Scotland’s first Adage Power 150 blog

Adage Power 150

My humble blog is Scotland’s top entry into the .

The Power 150 is a ranking of the world’s top English-language media and marketing blogs. The positions in the list are calculated using Google’s Page Rank, subscriber data from Bloglines, Technorati back-link info and a subjective total from (who created the original Power 150).

Todd’s subjective score is a ranking out of 15, for which I score 13. It’s based upon the frequency, relevancy, creativity and quality of the blog content. The use of audio, video and graphics is also considered. Thanks very much, Todd.

Advertising Age David Airey

I’m ranked in the top 50 blogs, at number 46, between and .

At the time of writing, only one blog from the UK and Ireland ranks higher, that of . I’m sure there are quite a few other UK blogs out there, that should be above mine, and if you have any in mind I’d appreciate you mentioning them in the comments.

Adage Power 150’s top 10 UK-based blogs

  1. David Airey
  2. Neville Hobson
  3. Adliterate
  4. BrandTarot (broken link removed, 2014)
  5. The Engaging Brand Blog
  6. Welcome to Optimism

It’s fair to say I’m well chuffed to be sitting at number 2, and I wouldn’t be where I am without you guys, subscribing, reading, commenting, conversing and making me think. Your feedback over the past year has brought me to where I am today, so thank you.

If you haven’t seen the , and have an interest in marketing and media, I recommend checking out some of the blogs on the list.

Other people talking about the Power 150:

Reference guides like the Power 150 are excellent promotional tools, and generate a lot of buzz. Just ask Daniel of Daily Blog Tips who has created a few similar lists of his own, such as the top 25 web design blogs, top 25 blogs about blogging and the top 25 seo blogs.

Keep up the great work, Daniel.

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  1. Congrats David! Things like this are always a boost, helping you to recognise that your efforts are not in vain.

    Likewise, I would have requested the flag change too ;)

  2. Congrats David and thanks for the link.

  3. Thanks Armen.

    It is a nice boost, which is why such lists get attention from those associated with them.


    You’re very welcome, and congrats to you too for your entry. Good of you to drop by.

  4. Congratulations ! Keep it up, mate !

  5. Nice to see you there David

    I used to be a little higher on the list, but that Pagerank hit didn’t help, and Todd’s points are subjective.

  6. I am pretty sure you will only go up on such lists over the time!

  7. Zbych (that wasn’t easy to type),

    Thanks a lot, for commenting and for the congrats!


    Yeah, the subjective score can make a lot of difference to your placement, and coupled with your Page Rank drop I can see where you might be on the list.


    Thanks for the encouragment buddy.

  8. Congratulations David! You definitely deserve it!

  9. Congrats, I’m a long-time reader and I think your rank is well-deserved!

  10. Wow! I’m not worthy. :) Thanks for the link and your comments are accurate – it’s a fantastic blog, an incredible resource. Thanks for sharing so much with us!

  11. Congratulations, David – you certainly deserve to be up on there.

  12. Danny, Blaine, Damien,

    Thanks a lot! It’s very kind of you all to say so.


    You’re very welcome, and yes, you’re very worthy too. Keep up the great blogging.

  13. Congratulations. As others have commented, you certainly deserve to be up there.
    I’ll keep an eye on that 150 list, and hope to see you climb further up it.

  14. Congrats. At this rate you’ll be taking over the World not before long!

  15. Congrats Dave

    PS. You must have one heck of an accent…!

  16. Congrats on your achievement.

    I wonder how my blog would rank in Slovenia?

  17. Congrats David. You definitely have a great way of blogging which I think keeps a lot of us coming back. Sure the content is great, but it’s your style that keeps me returning.

  18. Thanks very much, Johno.


    Isn’t that the saying? “Today the Power 150, tomorrow the world.”

    Thanks Mat,

    My accent hasn’t changed too much since leaving Northern Ireland, except to become a little less strong. There’s no Scottish twang, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. ;)


    It’d be interesting to know how you compare to other Slovenian blogs. I’ve thought of compiling a similar reference for my locality. Thanks for the congrats.


    That’s very kind of you!

  19. Number 2? Oh… you can do better than that! ;)

  20. And here the Swiss_Mouse thought that Scotland only had haggis, Braveheart and Whiskey!

  21. Big Congrats!! to you.. you really deserve it man!

  22. Mig,

    Russell’s in my sights, and thanks!

    Swiss Mouse,

    Nice knowledge of Scotland, and now you can accurately tell your grand kids of the four great wonders of this fine country.


    Good of you to say so… cheers bud.

  23. That’s fantastic, David. You deserve it!

    Thanks for the links, too. There’s lot of great stuff on there.

  24. Thanks Leslie! And you’re very welcome.

  25. Wow! Not surprising, but people like you need to have their hard work recognized. Congratulations David! :)

  26. Congratulations David and more power! You deserve it. :)

  27. Carol, Jaypee,

    It’s your visits and comments that help me along the way, so thank you!

  28. though it’s a bit late, but still congratulation to you david. honestly, i’m inspire with your blog and it give me some energy to do mine. thx to you and keep the good work.

  29. Great job David and congratulations!

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