Pitching for design work in floating cement factories

A few features of interest from the blogs I follow, and more.

Martin Lawless at London-based 300million helps explain why I don’t pitch for work.

Delphine of @issue: published a quick quiz on airline tail fins: The Tail End of the Brand Story.

airline tail logos

This fake swimming pool art installation made me look.

fake swimming pool

smashLAB partner Eric Karjaluoto gives designers advice on how to get hired.

johnson banks’ work for Anthony Nolan won “best rebrand from a not-for-profit organisation” in the Transform Awards. Very well done.

Inhabited by architect Ricardo Bofill, this Barcelona cement factory (broken link removed, 2014) is an inspiring home, office, gallery.

Ricardo Bofill cement factory

Last but not least, this slowed footage of flying paint is absolutely beautiful. Head over to Vimeo to watch it full-screen, in HD. Don’t forget the sound.

Video credits
DoP: Johann Cohrs, Siggi Kuckstein
Editing + Compositing: Michael Koch, Michael L├╝bben
Music + Sounddesign: Kian Djalili
Music Distribution: http://chodavez.bandcamp.com/
Contact: floating.film@gmail.com

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  1. I love the installation art on the swimming pool, very eye catching! I can just imagine what it looks like in person.

  2. Hi David,
    Thanks for sharing the slow motion flying paint video. It is amazing.
    I’d like to have it as my screen saver.

  3. I have to comment on the awesome slow mo video. Very far out. I agree with Chaitanya; I would love to have this as a screen saver.

  4. Ooo thanks, I love 300million – another nice blog for me to follow :)

  5. dave blackburn

    The swimming pool illustration is great – had to second look at it to take it in.

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