhere). Early ambitions to become either an entomologist (insects), paleontologist (fossils), space ship model maker or astronomer never quite happened.

So he studied graphic design in Leicester and Manchester (BA Hons, that sort of thing).

Willy Wonka poster

Truman Show poster

During the 1990s and 2000s he worked in the Manchester music industry, performing graphic design and web design. He won a few web awards — for Portishead & Twisted Nerve Records.

He lives in Manchester, or rather Stockport. He likes biscuits.

He also kindly offered a free A2 print of your choosing to four lucky readers.

Paste a link in the comment thread to a photo of “your desk now” and I’ll randomly draw four winners on Friday (updating this post and sending you a ‘winner’ email). I might also publish your photos with a link to your website in an upcoming blog post.

Update: Friday 29 July
Happy to announce Karinya, Luis Nunes, William Btight, and Samantha as the lucky four. You’ve each been sent an email with instructions for collecting your free print.

Velvet Underground poster

1989 poster

Lovely prints, Gary.

My second book on Amazon

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40 comments about “some prints”

  1. Absolutely loved the Mona Lisa print, was not obvious to the eye at all until I read the description and then it became obvious.

  2. Been following Some Prints from a while back and this is a great giveaway.

    Here is my desk at the moment:


  3. Great work! Hope I’ll be lucky enough to win one! Our walls are too much empty in our new office. ;-) http://yoono.com/cEzsOghA

  4. Lovely prints, I love More l’Urbanism (2011)

    My desk at my 9-5 http://yfrog.com/z/khy1auij

  5. Really lovely work. Been looking for some nice stuff to go on the walls of my new house. Think I might have found what I’m looking for!

    Anyway, this is the ‘desk’ I’m sitting behind at the moment…


  6. My desk right now… http://yfrog.com/ki2xuaj resplendent with uber girly tape measure! Really nice work, fingers crossed!

  7. Hi! :D i’d love the MonaLisa one :D those are fantastic didn’t know them.

    My actual temporary desk till we move: http://cl.ly/8mdl

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Amazing prints…….
    my totally chaotic desk today, just dont have enough room for everything

  9. great work. love the banana. don’t judge, i like a messy desk. http://yfrog.com/kh52oeqj

  10. http://yfrog.com/kjip57j

  11. Very cool pictures – thanks for sharing. Note to self “must be more creative”. Oh yeh here’s my desk http://twitpic.com/5w5piy

  12. Thanks for sharing your pics. Been nice getting a glimpse into your workspaces.

  13. Gosh the simplicity is great.


    Even on vaca I gotta keep up with my favorite blogs. ;)

  14. Recently relocated to a new country, and therefore a new home. Walls are a bit bare, and I’m LOVING the work of this artist. So much so, in fact, that I was inspired in how I chose to photograph my desk…


  15. Thanks, Marissa. Hope the vacation’s going well.

    Tamar, I don’t have access to your photo unfortunately. Sounds interesting.

    Oh, and Renato, super extra appreciation for the book on your desk.

  16. Let’s try this again…

    Recently relocated to a new country, and therefore a new home. Walls are a bit bare, and I’m LOVING the work of this artist. So much so, in fact, that I was inspired in how I chose to photograph my desk…


  17. nothing fancy here… just a student´s desk.

    and these are just great. so simple yet so appealing.


  18. Love the simplicity of the posters.

    Here’s a picture of my desk, with just a hint of “sunshine on Leith” in the background.



  19. Awesome stuff, would look great at my office or livingroom.

    Here’s my desk pic to enter the contest..



  20. Enjoying background info on featured artists/designers. Very inspiring to a student/newy to the industry, thanks so much. Enjoy my son’s handywork on my desk at the moment!

  21. Gary’s prints are fantastic. Love the texture, colour and motion. Would love one to brighten my walls…. thanks for the opportunity :)

    Desk photo link: http://kkreations.com.au/desk.html

  22. Mona Lisa print is great! I have no camera nearby, so I’ll post a photo of my desk a little later.

  23. Great stuff, good luck everyone!


  24. My walls are bear! A print would be most appreciated. Here’s my desk. http://twitpic.com/5wl48k

  25. A contemporary Mona Lisa.., love it.
    Here is my desk http://www.indigoimage.com/images/desk.jpg , I usually have great natural light in my office but we are in the middle of a thunder storm and it is pitch black outside!

  26. Cool prints. My desktop:


  27. Here’s my home office!


  28. I’m glad I’m spectacularly unlucky; otherwise, I’d have to choose which print I’d like — a tough decision!

    I was tempted to tidy up a bit, but I thought that might be cheating:

  29. Oh my gosh, please don’t publish this awful picture of my desk. The office in our house is the room that gets the absolute least attention. I wouldn’t make the picture live in there, don’t worry!


  30. I am buying my first mid-modern century home and would love to display your artwork at my house warming!. I WANNNNNAAA WIN!!!! Especially the Mona Lisa Print!

  31. http://i.imgur.com/zbQi9.jpg

    hmm, today should be my clean up day I think.

  32. Here’s my mess.


  33. My boss watched me take this and asked what it was for. I told her and she said, “Someone outside the office can appreciate your strangeness like we do?” So here’s to hoping for a little mystery of the Mona Lisa.


  34. Those prints are awesome!
    My desk at home: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/209/b/8/my_desk_by_hyper42-d41zjng.jpg
    You may notice your book made a little cameo in the bottom left :)
    I love that book, I use it all the time! Only a select few books get to sit on my desk.

  35. Really nice prints!
    (do you have any plans to do some prints David?)

    I know I missed the deadline, but thought I would share my desk anyways.


    As you can see, I need to put some artwork on my wall.

  36. Happy to announce Karinya, Luis Nunes, William Btight, and Samantha as the lucky four. You’ve each been sent an email with instructions for collecting your free print.

    To everyone else, thanks again for sharing a little insight into your lives. I enjoyed browsing your desk spaces (so did a lot of others judging by my web stats).

  37. Andrew, no plans to create some of my own, but my office walls are looking a little like yours at the minute. Gonna get me one of Gary’s fine pieces of work and hopefully a nice black or white frame, too. Thanks for dropping in.

  38. OHHHH YAY!! Thanks heaps to David and Gary! Can’t tell you how excited this just made me :D
    The only problem now is choosing from that array of awesome prints!!! Thanks again :)

  39. Yeahhh! Thank you so much David and of course someprints also, this is going to look awesome on my office wall :D

  40. The Mona Lisa abstract is great!

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