Personal photography – India

A few select photographs from my recent trip to India.

It’s a fascinating country, and on the whole, the people were very friendly. I’d love to return to see more and to meet some fellow blog authors.

Mumbai India photo

Above is the view from the hotel in Mumbai, overlooking the Queen’s necklace — a long, curved strip of road that resembles a pearl necklace at night.

River Princess Candolim Goa India

The River Princess (above) is a beached tanker that has been rusting just 500 metres off the coast of Candolim, Goa, since the year 2000. Apparently, work is underway to lighten it’s load so that tug boats can remove it.

River Princess Candolim Goa India

I must admit, the rusting monster does make an intriguing backdrop for beach cricket.

Candolim beach Goa India David Airey

dogs running on beach in goa india

On quite a few nights, my girlfriend and I were kept awake by the howling dogs that live by the beach — just too fast to catch.

Goa is one of Western India’s largest trading ports, and if you cast your eye to the horizon in the above shot, you’ll notice large tankers in the distance. They seem to be forever moored off the coast.

Anjuna market Goa India

Anjuna market Goa India

Anjuna market (pictured above) is a lively place where you can pick up spices, clothes, lanterns, chillums…

India bus station

“Do you have a ticket for those bananas?”

David Airey feeding a monkey

On the way to Dudhsagar Falls we stopped to feed the monkeys. A lot of them seemed to prefer red onions to bananas, which no doubt did wonders for their mating.

Indian boy eating coconut

Munching on coconut that dropped from a nearby tree.

If you have any stories from your time in India, I’d love to read them.

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  1. It looks like an incredible place David. I almost hope that they don’t remove the tanker. It’s something different to the ordinary beach. :)

  2. That was quick :) In your email you said you were gonna do it, then like 5mins later – magic! Cool pictures, I might put some up from my holidays in New Caledonia and Fiji – just got back 2 days ago as you know.

  3. Nice pictures!

    Do you have any pictures of yourself read emails about your domain name being hacked in the internet cafe?

    Hope to catch up soon.


  4. Michael,

    It was quite novel having that tanker there. The beaches stretch for miles, so it’s only visible in a small section, but that small section happens to be one of the nicest, so we stayed there for the most time.


    That’d be great to see your shots. Glad you like these ones.


    Sadly, I don’t have that horror shot from when I read the ‘website gone’ emails. I have a shot of my girlfriend checking her emails but it’s not the same. Nice idea though, if only I had my blogger head on at the time.

    All the best.

  5. Looks like you had quite a bit of fun. I’m jealous, I desperately need a vacation.

  6. Hi Dustin,

    You’re the first to test out the CommentLuv plugin I just installed. Looks pretty nifty, and nice to see your latest blog post title automatically pasted below your comment.

  7. Yeah I saw that checkbox, it is a good idea. I might just install that plugin myself.

  8. Great pictures, David. Thanks for sharing.

    My two kids under 5 tell me that I’m going to be enjoying vacations like this vicariously for a long time…

    And I’m so glad you got everything straightened out on the domain end. I’ve been meaning to post and not getting around to it…

  9. Nice pictures. The next time you come to India, don’t think you can escape me…. :)

  10. David,

    Pity that it beached there then. I suppose when you say “small,” it wasn’t really a small stretch by UK standards!

  11. Thanks Leslie,

    I hope you had a great time with your kids at Christmas? Do they eagerly await Santa’s visit? I’m hoping I’ve all that to look forward to.


    Haha, I’ll be sure to let you know. I checked out your last blog post and left my thoughts. Hope it’s of some help?

  12. So… the wait for the snaps is over!
    Nice ones!
    Which place did you liked the most. If you ever get time do visit Pondicherry. It’s a very peaceful place… worth visiting.

  13. No Michael,

    The stretch of beach certainly wasn’t small by UK standards. ;)


    Glad you like. I most enjoyed eating out in Candolim. The food there is fantastic – fresh seafood, excellent spicy India dishes.

    My mouth’s watering at the thought.

    I’ll be sure to look-up Pondicherry. Thanks for the tip.

  14. You went to India…we went to Disneyland. I think there were about 65,000 people there too! Glad you had a nice trip and the pictures are great. I just posted my Disneyland pictures on my other blog Pentimento if anyone wants to see them. Welcome home David!

