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From the reader #12

Akos Major

Eye-catching shots by Hungarian photographer Akos Major.

“Nobody bought the cheapest option.”

Three beer bottles

Make people choose between your plans, instead of choosing whether to buy your product or not.

Bob Gill, so far.

Bob Gill, so far

More than three hundred of Gill’s most inventive images from his eighteen books.

Available for pre-order

Plugging in light bulb

Work for Money, Design for Love is now available for pre-order through Amazon.

WordPress vs ExpressionEngine

WordPress ExpressionEngine logo

Some decent reads on the pros and cons of each platform.

Bob Gill

Bob Gill website

He has a talent for turning design briefs into simple, memorable, appropriate, and witty outcomes.

Studio Culture at the Design Museum

Studio Culture at the Design Museum

The people you work with define the work you do.

Quick, hide the chips

Fish and chips in newspaper

800 retailers have been banned from serving chips to avoid infringing on McDonald’s rights.

Nicolas Ritter: One

Nicolas Ritter: One

Nicolas Ritter’s photography project, One, caught my eye.

Designer headaches

Frederick Meijer Gardens sculpture

Although I’ve yet to find my own cure, there are some common sense things that help.

The Tate Gallery by Tube

The Tate Gallery by Tube poster

A fantastic poster created by David Booth some 25 years ago.

One chapter every nine days

Work for Money, Design for Love schedule

That’s my schedule.

Back to those morals…

Anti-abortion billboard ripped

“…harmful lies, emotive scaremongering and judgement.”

USB microphone recommendation

Jeff Croft desk

I’ve been looking for a good microphone (for video calls, podcasts, etc.).

From the reader #11

Dark Side of the Lens — stunning cinematography from the swells of the seas.

“You can’t tell me you’ll know it when you see it.”


If you want great work, you’ll need to embrace some simple facts.

Shape as a brand attribute

Trivial Pursuit

When a brand’s product is obvious from the shape alone.

How and why to add feed-specific content using WordPress

WordPress symbol

If you have a WordPress blog, I recommend giving PostPost a go.

You don’t have to be as good as everyone else

Neil Gaiman at the University of the Arts

Renowned writer and creator Neil Gaiman explains how freelancers attract new business.

What employers look for #5

Believe in meeting room

More design employment advice, this time contributed by Blair Thomson of Exeter-based Believe in.

The Rhein-Herne slinky

Rhein-Herne canal footbridge

If only every footbridge was as creative as the one over Germany’s Rhein-Herne canal.

From the reader #10

Brooklyn Bridge painters 1914

Painters suspended on cables of the Brooklyn Bridge, on October 7, 1914.

Ethics in design (and who you won’t work with)

Crumpled note

What type of business would you refuse to work with on ethical grounds?

Two memorable business cards

Poole & Hunter business card

A business card for a bespoke tailor, and another for a music duo.

Where’s your studio?


It’d be great to learn from the business owners among you.

Milton Glaser on Donald Trump

Trump Vodka

Milton Glaser was recently asked, “What do you think of Donald Trump?”

Using sound symbolism in branding

Maluma and Takete

Take two imaginary names, pair each with the symbol you think is a better fit.

From the reader #9

Pencil calendar

Mytton Williams reminisce about their past self-promotional work.

What convicts can teach us about branding

Raw salmon fillet

What they did was terrible, dishonest and wonderfully entertaining. But what it teaches us is the incomparable value of good branding and design.

Educating Penguins

Penguin Education book cover design

These cover designs for Penguin Education are great.