Print vendors: a few handy resources

A good working relationship with a printer can help cut the cost of your print projects. But first you obviously need to find a reliable vendor. I covered a few basic money-saving tips deep in the archives, and previously featured your recommended UK commercial printers. Here are some additional resources.

Woodtype specimen CMYK

Jessica Hische added a “find by location” tool to Inker Linker (worldwide, but with US focus).

Lovely as a Tree contains a UK database of commercial printers.

Rob Giampietro published a list of mainly US print vendors (some within Europe).

Tina Roth Eisenberg shared US-based letterpress studios (with many more in the comments).

Designers & Printers is a free directory where print companies list their services (broken link removed, 2015).

Woodtype specimen photo by Grant Hutchinson.

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  1. I’ve known “Inker Linker” by Jessica Hische but all the other websites are new to me. These are great resources!
    Thank you, David, for sharing this with everyone. I bookmarked this blog post of yours. I will definitely check out the websites listed above.

  2. Hello David,

    There is a printer in Houghton-le-Spring, near Durham called Gilpin Press, anything I have enquired about they have always been more than happy to help.

    Best wishes

  3. Printing is a very competitive area we have found (on the cost cutting side as you mentioned David) and most businesses look to reduce printing costs; however the margins for the printers normally are quite small, therefore the savings do not equate into large amounts (unless you are talking high quantity and regular batches).

  4. I order a wide variety of items for my current company – posters, tshirts, a publication, banners, etc. I’ve had good experiences, and then some really horrible ones to follow it up — it all comes down to the customer service when a mistake is made, and you don’t get to find that out until it happens to your order. Too bad there’s not a yelp-like site for print buying.

    I disagree with @David Blackburn. I have found a huge range in print costs for projects when bidding them out. A recent publication project I ordered had a difference of $3,600; we order it 4 times a year, so bidding it out saved us more than $14,000. It really is worth the time and effort to bid out projects to 3 printers and periodically test the waters with a new printer if you’re noticing a price creep over time or find that a particular printer’s bids always come in the highest. Not everyone has the same equipment, overhead, ordering power, etc.

  5. Do you have an opinion about this? Is it true that we can use any file format for printing (really? .png and .jpg?), as long as it is 300 dpi? What about leaving our color conversions for prepress to handle—RGB to CMYK?

  6. Hello,
    I am the owner of Pacific Copy & Print, and my business has been around for more than 20 years. I believe I could definitely be a reliable vendor for potential clients. Please visit our site and see what we offer.
    Thank you

  7. Thanks for the resources, David. It’s always important to check references of any print company you want to use, and from experience, price-shopping can get you into trouble.

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