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Work for Money, Design for Love schedule

I’m on chapter 14 of 22. It’s been going like this: I’ll send a draft to my development editor Cathy Lane. She’ll correct grammar, get rid of fluff, question weak points or anything that’s unclear, and make excellent suggestions, too. Cathy’s been a great help.

But behind the scenes it’s not just the two of us involved with the book. Becky Winter is handling production, Charlene Will is overseeing and advising on the design layout, Kim Scott is setting the content in InDesign, and Nikki McDonald is again on hand to make sure the project runs smoothly (you might remember it was Nikki who asked me to write Logo Design Love).

There’ll be an indexer and a proofreader added to the mix, too.

In addition, you’ve been sending me your tales of success and failure that I’m sure will inspire thousands of others who are starting and building their own design businesses.

(At the very least I’m going to credit all contributors both in the book and online.)

The first 10 chapters have been printed to PDF so we have an idea how the content will fit into the pre-assigned 216 pages. With chapters averaging 10 laid-out pages, and with the need to accommodate front and back matter (contents page, index, contributor credit, etc.), there’s a slim chance some of the writing will be moved online as case studies on the blog or on the book website I’ve yet to launch.

Either way, the project’s moving along nicely, and I’m indebted to those who shared stories.

It’s not too late to get your business experience featured: Info for contributors.

A huge thanks to everyone involved.

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  1. Great to learn more about your process of getting a book done, I was surprised you weren’t setting the layout yourself but it makes sense to have help on such a big, overall endeavor.

    I was just wondering this week about how time had passed me by too fast to contribute anything, great to see an answer to that here, along with the status update.

    Thanks for sharing David

  2. Hi David,

    It’s great to see how your book is progressing along and that is an excellent time structure too. I’m more than excited to read all of the success and failure stories from everyone whose contributed for you.

    Thank you and the others involved in this project for giving creatives like myself a chance to tell a story that’s helped us in the business and learnt from it! I think I speak for all when I say we are extremely grateful and humbled to know our experiences will give others a chance to see and learn about the design field.

  3. Hi David,

    Great news and it is so nice to be able to follow the project, it only adds to my excitement of seeing the finished thing in my hands.

    Trivial question, what calender / notepad did you use for the top image for this post? I am somewhat intrigued.



  4. Writing a book is a massive task… Much harder than designing that’s for sure!
    Many authors run out of ideas or steam at the halfway point, but you are well on your way.
    Look forward to seeing the final work. I have a copy of your other book and found it very useful.

  5. Hi Yaco, for Logo Design Love I was paid to do all the compositing, but I wanted to pass the job to someone else this time so I could focus on writing. But back when the the first chapter was written I moved the text to InDesign and created the layout, then sent the template to Peachpit for feedback and use on subsequent chapters. Nearer the end of the project I’ll send the cover artwork, but it’s likely to stay pretty much the same as what I added to the “info for contributors” page.

    My pleasure, Jamie. Cheers!

    David, thanks for the support. I penned the chapter deadlines on a little desk calendar sent by Simone Massoni. Photos on his website: chicks & types.

    Acrobat, great to know you found use in my first effort.

  6. A chapter every nine days is ambitious, but it makes me look forward to reading the content that makes a passion for that kind of schedule possible.

    We’re all looking forward to reading the next volume. :)

  7. Greetings David, I have just this second finished your book Logo Design Love and thought you might like some feedback.

    Very well written, structured, informative, relateable, personal and of course enjoyable.

    Didn’t feel the need to do a more in depth review as there are plenty on Amazon, which as a side note was a big factor in me buying the book.

    Whenever I read a book or a designer’s blog they will rarely divulge their personal history or the steps they took to achieve success. For me this is essential for trying to place myself in the writer’s shoes and visualize my own path of progression. I would very much like to know your story. And if you would oblige feel free to include as much or a little as you are comfortable with.

  8. Congratulations on the success of your books. I’m based in Lagos, Nigeria, and I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now. I’d love to have your books.

    Best regards.

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