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Pinebank Asset Management

Pinebank identity design
Pinebank brandmark

Pinebank Asset Management is a mid-sized hedge fund focused on the high-yield credit markets (junk bonds). The company, formerly known as Brownstone Asset Management, recently underwent a name change as part of a reformulation of its partnership. I was hired to design a brand identity that captured “New York City unpretentious wealth,” and portrayed the company as “a safe and honest steward of capital, with some sense of art/culture away from just money.”

Pinebank identity design
Pinebank bridge, Central Park, after which the company was named

Pinebank identity design
Shape variants during a stage of design revision

Pinebank identity design
Pinebank stationery set (letterhead, business card, envelope)

Pinebank identity design
Pinebank labels

Pinebank identity design
Typeface (design by H&FJ) colour

Pinebank identity design
Repeat pattern

Pinebank identity design
Office reception

Client comments

“We found David using an extensive online search and were attracted to his obvious deep knowledge of graphic design as well as his simple elegant lines. We are a New York based hedge fund and were looking to create a logo that reflected our new name and that would be memorable without being flashy. One of David’s key strengths is that he really listens to the client and is very patient in re-working the design until full satisfaction is achieved. David realized the perfect mix of realism and abstraction we were looking for, using his graceful and stylish lines. In short: we love the design!”

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