  15. I have not been to India but hopefully will be doing it this year. It is one of my all time dreams to visit and spend some time there (wife has even agreed as well)

  16. btw I really like the ‘CommentLuv ‘ Plugin.
    I may have to look at it :)

  17. David,
    Is there any reason you chose Goa over Kerala? I am from Kerala and I have been informed that Kerala is the no:1 tourist destination in the world.

    The comment love plugin is good. But I would rather use a smaller font for that.

    Also, Thanks for commenting on my work.

  18. The beached boat reminds me of when the Pasha Bulker got stranded at the beach about 15 mins away from where I live in Newcastle, Australia.

    Sorry to say, I haven’t even heard of Kerala? I probably sound very bias saying this but Sydney was voted ‘The Best City‘ in September last year…
    However cities are different in their own right, and it all depends on what your after.

  19. I told you.. I don’t have any good info either. I just read it somewhere. These things are always biased.
    But here is what I found:
    It does’t tell “the best” but it does tell “among top 10″.

    I’d love to visit Sydney someday…

  20. Incredible country, great photos! Why did you chose to visit Goa, David? I didn’t think it’s possible for someone to go to India and not visit Taj Mahal ;-) Though that Immaculate Conception Church is majestic and definitely worth visiting.
    What was the most fascinated thing you saw during your stay in India, David?

  21. Jermayn,

    I like the CommentLuv plugin too. It’ll prompt me to visit more of my reader’s blogs, which is always good.


    I’d planned to visit Kerala, but that’ll have to wait until my next trip. I’ve heard, and read, that’s it’s a beautiful part of the country. Kind of like what Goa was 10 years ago.


    I chose Goa because of what people told me about it, and it’d been so long since I was on a beach. I wanted to swim in a sea that wasn’t 5 degrees centigrade.

    In saying that, the Taj Mahal would be worth the flight alone, I reckon.

    The most fascinating thing I saw was how happy orphaned children were. It definitely puts things into perspective when you see a large group of kids, all with huge smiles, yet with so few possessions. Just goes to remind us that the best things in life aren’t tangible.

  22. Wow, you should make your own photograph blog or gallery!

    In contrary with your vacation, in the new year eve of 2008, I was going to a night club with friends to have some head banging music. It doesn’t feel like a pleasant night to me. The time flew so fast, so does the money.

  23. Looks like you had a very nice vacation in India!

    Next time if you visit India and by any chance think of coming to Calcutta please do tell me. I guess you won’t get a better tour guide than me here ;-)


  24. Hello David,
    Hope u had a great time.. I read ur post on my RSS reader and I was abt to advice u to come to Kerala next time.. looks like Niyaz already did that part.. Next time you come.. come for a longer duration there is more to see in India other than beaches ! And hey let me know if you are coming to Bangalore!

  25. PS: You must visit Gokarna in Karanataka (just below Goa) well.. the place has a similar ambience as Goa, and is less commercialized

  26. Heya David,

    I like your pics of india. I’ve never been to India before… heck never left the US… so yeah I’m a lil deprived… I hope to get to travel more this years though.

    Also, I’m just now checking out the Commentluv plugin. It looks cool. Anyhow, thx for sharing you pictures, very cool. :)

  27. Oh David, I just had been to Goa, and was chilling at Baga beach for all 2-3 days on this new year eve. I had posted here about my plan to head to Goa

    We had lot of fun on Baga beach, specially chilling out on Sun bed with back massage and beer. I will post some pictures soon on my blog.. just did not get time to get them downloaded from my new Sony DSC-T200.

  28. Didik,

    I hope you enjoyed your new year, regardless of the cost.


    If I make it to Calcutta, I’ll be sure to let you know. Thank you!


    Likewise for Bangalore. I know there’s so much more in India than just beaches, but to see it all properly would take at least a year!


    The CommentLuv plugin is a great one, and has got me wanting to read your ‘frist online music video’ post.

  29. Yes I hear you and just installed it… and you should see me singing lol. Please try not to laugh too hard if you do. :)

  30. Abhijeet Mukherjee

    Hi David…yes I am based in Delhi(replying to your question in the comments of previous post)….and the pics are cool….and apart from Mumbai and Goa there are other excellent destinations to explore in a vast and extraordinarily diverse country like India….lemme know next time you come…we can start with Delhi :)

  31. hi david
    great post! i forwarded your logo post to the rest of my team and then saw your Goa one!
    we would love to organise a bloggers’s meet next time you’re in India (we have a lot of barcamps, mobile mondays and bloggers’ meets in Delhi & Bangalore) so let me know. and if you have time check out my blog.

