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Measuring design’s return on investment

Design ROI

How do you measure the success of a design project?

Originality in design

Dyson Air Multiplier

Emilyn Cheong asked me a few questions for her final year project, titled “Originality Trouble.”

Eliodomestico: a solar household still for developing countries


Giving families drinking water from the sea at no operating cost.

The computer’s a dangerous instrument…

Milton Glaser, to inform and to delight

…because it shapes your capacity to understand what’s possible.

Guinness Extra Cold posters

Guinness Extra Cold poster

Good ideas don’t need embellishment.

Blank Slate: A Comprehensive Library of Photographic Templates

Blank Slate

A nice alternative to signing up to a stock photography website.

The Design Method

Exit sign

The Design Method is a new book by Eric Karjaluoto.

From the reader #19

Coloured lights

Free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos.

On communication between designers and clients

Telephone pole

I was briefly interviewed by Web Designer magazine about designer/client communication.

Book giveaway

LDL and WFMDFL books

I’m giving away seven copies of each of my books, and 20 codes for digital versions of each.

The financial value of side projects


The compromise was £57.5K (about $90K USD).

150 years of designs for the Dutch Postal Services

Dutch postal service

I just spent too long looking at design history from the Dutch Postal Services.

Busier than expected


The other night I watched Panorama’s Tainted Love episode.



Written by Linds Redding a few months before he died last year aged 52.

Wonderland. A short documentary on creative commerce.

Creative professionals talk about dealing with things that may seem out of your control.

Banknotes for the visually impaired

Canadian banknote

Only the United States prints bills that are identical in size and colour in all their denominations.

Picasso and pricing your work

Picasso and Brigitte Bardot

A question I’m often asked is whether to charge clients by the hour or by the project.



Water is collected by the house itself, cleaned and reused, and the house supplies its own power.

Introducing charm into charmless categories

Haus der Kulturen der Welt

A great insight into SomeOne’s approach to brand identity projects.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Typo Berlin venue), photo credit: Farbkontrast

Design pricing for non-profits

Paper money

Do the same design pricing principles apply?

The Fortune Cookie Principle

Fortune cookie

Full of inspiring stories about what makes businesses unique (and successful).

One breath at a time

Sun Hongsheng

People I’ll never meet can do a lot to keep me motivated.

Double-use billboards

IBM smart ideas billboard

“By adding a simple curve, we gave advertising a new function.”

15 Years, 115 Projects

15 115 by Mark Bloom

15/115 (15 Years, 115 Projects) is the second book from designer Mark Bloom of Mash Creative.

Thoughts on design crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing design

The time necessary to “compete” in contests outweighs the potential reward.

Paul Jarvis shares good advice for designers

Paul Jarvis book cover artwork

Here are some posts and resources of interest, and some thoughts I agreed with.

A billboard that turns air into drinkable water

Billboard air water Peru

Probably the best billboard I’ve ever seen.

More on unpaid internships

Exit sign

An internship is not where the intern does the work of a normal employee without getting paid.

New work: Virtulos

Virtulos app icon

Something I worked on this year for São Paulo-based Virtulos.

Only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

You are more beautiful than you think.