One Show logo design finalists

One Show Award

The 2009 One Show Design Awards are approaching. Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the logo finalists.

Logo / trademark design finalists

Woodmere Art Museum — by: 160over90
Woodmere Art Museum logo

The Alliance for Climate Protection: we — by: COLLINS:
We logo

Second Harvest — by: GJP Advertising + Design
Second Harvest logo

Maison Theatre — by: lg2boutique
Maison Theatre logo

Simonini: Robbins Park — by: LKM Ideas
Robbins Park logo

MIMA: FEED — by: Martin Williams
FEED logo

Weight Watchers: Lose for Good — by: McCann Erikson
Lose for Good logo

Kristy Harrison Wedding Photography — by: Rethink
Kristy Harrison logo

The full list of finalist names is available to download via PDF on the One Show Design website. Judging takes place between May 1-3.

There are four designs I particularly like: Alliance for Climate Protection (shown previously here), Kristy Harrison Photography, Woodmere Art Museum, and FEED.

Which stand out for you?

36 responses

  1. I’m also a fan of Kristy Harrison Photography’s logo.

    *I’ve been seeing this logo showcased in many place — makes one think that hiring a good designer not only ensures a great design — but it can also serve as ‘free’ marketing for the client — as the designer’s work get showcased all over!

  2. Would be really difficult to pick just one from even this list. I really like Second Harvest, Weight Watchers and Kristy Harrison Wedding Photography. Of the three, it would probably come down to Kristy Harrison just eking past Second Harvest.

    Woodmere and Maison Theatre are ridiculously close, in my opinion. The palette and the use of triangles … Woodmere’s I think is more coherent and perhaps I’m just put off by Woodmere’s because I see both that and Maison.

    Wonderful roundup, thanks for sharing these.

  3. I agree with others about Kristy Harrison’s logo. I forwarded a link to this post to my good friend who is a wedding photographer. I love this concept!

    I also really like the Maison Theatre logo. We’ve seen the transparency effect in a lot of recent logos but it is very appropriate for Maison’s logo. The forms look like stage lights, and I think the shape is interesting enough to work as a 1 color logo.

  4. My picks are:

    1) Robbins Park
    2) Second Harvest
    3) Lose For Good (although the minus sign isn’t quite centered vertically within the “o” which bugs me a bit)

    I do like the one for Kristy Harrison (given that I’m a designer whose clientele is 90% photographers), however; her name should be more dominant than the type of photography she does.

    Great submissions!

  5. Of all these, the Woodmere and Kristy Harrison’s Logos appeal to me the most. They are clean and represents a well-executed idea. The direction and what the brands are about as reflected thru the logos are spot on.

  6. “Lose for Good” is wonderfully cheeky and so is “Feed”. The Second Harvest is also really nice. I enjoy the Kristy Harrison logo, only for the fact that they took something that has probably been done many times over and made it fresh and interesting, how many times do we have to see the aperture in a photographers logo?

    I don’t think they really thought it out when they nominated two logos that look alike in style and color. The Woodmere and Maison are just too close to share the same stage. It’s like casting casting two Betties and no Veronica. I don’t really blame either agency for this (geometric letter shapes are bound to be on a few mood-boards), but I do point the finger at those who did the nominations for not seeing this and giving people more options.

    I guess with nominations like this I have to look for something that hasn’t been done or turns me on my head a little bit.

  7. Michael,

    Very good point about the Maison and Woodmere logos. Maybe they should’ve decided which was better between the two and went only with that option.

  8. Kristy Harrison for me too, I don’t usually like design that uses the obvious, but it can always be overlooked when they are put together this well. I like feed and lose for good, apart from the colour red.

  9. The Woodmere logo beautifully represents the W, A and M, and I like the colours.

    Robbins Park cleverly conveys a playful, happy spirit.

    Kristy Harrison’s logo is a good blend of two recognisable symbols of wedding photography. One of the earliest assignments I worked on back when I was studying design was a logo for a wedding celebrant, and it’s a real challenge to create something that doesn’t simply fall back on the standard cliches associated with wedding-related logos.

  10. Second Harvest stands out for me, it makes me want to find out who the company is. Robins Park is nice and fun. Kristy Photography works well, although I agree with Jodi her name should be more dominant.

    Not that keen on Feed or Woodmere as Jeffery said giving me some double vision issues.

    Weight watchers is just horrible. The colours are just wrong and the concept doesn’t work well in my mind. In dieting you go from a plus size to a minus size, but if they did it that way on the logo you end on a negative which isn’t good for the company. As it stands you have minus equals plus, eg you lose weight you get bigger

  11. I like the ‘WE’, its very much contemporary and has an attitude, I like the reverse ‘m’ concept.

  12. The “SecondHarvest” logo is a bomb of a design! How simple yet impressive some people put their fingers on Photoshop.

    @Anujit: Isnt the reverse ‘m’ an MÜ like in utorrent? This one: µ

  13. I think FEED and the Preserve at Robbins Park are both sensational. However, I can’t be impartial. As a (retired) graphic designer and as immediate past president of Woodmere Art Museum, I participated in Woodmere’s recent branding campaign and was a decision maker for the new identity (logo). The logo incorporates everything we asked of the agency! It’s really rewarding to be a One Show logo design finalist!

  14. Second Harvest and Lose For Good caught my attention the most as well. The Maison Theatre and the Woodmere Art Museum kind of resemble each other with the colors and shape.

  15. I like Robbins Park … its going green. I’m a green fan and anything that will connotes saving the environment is a yes-yes for me. I like the logo concept. it really depicts a good park.

  16. Hi all,

    Thanks for leaving your thoughts — great to read.

    A few of you commented about similarities between Woodmere and Maison Theatre. I think it’s fine for them both to be in the running. Two great logos in my view. There are about three or four further designs in the final, and I hoped to show them, but couldn’t find any artwork (only the name and agency responsible). I’ll be looking out for them once judging has taken place, and again, good luck to all entrants!

  17. The similar Maison Theatre and Woodmere Art Museum logos are difficult to choose between. I prefer the idea behind the Maison mark (lights) but the muted palette of the Woodmere mark.

    Apart from that I prefer the logos that try something different – Feed and Lose For Good stand out for that. Kristy’s is good, but I prefer the simplicity of the others.

  18. Oooo fresh logos, thanks :)

    I’m not overly impressed by many of these, but I suspect that’s probably because I’m not ‘getting’ half of them. I’m prone to that … I’m not an abstract thinker at all.

    So for instance;

    Wedding Photography – Ok I see the ring, am I supposed to see anything else? Looks like a Rubiks Twist puzzle. Is the circle meant to be a lens or something? Not really getting that one I don’t think.

    Feed: the E’s are extended/added to. Why? I’m not getting something I think.

    The Preserve: I like that a lot.

  19. Amanda,

    What you see as a Rubiks Twist puzzle is indeed used to represent the camera lens. A snippet more info here on Logolog.

    From FEED I get an impression of gluttony, or ‘more’. There’s something about it that says indulgence, though it keeps the legibility, and gives me that ‘double-take’ sensation.

    Hey Steve O, Bonny,

    Thanks for your votes.

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