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Ninety percent of group discussions start off on the wrong foot

100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

Always begin with a recap of the design brief.

Test your trademark

Test your trade-mark

How good is it legally?

SODAE house


VMX Architects at work in Amstelveen, Netherlands.


WORDS font

Two Three free fonts as alternatives to Lorem Ipsum.

Reflections on design self-employment

Lamp workspace

A few designers who’ve reflected on their time in self-employment.


Kairos logo

Here’s a project from a few years back that I never added to the blog.

On selling websites

Heart dollar

Last week I was offered a five-figure sum for the sale of the Logo Design Love website.

Interactive mind maps

Visual thesaurus

Visual Thesaurus. A kind of interactive mind map.

From the reader #17

Zurich concert poster 1955

Joanne Meister writes about Josef Muller-Brockmann (1948-1981), for I Love Typography.

Trouble at home

Northern Ireland flag

Some political commentators have suggested the creation of a new flag for Northern Ireland.

Early feedback

Work for Money, Design for Love

Some brilliant early feedback about Work for Money, Design for Love.

Artfully visualising our humanity

Flight Patterns Atlanta

A few projects that reflect on our lives and our systems.

Defining iconic brands

Google data center pipes

Competing today is different from the past because…

From the reader #16

Absolut Unique

It would take 94 quintillion bottles before two identical designs were produced.

Swimming pool wish list

Blue Lagoon spa

Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.” Not sure I agree.

Falling out of 2012

David Airey skydive

Not quite Felix Baumgartner, but definitely one of my 2012 highlights.

The Wallery

The Wallery

The Wallery is a place where international and emerging artists think outside the frame.

It’s not always about the money

Money kite

The following is an excerpt from the “Pricing your work” chapter of Work for Money, Design for Love.

Choose a free chapter

Work for Money, Design for Love

If you leave a comment with your chapter choice I’ll create a free PDF for the most popular.

How do you differ?

Energy saving bulb

What are your competitors saying about their businesses? How do you differ?

In stock

Work for Money, Design for Love

My second book Work for Money, Design for Love is now available.

From the reader #15

Lego New York

Lego New York, by 3D artist JR Schmidt.

When selling design is like selling furniture

Eames lounge chair

“They’d rather buy a few things that are good and are going to endure, than lots of stuff which isn’t.”

Self-filling water bottle

Namib Desert beetle

“Our initial prototype will collect anywhere from half a litre of water to three litres per hour.”

What if money was no object?

Castle in the sky

A thought-provoking short video narrated by philosopher Alan Watts (1915-1973).

MOO Christmas discount

Single snowflake

If you’re getting some Christmas cards from MOO, this should save you a few pennies.

Massoud Hassani, mine sweeper

Mine Kafon

Massoud Hassani. Designer. Life saver.

Chalet C7, Portillo, Chile

Chalet C7, Chile

My kind of holiday destination.

New work: Asian Development Bank

ADB Annual Meeting symbol

I was hired to develop a symbol to identify the Annual Meeting.

Stop motion. Behind the scenes.

Suus Hessling and Rogier Wieland

When you invite people into your design process, it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting.