David Airey is an independent graphic designer working with companies of all sizes since 2005.

Ringtone, dialtone, Pantone

Pantone mobile phones

#1: What colour shall we make our new range of mobile phones?
#2: Hmmmm. Shall we use Pantone?
#1: Yes! What will we call the colour range?
#2: Hmmmm. Shall we use Pantone?
#1: Super! How will we market the new style?
#2: Hmmmm. Shall we use Pantone?

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Screamfest poster designs

Screamfest poster 1

Posters designed to advertise Screamfest — a Los Angeles independent horror film festival.

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Technorati ranking system

I’ve not been blogging for long at all. If you actually make it to my blog’s footer (a point I’ll be picking up on thanks to your great design feedback) you’ll notice that my monthly article archives only stretch back to October of last year. Whether or not this is actually worth posting about is […]

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European logo design awards

Eulda 2007

The only award scheme endorsed by 50+ national and international design associations.

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Italia logo design from Landor

Italy logo

Graphic designers are up in arms after Italy unveiled a new logo.

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