The Rhein-Herne slinky

Rhein-Herne canal footbridge

If only every footbridge was as creative as the one over Germany’s Rhein-Herne canal. Following the slinky-inspired design of German artist Tobias Rehberger, a colourful ribbon wrapped in a swinging spiral connects the two existing parks either side of the canal.

“Two steel ribbons made of high strength steel connect to the inclined supports across the canal. The resulting tension force is transferred into strong abutments through the outer vertical tension rods. The walkway consists of pre-cast concrete plates, bolted to the stress ribbon, to which the railing and spiral are attached. The springy synthetic pavement of the walkway as well as the colourful rhythmization of the concrete and coating amplifies the dynamic experience of the bridge.”

Rhein-Herne canal footbridge

Rhein-Herne canal footbridge

Rhein-Herne canal footbridge

Location: Oberhausen, Germany
Type of structure: stress ribbon bridge
Owner: Emschergenossenschaft
Completed: 2011
Scope of work: conceptual design, construction design, lighting design
Contractors: ARGE Stahlbau Raulf; IHT Bochum
Cooperation: Madako, Oberhausen

Rhein-Herne canal footbridge

Slinky spring bridge. More photos on CollabCubed.

7 responses

  1. The Bridge is wonderful. Difficult to fund these things during austerity measures. Hopefully one day soon we’ll return to our artistic prime after we rid ourselves of this lingering outdated system.

  2. Slinky… Slinky… Everyone loves a Slinky…
    Yes it’s great to see someone having fun with design – and why not?

  3. This reminds me of the playgrounds that used to be behind some fast food restaurants in the 80’s. The colors and materials are spot on.

    No doubt these would be fun to cross although a lot safer than those playgrounds.

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