Focus on art: Octavio Ocampo

When it comes to fine art, it takes more than a simple still life to really capture my attention. This morning I was prompted to revisit the surreal paintings of Octavio Ocampo.

General's Family

Octavio was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, on the 28th of February 1943. He showed his skills as an artist and sculptor from an early age and studied at the renowned San Carlos art school in Mexico (now a museum).

Family of birds

“The longer one looks at his work, the more that is revealed. Faces come into focus at a distance and metamorphose into something else entirely in close up. Flowers become faces, mountains speak to each other, and mourners over a coffin become the face of Christ. His works are full of symbolism, endlessly fascinating, each revealing a new facet, different to each viewer.”

Sunlight's Kiss

Visions of Quixote

To view more visit this gallery of Octavio Ocampo’s fine art.

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  1. That’s cool stuff that David, thanks for that Im off to go and have a look!

  2. Stunning…
    BTW, do you collect paintings as a hobby too?

  3. nice work by Octavio..
    family of birds is what i like most (^.^)

  4. Rob, Circumstance,

    I’m glad you like these pieces.


    Rather than collect paintings I’m more an image / print collector. To be honest I’ve moved around so much this past decade that I haven’t built a large collection of anything. The more you move, the more ‘stuff’ you seem to get rid of.

    What takes pride of place in your painting collection?

    If I could choose just one of the four paintings above I’d have ‘Sunlight’s Kiss’ hung on my wall. The more detailed ones are fascinating but I prefer more minimal work to represent my own tastes.

  5. I’ve been a big fan of Ocampo’s work for a few years now, and I think his work is downright amazing. Visions of Quixote is my favorite.

  6. Todd And

    Art that makes you look twice? I looked four or five times. Keep up the great posts, David. I enjoy checking out your blog daily. -Todd

  7. Emma Green

    Wow how neat is this I am so impressed. I am a new fan of O’s work I am so glad I found this place.

  8. Absolutely brilliant!! What an imagination! You can pick out so much in each of these, if you just keep looking!

  9. Wonderful pieces of art! I love ‘Family of Birds’ and “Sunlight’s Kiss”. The power of imagination is clearly visible in these pics. :)

    – Art

  10. wow! I was so lost in the pics that I wrote “Art” instead of writing “Avi” as my tiny sig. I’m sorry about that!

    – Avi

  11. John,

    There’s so much detail in the Visions of Quixote painting. I’d love to know how long it took and how much planning was involved.


    Thanks for commenting. Glad to have you visit.


    It’s a big compliment that you visit daily so thanks for letting me know. I looked four or five times too.

    Melanie, Art (I mean Avi), ;)

    Glad you like.

  12. They skipped over this in art history class haha. Awesome artist, awesome work! His work reminds me of another artist with a similar style. Ehh someone help me out, what’s his name? Hmmm maybe it was Octavio haha.

  13. Shared this post with many of my friends, thanks.

  14. PG,

    His detailed work reminds me a little of Dali.


    Thanks for passing it around buddy.

  15. I love these kind of images. I usually find them on but I haven’t seen the ones you showed before. Very cool.

  16. I personally like the first one best.

    I’m curious if people saw the implied image first or the actual characters/subjects. I saw the implied image first (the general’s portrait, the woman’s face, etc). I really love all the detail.

    Reminds me of Magritte (possibly who you were thinking of PG?)

  17. David/LaurenMarie,

    No, not Dali or Magritte. Hmmm…

  18. Great post! As a child, I always enjoyed deciphering hidden messages or discovering the so called “hidden gems” in picture books and artwork. This post just brought back some of those same memories! :)

  19. nice!!!!!

  20. I REALLY like the sunlights kiss picture above… So hot with the leaf nipple… ;)

    -Jason Fox

  21. I like the most the first picture
    very talented even though I am not an art lover

  22. honkster7

    Someones been looking at too many Dali books , still good work , the design is flawless , just not very original .

  23. I remember seeing the General picture a while back, but this is the first time I found a detailed post on who created it, and imagine my shock seeing there’s many other paintings like that by the same person!

    This is unbelievable. As an aspiring web designer I’m thinking whether it’s possible to incorporate this kind of magic into the web.

  24. Hafiz,

    If you do manage to incorporate a similar style into your own web design, do stop back and let me know.

  25. this is mind-expanding art that is multi-dimensional.

  26. Wow. I just can’t think of a better description than wow. I keep looking at Visions of Quixote and finding more and more in it. I’m also having fun trying to identify everything as it relates to the book.

  27. thats some of the best stuff ive ever seen
    good on ya !!!!!!!

  28. Vanessa

    Thanks for every comment i read in this web. Octavio is my granduncle, and we are so proud about him he is the best.
    David thats to take ur time to show to the people some of his art.

  29. You’re very welcome, Vanessa. Octavio deserves all the praise he gets.

  30. Vanessa

    David, if you want to enjoy more post from him go to this web too
    and if one day u want to meet him, still in contact with me, and i can give u the information to go with my family in Mexico,they doing every year at the ocampo’s family party, and maybe u want a go. i’m now in Utha, but i can tell to them. see ya

  31. Thanks for the kind offer, Vanessa. The site you mention is already listed in my post.

    My next trip abroad is to India, but Mexico has been on my list of countries to visit for some time.

  32. I am looking for a print of Family of Birds and Mouth of a Flower. I love Ocampo’s work and would love to have these two prints. Any suggestions on where to look.

  33. Hi Brandi,

    I suggest contacting the gallery where I found his work: Visions Gallery.

    Good luck in your search.

  34. Thanks

  35. Hi everyone, I am looking for a print called “Flower Of Mouth” If anyone knows where I can get one, please email the info. Thank you very much.


  36. Does anyone have any contact information for Octavio Ocampo?
    We would like explore the possibilty of working with his artwork.

  37. Margarita Ortiz

    I was in Tonala, Jalisco. Talk about being able to admire art at work the whole town lives off of there art work. From paper flowers to tin figures. I found a copy of Flora Alcatraz by Octavio Ocampo . She is a beautiful representation of the Virgin Mary, in my eyes. I couldn’t find an image on the internet however. The print has O.R IMPORTACIONES 2000

    Tel 5542-1280 5542-6115

  38. John, Gerry,

    Good luck in your search, as unfortunately I can’t be of any help.


    Sounds like a great piece of art. If you ever do find an image online, do let me know. Thanks for commenting.

  39. Yes I have a signed 8×10 from Octavio (GOOD AND EVIL)

    Does anyone know anything about it? I bought it in 1999 from a Gallery
    in Canada. I am looking to sell it.

    Can someone help


  40. hi everybody
    I am also a big fan.
    I found Ocampo’s official page
    It isnĀ“t in english yet (spaish) but is very complete and has a lot of his artwork that I haven’t seen before.


  41. Sherri,

    Good luck finding a buyer. I can’t personally help, but I’m sure you’ll have success.


    Thanks for the link. I don’t think I’d seen that site before.

  42. Hello,
    Where did you go to get permission to use Octavio Ocampo’s images? I am hoping to also get permission to use one of his images. Kind regards

  43. Anyone know where to purchase an original of Octavio’s art?

  44. valentino kraska

    I would like to know if this painting I have is an original Ocampo painting. It was purchased in Mexico around the sixties. Look it up on my Facebook profile. Thanks so much.

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