  32. Abhijeet,

    I’ll certainly let you know. Thanks.


    Attending one of your meets would be fantastic. I’ll keep you in mind when I’m next planning a visit.

  33. Wow, it is the light and the fantastic colours that you never get in this country that are so inspiring. Lovely! It reminds me of a trip that I took Mexico (probably over 12 years ago now), I shot about 50 rolls of film and felt enriched for weeks after. Trips like that are a bit out of the question now that we have 2 kids, perhaps we will take them along when they are a bit older.
    Anyway, so glad you had a fab time :)

  34. Cheers Toni. ;)

    I’d love to visit Mexico. Central and Southern America are two places I really want to explore.

  35. David, thanks for sharing those, it looked like you both had a great time….dang youive also got me thinking on going somewhere warm b4 I start my new gig!

  36. p.s loving that comment plugin, very cool indeed

  37. Really cool pictures of India! I like the historical/hollywood significance of the one. I remember that scene from a fav. movie of mine.

    My only opportunity to travel overseas got forestalled by a tragedy. I was going to do Londontown, hopefully not looking like a silly American on vacation. (In fact, I was thinking of staying there permanently.)

    Any hoodles, your eye for scenes comes across well from your background. And always, a pleasure to pop by.

  38. Hi Rob,

    Glad you like the plugin. I’m liking it too, and I hope you get that break before your next project.


    Sorry to learn of the tragedy that prevented your London visit. I’ve been there a few times, and whilst I’d not wish to stay permanently, there’s always so much to see.

    Thanks for the visit.

  39. Those are awesome pictures captured in beautiful country! But still you have lot more places to explore I bet!

  40. I certainly do, Benedict. Many many more places.

    Thanks for commenting.

  41. great trips David. When will you visit Indonesia, my country? It’s more beautiful than India :)

  42. Hi David

    Nice pictures, I particularly like the one of the kids playing cricket on the beach, it’s lovely. They are absolutely cricket bananas over there, aren’t they? I had never watched more than two minutes of cricket (without feeling I was slipping into a coma) before I went to India, but when we were there, the local people were so into it, it kind of becomes infectious. I even learned a few cricket terms.

    So I’m sure you’re delighted to be back in Northern Europe with it’s grey skies ….

  43. Hi Jennifer,

    They certainly are cricket mad. India is without a doubt the centre of the cricketing world. Personally I also find it slightly coma-inducing, but it was fun to watch that beach game.

    I’m just back from a walk on the beach here in Scotland, and yes, the grey skies are wonderful! ;)

  44. I’ve always wanted to travel internationally – further than Canada, anyway – and these are inspiring a lot of wanderlust. Your coastal photos … make the place seem more accessible, not quite as far away. They look somewhat familiar from having walked around the Atlantic and Pacific, although I’ve never seen a tanker like that…

  45. Steve Glossop

    Hello David,

    Nice photos, looks you had an enjoyable time.
    My wife and I visited India in January and we did the ‘Golden Triangle’ tour. Unfortunately we didn’t have a great time. I don’t know whether the people are different in the North or if it was just the the way the tour was organised but it was a real challenge. On the train journey back from Ranthambore to Delhi I had a run in with a railway magistrate who brought an armed guard onto the train and ordered me off! He had actually used my shoulder to haul himself out of his seat and when I challenged him he scuttled off the train and brought the guard on. I said there was no way I was going anywhere and then this American guy intervened and calmed the situation. Really bizarre series of events

    I think Goa and Kerala sound great places to visit and maybe next time we’ll just do a beach holiday! :-)

  46. Steve,

    I hope you can look back on the train encounter and smile. It’s those things that aren’t good at the time, but when no harm’s done, eventually you can look back with a grin. Still, rather you than me, and I know you’d love the beaches (not for too long mind).

    Thanks for dropping by.

  47. Great photos! very creative and really good quality..keep posting more..I always enjoy around the world photos..

  48. Thanks Asher.

    I’m glad you like my photos.

  49. My best friend is from Goa, he was moved to tears when I sent him this link – seems you have captured its soul in your pix – nice!

  50. Wow. I’m heading to Japan at some point and REAAAALLY wanna go to india while i’m there…..being from New York I might not have too many chances to be that close…these pictures are great. Just went on an indian picture search on google. thanks for the motivation.

  51. Sarah, BitBox,

    Thanks for the compliments! BitBox, I hope you have a great time in Japan. I’ve never been, but have a few friends currently out there teaching English.

