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Educating Penguins

These cover designs for Penguin Education are great.

Penguin Education book cover design
Juniors cover design by: Omnific/Philip Thompson

Penguin Education book cover design
Personality cover design by: Omnific/George Mayhew

Penguin Education book cover design
Half Way There cover design by: Omnific/Martin Causer

Penguin Education book cover design
Ageing cover design by: Omnific/Derek Birdsall

Penguin Education book cover design
Males & Females cover design by: Omnific/Derek Birdsall

Courtesy of avid Penguin collector Richard Weston.

Penguin cover designs

You can view Richard’s complete series of covers in the Penguin Books Flickr collection.

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5 comments about “Educating Penguins”

  1. These Look quite old, are they from back in day or are they made to look that way? Sometimes you just have to kick your self when you see the simplicity of some of these ideas!

  2. Classic. Beautiful. Distinguished.

    I love the Penguin covers – always have and I bet I always will. Richard’s collection never ceases to amaze me…

    Thanks for pointing these out David!

  3. All the cover designs are very beautiful, but the one that stood out for me is the cover for the book Males & Females, it’s simple and smart. I love it.

    Thank you, this is an inspiring post.

  4. Great cover design collection!

    My favorite ones are Half Way There and Juniors. Not much graphics but still a clear message. Very creative.

  5. Thanks again David for inspiration. These are so great… and I have a book cover job coming up. Great timing. :D This concept would work perfectly.

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