Soirée Graphique

Soirée Graphique poster design

This poster was created for an annual graphic design exhibition in Berne, Switzerland.

“There was no brief or boundaries. After thinking for some time, I figured that a graphic designer faced with no content should create something without content.”

Spotted after turning a page in Computer Arts Collection (a new six-part title from Computer Arts).

Soirée Graphique poster design

Love the colour. I’d happily hang this one on my wall.

Design (and photo) from the website of Switzerland-based designer Felix Pfäffli.

12 responses

  1. While i appreciate the concept, in my opinion it doesn’t communicate the idea and therefore fails in it’s design somewhat.

    One has to ask when trying to keep things simple as possible you loose all sense of communication.

  2. The idea is totally understandable. But… in my opinion, something like this only works when an extremely good marketing campaign is launced as well.

    A design like this raises questions and people start talking about what’s the context behind it. If the context isn’t shown (i.e. by advertising in newspapers or replacing this poster after a few weeks and adding text to this same design) people still don’t know what it is in the end and the poster has no function…

  3. @matt i guess that makes perfect sense. It still however makes me wonder ‘why?’ and i guess the counter arguement to that would be ‘well, why not?’

    thus, we have to just agree on all aspects :P

  4. If there is no content to communicate, and it really is just a pretty poster, then I’m going to have to reason that this is art, not design, regardless of whether or not it was made on a computer. Especially if people have to start asking about context as Tom mentioned.

  5. Its one of those pictures that is so basic, but it draws you in and immediately you can get so many meanings from it… beautiful.

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