  52. Wow, what a great collection of photos. I am headed to Buenos Aires next month and am looking for a few good sites to help me brush up on my technique. I have been going to Howcast and watching their videos, but could use a few more resources if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated!

  53. Hi Kelly,

    I’d love to visit Argentina, and hope you have a great time there. Have you seen Digital Photography School? I’ve not read much there, but it’s a very popular photography blog from Darren Rowse.

  54. i read the comment on the anjuna pic’s that u get chillums there.. well actually ya Goa is a Good place for chillums and ‘stuff’ but if u are really really looking for a stoner trip then u should visit the Himachal…. its the Land of Hash and trust me that hash is second only to Moroccan hash…… and oh u can get a lotta stuff for smoking there too :) ….. sadly its a little off the beaten track so best of luck :)


    hi loved your writting on goa, we go every january and have done so for 14yrs we love it out there, we r hoping to go the end of jan as i fell off my bike and broke my ankle in 2 places, so we had to put the holiday back to next year, but hoping to get the plaster off the beginning of jan then we hope to go later if dr will allow,your photos are great do you know if they have removed the big boat yet as last year they were taking it apart and said it would be gone by march, but it look as if its still there.would love to know if it is gone

  56. Glynis,

    Work on the boat was being carried out daily when I was there, but I’m not sure if the River Princess has since been removed. I hope your ankle heals soon!

  57. hey david.
    i landed up on ure website whilst looking for some logo designs.
    i like to think of myself as a designer until i discover real designers and real designs like yours.
    Design is so much fun. I wish more people understood its importance and not only that… also enjoy the process.

    I’l be glad to keep visiting ur website here and if at all your back to India… do post me. id like to show u arnd here in Mumbai :]

    harbir singh
    design conquest
    Mumbai, India

  58. Wow great photos! India is really beautiful. I’ve never been there but had been planning on a trip in the next few years. You do great work.

  59. It’s great to see someone promoting india from other part of the world.
    I am glad to be here in india and i have been in goa and kerala too…WOW!!!


    Thats great, have you test the ‘Golgappe ‘,? A great test from India.

  61. Colin

    Oh yes, Goa! What a remarkable, beautiful place! I was there in late 2000 with friends. I wonder if Tito’s bar is still there – it was a bar we went to every night to kick the evening off, and it was just off the long road that led to Baga Beach..

    I will never forget the smiles on those kids’ faces on the corner of the streets.. or the 6 year old Indian lad on the beach that spoke with a perfect Cockney accent and kept calling everyone “cheeky monkey”! Then there was Buna the pineapple woman on the beach… and of course those skinny cows on the beach!

    All very pleasant memories…

  62. Perhaps Tito’s is still there, Colin. I didn’t spend much time around Baga, so can’t say. Lots of skinny cows roaming the beaches though, that’s for sure.

  63. Arshia

    nice pictures! but i think a trip to New Delhi would be an experience to see the colorful “graphics” so to say, on the trucks and other public transport! it truly a sight not to be missed! it really does get your mind working!

  64. A nice collection of pics from India! You have tried to capture the various hues of the city – the queen’s necklace, beach cricket, the sunset… and so on. I’m glad to have visited your blog.

  65. those are some beautiful pictures

  66. Hey David,

    I have been reading your blog on various stuff for almost a year now:) great work! and got captivated by your Goa pictures. Really nice shots n thanks for sharing them. Being a native to India, it makes me all the more proud when a foreigner discovers the true beauty of my country. Thank you again and please visit Tamilnadu my own state when you are here the next time, I promise you will get truly enchanted by her beauty as well. – Peace!

  67. Thanks very much, Aarthi. There’s so much natural beauty in India. I only got to sample a slither.

  68. Vicky

    Hi David. I think u enjoyed lot’s in Goa but I would like to tell you that it isn’t only Goa where you feel like this. There are many other places across India where you can go… like Shimla, Manali, Nainital, BodhGaya and many more.

  69. Great David,

    When will you visit India again? I will be here to welcome you for sure. I will arrange all the things here, so that you can visit more incredible places in India.

  70. No plans as yet, Satish, but thanks for the kind offer.

  71. Indeed India is a brilliant place.. there are time i wish i was a tourist here… im sure i would appreciate it more as i often tend to take it for granted…(btw.. i am from delhi, india).. iv traveled heaps across the country myself.. personal favorite being Kashmir.. and of course rajasthan… (if u ever do plan these… my advise would be do it by road… nothing could even come close..)

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