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Work for Money, Design for Love

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How do you differ?

Energy saving bulb

What are your competitors saying about their businesses? How do you differ?

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Work for Money, Design for Love

My second book Work for Money, Design for Love is now available.

From the reader #15

Lego New York

Lego New York, by 3D artist JR Schmidt.

When selling design is like selling furniture

Eames lounge chair

“They’d rather buy a few things that are good and are going to endure, than lots of stuff which isn’t.”

Self-filling water bottle

Namib Desert beetle

“Our initial prototype will collect anywhere from half a litre of water to three litres per hour.”

What if money was no object?

Castle in the sky

A thought-provoking short video narrated by philosopher Alan Watts (1915-1973).

MOO Christmas discount

Single snowflake

If you’re getting some Christmas cards from MOO, this should save you a few pennies.

Massoud Hassani, mine sweeper

Mine Kafon

Massoud Hassani. Designer. Life saver.

Chalet C7, Portillo, Chile

Chalet C7, Chile

My kind of holiday destination.

New work: Asian Development Bank

ADB Annual Meeting symbol

I was hired to develop a symbol to identify the Annual Meeting.

Stop motion. Behind the scenes.

Suus Hessling and Rogier Wieland

When you invite people into your design process, it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting.

From the reader #14

Vincent Kohler wood cuts

Artist Vincent Kohler shows the different pieces of wood that are cut from a log.

The ideal design process?

Design process flowchart

A good CreativeMornings video where Tom Foulkes and Michael Johnson talk process.

10,000 hours

Siobhan Keaney placeholder

“A good four or five years after graduation is needed for designers to begin to find their feet.”

Buzludzha monument, Bulgaria

Buzludzha typography

Captivating, otherworldly photos of Buzludzha, Bulgaria, by photographer Timothy Allen.

Book Mountain, by MVRDV

Book Mountain

the Book Mountain library in Spijkenisse, Netherlands, is designed as an advert for reading.

In production

Work for Money, Design for Love goes to press this week.

Work for Money, Design for Love spine mockup

When pro bono design pays off

Café Tacuba

This is just one example of how you can grow your business at the same time as helping those in need.

From the reader #13

Concrete business card

These concrete business cards are novel.

When what you’re selling isn’t what you’re selling

Make Your Idea Matter

Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.

On designers critiquing designers

Balancing a rock and a feather

Design blogs often direct a lot of negativity toward projects of different kinds — especially within comment threads.

“The person who lives in the moment cannot have style.”

Miles Newlyn

“…habits are a refusal of the moment and a reliving of the past.”

Business cards by Oomph

Oomph business cards

Look at that subtle off-white colouring. The tasteful thickness of it.

Ask about the budget

Dodge St Regis hood ornament

It’ll save us all from having to look at everything on the [car] lot.

Steal Like an Artist

Steal Like an Artist

Steal Like an Artist is a great little book by Austin Kleon.

Luxe by MOO

MOO Luxe business cards

The Luxe card, MOO’s most premium product, launched at the start of the year.

Idler, a modular typeface family by Lamesville

Idler typeface

Idler is an all caps, modular display typeface family for big, bold lettering.

On finding design work in a new country

Iancu Barbărasă logo

Iancu Barbărasă shares the story of his 2010 move from Bucharest to London.

From the reader #12

Akos Major

Eye-catching shots by Hungarian photographer Akos Major.